Women's Wellness and Survivorship Center at Ochsner Baptist

Women today can have it all but, sometimes, having it all can take its toll. Fortunately, with the Women’s Wellness and Survivorship Center at Ochsner Baptist, you can have it all when it comes to healthcare as well.

Fatigue, weight gain, menopausal symptoms, general lack of energy, relationship issues and life stressors–both financial and emotional–these are all common frustrations faced by women. Cancer survivors and those currently fighting cancer have similar healthcare concerns along with others related to their cancer treatments.

The Women’s Wellness and Survivorship Center at Ochsner Baptist offers extended time with a doctor who can offer customized services and trusted resources that can help you cope with the stressors of day-to-day life and live the best life you can.

75 Years of Caring for Women

Since its founding, Ochsner has delivered the highest quality care with an unwavering attention to the needs of our patients. More than seventy-five years later, this dedication to serving the healthcare needs of patients continues.

The Women’s Wellness and Survivorship Center, the first of its kind in the region, provides comprehensive, coordinated care using a holistic approach to the unique healthcare needs of women. We work to provide dignified, compassionate and advanced treatment options. We’re committed to improving the lifelong health and wellness of our mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends.

Make a Donation. Make a Difference.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees doesn’t just make touchdowns–he makes a difference and you can, too.

The Brees Dream Foundation and Ochsner have teamed up on a joint fundraising effort to raise money for the Women’s Wellness and Survivorship Center. Funds will support the expansion of the center on the sixth floor of the Ochsner Baptist campus, allowing more women access to these services.

The Brees Dream Foundation was founded in 2003 by Drew Brees and his wife Brittany. Future plans include offering additional services such as a health coach, a social worker and complimentary/alternative therapy. We also hope to do more community outreach to educate women about wellness and how to attain it. Together we can make a difference in the lives of women in our community. Give now.


Make an Appointment

This center is for all women in the Gulf South region and beyond who are seeking optimal health and wellness in their lives. This includes cancer survivors and patients seeking wellness care.

The Center’s schedule accommodates longer visits to address sensitive issues and topics.

To schedule an appointment at the Center, call 504-842-4155.

The Center is located in Uptown New Orleans on the campus of Ochsner Baptist, in the Ochsner Health Center - Baptist Napoleon Medical Plaza on the 3rd floor.

Take a virtual tour of the Center.

Filling a Critical Gap in Women’s Healthcare

The Ochsner Women’s Wellness and Survivorship Center serves women’s unique physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, social and lifestyle needs during every stage of life. It was created by Ochsner OB/GYN physician, Elizabeth Lapeyre, MD to fill a critical gap for women during and after cancer care, when long-term support beyond traditional treatment is essential. Dr. Lapeyre has partnered with Elizabeth Shane French, MD, Katherine Swing, MD and Jennifer Brunet, MD to expand our services to treat non-cancer patients as well.

Our care team, which includes a nurse navigator and medical assistants, is focused on improving women’s overall health as they navigate both cancer and everyday health concerns from young adulthood through natural aging.

Services Available to All Women:

  • Personalized menopausal and peri-menopausal management
  • Nutrition referrals
  • Weight management referrals
  • Stress-reduction therapies
  • Cardiovascular disease risk assessment
  • Sexual health management
  • Bone health referrals
  • Genetic cancer screening and testing

Additional Cancer-Related Services

  • Symptom management for cancer patients - addressing side effects from their treatment
  • Fertility counseling for patients prior to cancer treatment
  • Consultations for previvors (those who have tested positive for cancer genes such as BRCA1 and BRCA2)

The Center was designed with the help of local galleries, artists, cancer survivors and volunteers to create a healing environment that is both calming and inspiring.

Comprehensive Women's Survivorship Appointments

Ochsner offers a women's cancer survivorship program specializing in a personalized and comprehensive approach to moving from diagnosis to wellness. Cancer and cancer treatment affect relationships, body image, sexuality, intimacy, fertility, psychosocial health and more. Many of these issues are the core of a woman’s self-image and understanding of who she is as a woman and how she functions.

Our women’s survivorship program helps patients in need of specialized gynecologic care related to their cancer diagnosis or treatment. These are young women who may want to discuss preserving their fertility, women who find themselves unable to maintain intimacy with their partners and women facing abrupt, premature menopause as a result of their cancer treatments.

In addition, the Center offers care for women who may be years beyond their active cancer treatment and are eager to move into the next stage of their lives as healthy women. These patients seek trusted care that supports their physical and emotional wellness as well as their personal relationships and sexual health.

Read more about survivorship during and after cancer.

Wellness Services for Patients

Your labs come back normal, so why do you feel so blah? We’re here to find out.

Woman today need more than an annual GYN exam (Well Woman Annual Exam). You need a health care partner who will help you find answers and direct you to resources you can trust.

At Ochsner, we help women suffering from fatigue, weight gain, life stressors, premenstrual issues, perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms, and low libido. Sexual health is important to your overall wellbeing.

What’s more, heart disease, the leading cause of death for women, often presents differently in women. The center focuses on specific heart disease risk factors and symptoms that are unique to women and refer to cardiology for additional assessments. We help women explore hormonal treatment options as well as naturopathic treatments such as yoga and acupuncture. We also look at family history to assess for cardiac risk factors and genetic cancer risk.

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