Understanding iO
We are at a defining moment in healthcare, and Ochsner Health System is leading the way with innovationOchsner. This innovation lab uses technology and data to create precision-focused, patient-centered solutions to keep patients healthier and providers more efficient.
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Ochsner Health System Named a National Innovation Finalist by Harvard Business and Medical Schools

Ochsner is one of four finalists in The Forum of Health Care Innovation’s Health Acceleration Challenge.

In the last few years, innovationOchsner has accomplished quite a bit – and its future looks very bright. Click through the timeline below to see some of iO's biggest milestones.

The Future

On the iO horizon: Stay tuned as we continue to more effectively manage chronic diseases through vision monitoring for failing eyesight and specialized inhalers for asthma and COPD.

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Our Collaborators

innovationOchsner is working with companies within the healthcare industry and outside of it to invest in — and invent — the future.

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