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Infusion therapy is the delivery of intravenous (IV) medications or other fluids. Infusion treatments can be life-changing for patients and their caregivers. Our services offer a convenient and comfortable solution for patients who need ongoing infusion treatment - without a hospital visit. 

To ensure personalized care, our pharmacists collaborate closely with your providers on a treatment plan. Ochsner pharmacy has over 80 years of specialty and home infusion experience, so you can be sure you're getting quality care. 

Home Infusion

Home infusion therapy is IV treatment from the comfort of your own home. Our team works with your physician to create a care plan based on your needs. Once your treatment plan is developed, our team of nurses will train you or your caregiver on all you need to know to perform the infusion therapy at home. You'll learn about your specific treatment, possible side effects, the best time to do the therapy and more. Periodic home visits will also help ensure you have all the support you need. 

Is home infusion right for me? 

Home infusion therapy is usually recommended as an alternative to oral medication - often when it is no longer working to control the condition. Some conditions it can be used to treat are infections, cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, dehydration and immune deficiencies.

Outpatient Infusion

Our state-of-the-art facility includes eight private infusion rooms where we can give you your treatment without a traditional hospital visit. We can also use these suites for one-on-one education: To teach you or your caregiver to administer the medication at home and check injection sites.  In our outpatient facility, you can also receive other medications like vaccines. We’ll be with you step by step, and we are available to answer any questions you might have.

Services and Treatments

  • Anti-Infective
  • Antiemetic
  • Blincyto
  • Enteral/Tube feedings therapy
  • Hydration
  • Hyperemesis
  • HyQvia
  • Intotropic
  • Ocrevus
  • Pain Management
  • Remicade
  • Solumedrol
  • Stelara
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition
  • Tysabri
  • Rituxan

Additional Locations


To make a referral or to get more information, call our outpatient and home infusion pharmacy at 504-842-1900 or fax 504-842-1901. 


The Joint Commission

Ochsner Outpatient and Home Infusion Pharmacy is accredited by The Joint Commission, an independent, not-for-profit organization that focuses on the safety and quality of care for persons treated at hospitals and health care facilities nationwide.

Video Resources

Our team of nurses will take the time to train you or your caregiver on all you need to know to perform the infusion therapy at home. Below are some educational videos that may help with your therapy.

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