Patient and Family Advisory Board

Our Mission

The Patient & Family Advisory Board (PFAB) seeks to enhance the delivery of healthcare at Ochsner Health System by providing a vehicle of communications that binds patients and their families with the entire staff. Furthermore, it's the goal of the Patient & Family Advisory Board to continue the belief of Dr. Alton Ochsner, one of our founders, that at Ochsner, "the patient and patients' family come first."

Goals of the Patient & Family Advisory Board

  • Create an effective mechanism for receiving first-hand patient and family input about Ochsner services and support systems
  • Develop strategies to assist Ochsner in planning services more efficiently to meet the needs of families
  • Promote respectful, effective partnerships between families and professionals
  • Facilitate an increased understanding, communication, and cooperation between patients and families with the Ochsner staff
  • Explore creative, cost-effective solutions to problems and challenges faced by Ochsner
  • Work towards process improvement in a patient and family-centered care environment
  • Increase awareness and promotion of Ochsner services throughout the community

Membership Information

If you are a patient or family member interested in serving on our Patient & Family Advisory Board, please call 504-842-5085 or complete an application.

Who can become a Member?

Membership consists of a small group of diverse adult volunteers with direct experience to Ochsner Health System including:

  • Patients
  • Family Members/Caregivers
  • Ochsner Employees
  • Ochsner Volunteers

Criteria for Family Advisory Board Member

  • Must be a regular Ochsner patient or a caregiver of a recent Ochsner patient
  • Attendance at meetings is requested/required
  • Willingness to serve and participate
  • Representation from diverse backgrounds

Where does the Family Advisory Board meet? 

Meetings take place in the following areas and campuses: 

  • Covington 
  • Ochsner St. Anne 
  • Baton Rouge 
  • Ochsner Baptist 
  • West Bank 
  • Jefferson Highway
  • Shreveport


If you are interested in serving on the Patient & Family Advisory Board or have additional questions, please call 504-842-5085 or email

Member Testimonial

"From February 2005 to January 2006, Bill spent between five and six months as a patient at Ochsner.

During that time, the entire Ochsner team provided exceptional care to not only Bill as a patient, but also to Cindy and the entire family. The physicians, nursing staff, support staff, VAD coordinators, social workers and the entire Heart Transplant team were always available for questions and support. They made what was an extremely trying and difficult time much more bearable.

We feel an obligation to Ochsner to assist them in their mission. This institution was established to provide world-class healthcare with an emphasis on the patient and their family. It is an honor to be allowed to serve on this board to ensure that the interaction between the hospital and the patients and their families is as pleasant an experience as possible.

We hope to serve Ochsner for many years to come."

-- Bill and Cindy Broussard

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