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Identifying Our Community’s Greatest Needs

Our Ochsner St. Mary 2021 Community Health Needs Assessment and Ochsner St. Anne 2021 Community Health Needs Assessment allowed us to determine which significant health needs should be prioritized in our region’s Community Health Improvement Planning process.

What We’re Doing

Ochsner Health offers health screenings and education to underserved and vulnerable populations in our area, including senior citizens; communities living in poverty; and Latino/Hispanic, African American and Asian American communities. Many of the people we serve through these initiatives do not have access to reliable transportation, so health screenings come to them. We also partner with local government and businesses to provide free workplace health screenings and education.

In our schools, we provide career days, exposure to healthcare career opportunities, and education focused on nutrition, overall health and development.

Our volunteer efforts are focused on collaborating with external partners to create opportunities for our employees to give back to the local community. Initiatives include beautification projects, supply collection, event setup and many other types of projects.

We work with national, regional and local organizations that support our vision, mission and values to develop innovative initiatives for the greater good of the community, including Alidore Ambassadors health and job fairs, which serve a federally impoverished area of Raceland.

We offer free CPR, first aid and babysitting classes to the community, as well as Growing Up Girls/Boys puberty-focused classes for youth, nutrition education and programs for senior citizens.

Ochsner St. Anne is classified as a Critical Access Hospital, which is a medical center that provides healthcare services to rural, often underserved communities. The population density is lower in these areas, correlating with a higher number of underinsured or uninsured individuals and older adults.