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Ochsner Hospital for Children is a partner to schools across our communities. View our website to access a number of resources including videos from our Healthy Schools provider team, sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest school-related health and wellness information, or request a free webinar tailored to your faculty or staff, hosted by our pediatrician physician panel. We also offer STEM and Youth Nutrition Education events and activities for your students.

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Ochsner Hospital for Children is here to fit your school needs by offering many access points to our Healthy Schools medical team. Email our pediatric team with health and wellness questions about upcoming student events, extra-curriculars, sports, bake sales or more. Utilize our Healthy Schools On Demand phone line for quick access to a school nurse for on-the-spot medical guidance for students. Our school nurse is supported by our on-call pediatricians that are available should the situation require next level care. We also have options to embed an Ochsner nurse in your school to address medical and emotional needs for your students.

Learn more about our program.

Interested in working with an Ochsner school nurse? Email to set up an introductory meeting with our Medical Director, Christina Cannizzaro, MD.

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Benefits of Having a School Nurse

Growing up, you may have made a couple of trips to the school nurse. They can mend a scraped knee or help to stop a nosebleed, but did you know that a school nurse can also help manage chronic diseases that students may have and so much more?

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Health Resources for Students

If you are a parent, you have probably noticed the endless amount of resources online. We've compiled a list of the most helpful options when it comes to your child's health.

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Coming Soon! Virtual School Visits

Ochsner Hospital for Children will soon offer a school-based virtual clinic for our school nurse program. Telemedicine holds substantial potential to reduce the impact of illness on health and education of children, on time lost from work in parents, and on absenteeism in the economy.

The advantages of telemedicine in a school setting include:

  • an enhanced medical home in which personal physicians care for children
  • reduced health care system costs
  • fewer school absences for the children
  • less money spent by parents on travel
  • less time away from employment for parents
  • less crowding in emergency departments