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Our resource center provides information to our patients that explains what they should do before, during and after service. In addition, the information below answers common questions around financial aspects that may arise along the way.

Managing your medication costs 

We provide information to help you manage medication costs for outpatient infusion medications administered in a hospital setting.

Download the PDF version. 

Understanding your financial journey 

We provide information on what to expect financially before, during and after your visit.

Download the PDF version. 

Cost estimate - How much will I pay?

We provide information on how to obtain a pre-care billing estimate at Ochsner.

Download the PDF version. 

Understanding your out-of-pocket costs 

We explain common insurance terms, how insurance works, and provide contact information for estimates, billing questions and financial assistance.

Download the PDF version.

Medicaid application center

We provide information on how to qualify for the Louisiana Medicaid program, how our application center can help in the process and contact information.

Download the PDF version.

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