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What is Emmi?

To provide the very best patient education materials, Ochsner Health partners with Emmi® a Wolters Kluwer® company. They make trusted, current, and easy-to-understand patient education content available in multiple languages.

In our Emmi library below, you can search for videos and written articles about most health conditions (like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, etc.) They also have helpful information to get you ready for surgery, screening procedures (like a colonoscopy), or being in the hospital.

In addition to being able to search on your own, there may be times where this information is sent to you in MyOchsner based on care you have coming up. You can also search the same information when you are logged into MyOchsner under “Health Reference Library” in the main menu.

Search our Emmi library now to review comprehensive patient education articles and videos.