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Ochsner Health provides financial assistance for emergency and medical care for patients who are residents of Louisiana and Mississippi but are unable to pay. Financial help applies to your portion of the bill only, such as your deductible or copay.


Financial assistance is based on your family income and the current federal poverty guidelines.

You may qualify for 100% financial assistance if your family income is 200% or less of the federal guidelines.

How to apply

To apply, call us at 504-842-4190 or complete an application.

Financial assistance applications

Please mail your completed application and additional documentation to:

Ochsner Health
Attn: Patient Accounts Customer Service
1514 Jefferson Highway
New Orleans, LA 70121

More information

Financial assistance policy

Financial assistance policy - translated languages

Financial assistance - St. Charles Parish Hospital 

Financial assistance - St. Bernard Parish Hospital

Financial assistance - Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center

Financial assistance information (summary of policy)

Billing process

When you provide the name, address and policy number of your insurance company when you register, Ochsner will file your primary insurance claim for you. We suggest that you track the following for services offered: charges, copays, deductible, share of cost, insurance payments, explanation of benefits (EOB) and your Ochsner statement. Keeping this information at hand can help if you need to discuss your statement.

In the weeks following your visit to Ochsner, the billing process occurs as follows:

  • Ochsner will submit claims to your primary insurance company.
  • You should receive an explanation of benefits (EOB) from your insurance company four to six weeks after the first claim is filed. The EOB will shows services billed, amount paid and payee.
  • If you do not hear from your insurance company within four to six weeks of your visit, you should follow up with them.
  • If payment is mailed to Ochsner, it may be reflected on your next mailed monthly statement.
  • Additional charges and payments to your original statement will appear on your monthly statement as they are posted to your account.
  • You should retain your statements to help you track charges, payments, adjustments and your balance.

Billing language options

Ochsner offers billing in the following languages:

St Charles Parish Hospital (managed by Ochsner) 

English Spanish Vietnamese Haitian Creole Mandarin Chinese

St Bernard Parish Hospital (managed by Ochsner)

English Spanish Vietnamese Haitian Creole Mandarin Chinese
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