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Ochsner Children’s Hospital - Emergency Room is a 24/7 children's emergency room in New Orleans.

Located at 1514 Jefferson Highway in New Orleans, Ochsner Children’s Hospital Pediatric Emergency Room (ER) has you covered when your child needs emergency care. Our team of pediatricians provides quality care for a young patients in Orleans Parish and Jefferson Parish with a variety of problems ranging from minor illness, broken bones and lacerations to critical emergencies, 24/7.

24/7 Emergency Care for Kids

Our team of 7 pediatric emergency medicine board-certified physicians and 3 board-certified general pediatricians work with Ochsner Children’s Hospital 110+ physicians in 28 different specialties together to provide the best care for your children, from infants to adolescents and all ages in between.

Meet our Pediatric ER specialists.

Children's Emergency Room Features:

  • Full-service Pediatric Emergency Department in a separate area with its own waiting room, open 24/7
  • Kid-friendly exam rooms
  • Board-certified pediatric emergency medicine specialists
  • In-house pediatric specialists and pediatricians
  • Child Life Specialist
  • On-site pediatric hospital ward and pediatric intensive care unit (PICU)

Emergency Room or Doctor Visit?

Accidents can and often do happen. Sometimes it's hard to know if you should seek emergency care for your child or what to do before arriving in the emergency department. Let Ochsner's pediatricians help you make your way through life's obstacles, both big and small.

Learn what makes a pediatric emergency department different from a general emergency department.

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