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Whether your admission was scheduled or you arrived in an emergency, the goal of the admitting and emergency registration staff is to get you registered and settled as quickly as possible. Your physician requested your room accommodation according to your medical needs, personal preference and bed availability. If you have a room request, you may inform our nursing staff upon admission and we will try to accommodate you, if possible.

When you are admitted into the hospital, you or a family member will be requested to provide and verify information such as your address, phone number and nearest relative, as well as a copy of your insurance card and policy information. This information is necessary in order to complete your insurance claim and the admissions process. If you or a family member are unable to provide all of the requested information, please visit the admit department located on the first floor of the hospital as soon as possible to complete the admission process. We ask that you please leave your valuables at home or send them home with a family member.

The hospital cannot be responsible for the loss of, or damage to: dentures, eyeglasses, jewelry or other personal property. If you need a secure place to store valuables or cash, the hospital provides a safe-deposit box service. Thank you for the confidence you have placed in Ochsner Health. We sincerely hope that your stay is as pleasant and comfortable as possible and wish you a speedy recovery.


Getting ready for discharge from the hospital should begin prior to your admission, or as soon after as possible. You should decide if you will need someone with you for a few days and take the steps needed to arrange for that assistance. If you need help in locating community resources or determining the availability of nursing homes, rehabilitation services or home health care, please ask your nurse or contact the care management department. Your hospital medicine physician is the only person who can medically authorize your discharge from the hospital. Your doctor will try to have everything prepared so you can leave the hospital. Once the doctor decides you can be discharged, he or she must write it in your chart so that the nursing staff can process your papers.

Prior to your discharge date, reach out to your family so that they may be available to assist you. Once the doctor writes your discharge order, the following may occur:

  • The doctor will write any prescriptions you may need
  • Your physician will write a discharge order on your chart when you are medically ready to leave the hospital
  • Your doctors and nurses will discuss with you important information you will need to remember upon your release, including medications, diet, what activities you can do and when you need to visit the doctor again
  • If you need special equipment or services after discharge, the case manager will help arrange them
  • Upon release, you will receive discharge instructions. (Be sure to make arrangements for a family member or friend to pick you up).
  • Your room for personal belongings and reclaim any valuables from the hospital safe
  • The financial counselor will collect any outstanding insurance co-payments and deductibles

Patient Guide

For additional information about your hospital stay at Ochsner, view our patient and visitor guide.