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The MyOchsner app, which is free and simple to use, offers a direct link to your electronic medical records at Ochsner. This powerful tool allows you to message your doctor directly, see both your future and past appointments, and look at your test results with just a few quick clicks. We make sure you're always connected and in control of your health journey.

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Schedule and View Appointments

  1. From the menu, search "visits."
  2. Tap "schedule an appointment" at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the appropriate option.
  4. Confirm your information is correct by ticking the check box at the bottom of the screen and tapping continue
  5. Choose a reason for your visit and tap continue.
  6. Select a location and tap continue.
  7. Select a physician and filter options based on preferred appointment dates and times. 
  8. Choose an appointment time slot.
  9. Type your reason for wanting to be seen and tap "schedule it" at the bottom of the screen.

Cancel Appointments

  1. From the menu, search "visits."
  2. Under the selected appointment, tap "cancel."
  3. Select a reason for cancellation.
  4. Tap "cancel appointment" in the center part of the screen.

View and Pay Your Bill

  1. From the activities menu, tap "billing."
  2. Review billing or tap "pay" to pay your bill.

Manage Communication Preferences

  1. Log in to your MyOchsner account, and open the main menu.
  2. Scroll to “Settings and Preferences.” Select “Communication Preferences” to control which text and email notifications we send you about your health and wellness. You can also update your phone and postal mail preferences.
  3. In the “General” section, verify that notifications are toggled on for your preferred method(s) of contact: email, text message, push notification, phone and/or mail.
  4. To review which notifications will be delivered via a specific method of contact, expand the communication concept type(s) grouped under the “Details” section.
  5. Select “Advanced Settings” to review and update how you receive specific notifications within the grouped concept type.
  6. When finished with your preferences, select “Save Changes.”

Send a Message to Your Care Team

  1. From the activities menu, search "connect with Ochsner."
  2. Select "communicate" with your care team.
  3. Click "next" after reading how to get the most out of messaging.
  4. Select "non-urgent health concerns."
  5. Select a provider and enter a subject and message.
  6. Tap "send."

View and Refill Your Medication

  1. From the activities menu, search "request refill."
  2. Select "request" under the medication you would like to refill.
  3. Click "next" after selecting all medications you would like to request. 
  4. Verify the refills that you have selected and choose if you will pick up your medications at the pharmacy or if you would like them mailed to you.
  5. Verify your pharmacy info and click "next" and "submit."

View Test Results and Ask Questions

  1. From the menu, tap "view test results."
  2. Review test results.
  3. Select "view trends" if you would like to see how this result compares to previous results. 

View Allergies, Immunizations, and Health Issue

  1. From the activities menu, tap "health summary."
  2. Tap the icons at the bottom of the screen to view allergies, immunizations and health issues information.

Get on Waitlist to be Notified of an Earlier Appointment

  1. From the activities menu, tap "visits."
  2. Tap the appointment you’d like to be waitlisted for.
  3. Tap "get on waitlist."

Check-In Faster with ePre-Check

  1. From the activities menu, tap "visits."
  2. Under the selected appointment, tap "ePre-Check."
  3. Complete the steps of ePre-Check.

Download the MyOchsner app now:

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MyOchsner App for Android

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