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Athletic Training Outreach Program

Why choose Ochsner Health athletic trainers?

The Ochsner Andrews Sports Medicine Institute’s Athletic Training Outreach Program is the largest in the Gulf South. We have more than 200 Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) who work with athletes of all ages and support them throughout their careers. Our team works with middle school, high school, college, university and professional sports teams across Louisiana and Mississippi, including athletes in the NBA and NFL.

Athletic trainers save lives.

Our certified athletic trainers are allied healthcare professionals, meaning they work with physicians and clinicians to provide patients with the highest quality of care. They provide preventative services, emergency care, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation.

Ochsner athletic trainers are an asset to any program. They are CPR and AED certified, and they are trained in injury prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries. Our team treats an array of rare and common sports injuries, such as concussions, fractures, bursitis, tendonitis and more.

Our athletic trainers can help navigate Ochsner’s comprehensive network of healthcare services by facilitating expedited appointments with physicians and clinicians in other specialties when necessary.

We provide:

  • Concussion management
  • Documentation and data tracking
  • Emergency action plans

Injury evaluation, specified treatment plans and sport-specific rehabilitation

  • Louisiana High School Athletic Association and collegiate preparticipation physicals
  • Sideline emergency care
  • Weather-monitoring software to keep athletes safe in extreme conditions or temperatures

Ochsner athletic trainers work with a sports medicine team that includes fellowship-trained primary care sports medicine physicians, orthopedic surgeons and advanced practice providers.

For more information about the services and benefits provided by Ochsner’s Athletic Training Outreach Program, click here to download a brochure.

If you’re a coach, athletic director or school administrator looking for more information about Ochsner’s Athletic Training Outreach Program, email System Manager Jordan Blough at

Want to work with us? See available job opportunities or contact Jordan Blough at

Meet the Team

Athletic Training Leadership

  • Jordan Blough
    Jordan Blough
    • System Manager Athletic Training Outreach Program
  • Courtney Rauschkolb
    Courtney Rauschkolb
    • Supervisor of Athletic Training Outreach Program (Southshore)
  • Melina Todesco
    Melina Todesco
    • Supervisor of Athletic Training Outreach Program (Southshore/Baton Rouge)
  • Nichole LaBowe
    Nichole LaBowe
    • Supervisor of Athletic Training Outreach Program (Southshore/Lake )
  • John "JD" Boudreaux
    John "JD" Boudreaux
    • Director of Sports Medicine Athletic Training Outreach Program (Lafayette)
  • Lance Champagne
    Lance Champagne
    • Supervisor of Athletic Training Outreach Program (Shreveport)
  • William Ball
    William Ball
    • Supervisor of Athletic Training Outreach Program (RUSH)
  • Colleen Amedee
    Colleen Amedee
    • Athletic Training Coordinator (South Shore)
  • Ashley Johnson
    Ashley Johnson
    • Athletic Training Coordinator (Baton Rouge)
  • Corey Elvir
    Corey Elvir
    • Athletic Training Coordinator (Baton Rouge)
  • Bradley Reaux
    Bradley Reaux
    • Athletic Training Coordinator (Lafayette)
  • Cory Frith
    Cory Frith
    • Athletic Training Coordinator (Lafayette)
  • Ben Evans
    Ben Evans
    • South Shore Lead
  • Simone Mayer
    Simone Mayer
    • Southshore Lead
  • Nicole Dufrene
    Nicole Dufrene
    • Southshore Lead
  • Kristina Tyson
    Kristina Tyson
    • Southshore Lead
  • Alyssa Reyes
    Alyssa Reyes
    • Southshore Lead
  • Cyd Bertrand
    Cyd Bertrand
    • South Shore Lead
  • Rebecca Appelt
    Rebecca Appelt
    • Southshore Lead
  • Eric Richardson
    Eric Richardson
    • Northshore Lead
  • Sean McDaniel
    Sean McDaniel
    • Northshore Lead
  • Jeanne Baldwin
    Jeanne Baldwin
    • Northshore Lead
  • Abbie Bain
    Abbie Bain
    • Baton Rouge Lead
  • Breana "Bre" Hyder
    Breana "Bre" Hyder
    • Baton Rouge Lead
  • Hunter Martin
    Hunter Martin
    • Lake Charles Lead
  • Scottie Patton
    Scottie Patton
    • Shreveport Lead
  • Reggie Stone
    Reggie Stone
    • Professional Lead

Southshore Athletic Trainers

  • Ezekia Johnson
    Ezekia Johnson
  • Jessica "Jess" Davis
    Jessica "Jess" Davis
  • Duane Brooks
    Duane Brooks
  • Raymond Raphael
    Raymond Raphael
  • Aymee Alwert
    Aymee Alwert
  • Skylar Hudgens-Wallace
    Skylar Hudgens-Wallace
  • Nia Stewart
    Nia Stewart
  • Kim Keller
    Kim Keller
  • Courtney L. Pellegrin
    Courtney L. Pellegrin
  • Russell Carlisle
    Russell Carlisle
  • Will Keller
    Will Keller
  • Julia Achey
    Julia Achey
  • Evan Denoux
    Evan Denoux
  • Reece Duet
    Reece Duet
  • Jeff Berger
    Jeff Berger
  • Andrew Duplantis
    Andrew Duplantis
  • Shadae Strother
    Shadae Strother
  • Kelsey Bowers
    Kelsey Bowers
  • Kea Gray
    Kea Gray
  • Destini Kruse
    Destini Kruse
  • Madison Voigt
    Madison Voigt
  • Bayley Romig
    Bayley Romig
  • Bradley Aderholt
    Bradley Aderholt
  • Kenta Hosokawa
    Kenta Hosokawa
  • Britt Vallot
    Britt Vallot
  • Nicholas Reyes
    Nicholas Reyes
  • Emily Meyer
    Emily Meyer
  • Harley Bourque
    Harley Bourque
  • Melvin "Bo" Wallis
    Melvin "Bo" Wallis
  • Destini Manuel
    Destini Manuel
  • Kasey Lynch
    Kasey Lynch
  • Kalia Barnett
    Kalia Barnett
  • Gianni Millan
    Gianni Millan
  • Irie Nicholas
    Irie Nicholas
  • Raymond Reimann Jr.
    Raymond Reimann Jr.
  • Deanna Sisti
    Deanna Sisti
  • Drew Eschete
    Drew Eschete
  • Azinee Rios
    Azinee Rios
  • Spencer Perreault
    Spencer Perreault
  • DeAndre Walker
    DeAndre Walker
  • Kaitlyn Welch
    Kaitlyn Welch

Northshore Athletic Trainers

  • Abi Feske
    Abi Feske
  • Jeff Bosarge
    Jeff Bosarge
  • Kaelin Kohles
    Kaelin Kohles
  • Jenna Lizana
    Jenna Lizana
  • Sayde Cavalier
    Sayde Cavalier
  • John McLaughlin
    John McLaughlin
  • Anthony "Tony" Johnson
    Anthony "Tony" Johnson
  • Fred Worthy
    Fred Worthy
  • Del Dolese
    Del Dolese
  • Benjamen Messina
    Benjamen Messina

Baton Rouge Athletic Trainers

  • Jacob Hardy
    Jacob Hardy
  • Shelby Boudreaux
    Shelby Boudreaux
  • Hayley Pate
    Hayley Pate
  • Tyler Guillot
    Tyler Guillot
  • Christian Colburn
    Christian Colburn
  • James Edelman
    James Edelman
  • Ben Stewart
    Ben Stewart
  • Kacey Calabro
    Kacey Calabro
  • Ben Morale
    Ben Morale
  • Kenzie Bequette
    Kenzie Bequette

Lake Charles Athletic Trainers

  • Josh Paul
    Josh Paul
  • Matt Choice
    Matt Choice
  • Hannah Hampton
    Hannah Hampton
  • Luke Cody
    Luke Cody
  • Javiera Gonzalez Soto
    Javiera Gonzalez Soto
  • Dakota Loosemore
    Dakota Loosemore
  • Jessica Ringo
    Jessica Ringo

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