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Education Outreach

Since 2005, Education Outreach has served the community and maintained Ochsner’s position as a global academic leader by supporting educational development, providing unique academic resources, and connecting K-12 students and teachers with innovative academic opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education and early workforce pipeline development. We do this by:

  • Connecting classroom to career
  • Increasing equitable access to high-quality learning
  • Enhancing STEM literacy
  • Driving student achievement and confidence in science

Overall Impact:

  • 10,000 participants are currently impacted by Education Outreach programming each year
  • 150+ events held per year
  •  20,000+ mentorship hours
  • 50,000+ students, teachers and school leaders have been reached since 2005
  • 96% of students indicate a higher interest in a healthcare career after participation
  • 13,000+ total hours of education for students and teachers

Outreach Initiatives

To request Education Outreach support, please complete the online form below. A member of the Ochsner Education Outreach team will be in touch with further information.


Classroom to Career

Education Outreach is committed to supporting the educators and schools in our communities by offering opportunities for furthering curriculum exploration, investigating career options and providing hands-on experiences. We do this through multiple programs, including field trips, job shadowing opportunities, internships, and career chats.

Education Outreach encourages students to lead with curiosity. We supplement STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) exploration in the classroom, within the community and at home.

Classroom to career
STEM encouraging inquiry at home

STEM – Encouraging Inquiry at Home

Ochsner Academy Jr. was created in 2020 to reach students virtually. View our video library to find hands-on science activities using common household supplies.


STEM – Encouraging Inquiry at School

The iLab, located at Ochsner Medical Center – New Orleans, was developed as an additional resource and training laboratory for schools in our community. It hosts student groups from middle school to college throughout the year.

We support school science fairs! Inquire to find out how Ochsner professionals can support your students.

Students and teachers can benefit from the iLab by:

  • Scheduling an Ochsner-led iLab visit. Learn about current iLab offerings.
  • Reserving space to teach specific laboratory curriculum. Teachers are able to utilize the fully equipped space, alleviating the need for school-funded equipment and greatly expanding the types of hands-on modules that could otherwise not be conducted in the classroom.
  • Using the iLab as an extension of the resources already provided.
STEM Encouraging Inquiry at School
Professional Development Support for Teachers

Professional Development and Support for Teachers

Connecting teachers with both innovative academic opportunities and support so they can more effectively engage and motivate their students is an important component of our mission. Education Outreach has:

  • Partnered with the Smithsonian Science Education Center on a free inquiry-based curriculum to help teachers use this public health challenge as a teaching opportunity in a variety of ways
  • Offered free virtual support and strategies for teachers transitioning from in-person to virtual learning, and back again, while keeping students engaged during uncertain times
  • Connected teachers, school staff and parents with Ochsner Hospital for Children specialists to discuss developmentally appropriate ways to talk to youth about COVID-19

Learn more about professional development and support for teachers.


Education Outreach Summer Programs

STAR Scholars Summer Program

STAR scholars icon

The Ochsner STAR Scholars Summer Program provides qualified high school students, particularly those with limited means and access, with a cost-free opportunity to explore the world of healthcare. Through a rigorous, hands-on summer course focusing on science, technology, academics and research, STAR aims to engage and inspire students.

The knowledge and skills students acquire in this four-week summer program will provide them with a solid foundation to pursue further education and careers in science and medicine.

Learn more about the Ochsner STAR Summer Scholars Program.

Ochsner STEM Pathfinder Program

STEM Pathfinder icon

STEM Pathfinder is a free program that encourages entry into the health sciences workforce pipeline by introducing local high school students to a wide range of career paths.

Launched in the summer of 2021, STEM Pathfinder was developed as a one-week summer program for students in grades eight through 10. It is focused primarily on healthcare career exploration and interactive science education. Participants learn about various healthcare career tracks from Ochsner professionals who provide mentorship to students and prepare them to make intentional career decisions. In addition to career chats and virtual tours of the facility, the program incorporates hands-on learning opportunities, including clinical skills training and experiments with laboratory equipment.

After attending the 2021 STEM Pathfinder program:

92% of students felt more confident in their ability to become a healthcare professional.
96% of students were more interested in pursuing a healthcare career.
96% of students felt more empowered to find out more information about becoming a healthcare professional.

Learn more about the Ochsner STEM Pathfinder program.


Supporting Student Health and Success

The mission of the Ochsner Healthy Schools Program is to improve equitable access to care and wellness while fostering a healthy and supportive school environment for all. We support children’s physical and emotional well-being in a school-based setting, while extending support to the educators and school leaders who have been equally impacted by the challenges and uncertainty of the past two years. Our trained medical professionals on campus can help identify children struggling with chronic physical and mental health conditions and connect them to Ochsner’s comprehensive healthcare system.

Healthy Schools provides:

  • Hearing and vision screenings for students
  • CPR training for staff
  • Connections to important community resources like:
    • Nutrition education
    • Tobacco prevention
    • Free virtual mental health visits through grade 12
    • Resources and webinars for staff assisting neurodiverse students
    • Yoga, mindfulness and anxiety management classes
    • STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activities
    • Career chats