Our Mission:

We Serve, Heal, Lead, Educate and Innovate.

Our Vision:

Ochsner will be a global medical and academic leader who will change and save lives. We will shape the future of healthcare through our integrated health system, fueled by the passion and strength of our diversified team of physicians and employees.

Our Values

Every day we are presented with opportunities to live out our core values as we serve and heal our patients and our communities.

Patients are always our first priority

  • We will place every patient's safety as our top priority
  • We will treat all patients with dignity and respect
  • We will include patients in decisions about their care
  • We will be attentive to our patients' needs and work with others to ensure they are met
  • We will listen, communicate clearly and answer questions to ensure understanding

Approach every encounter with compassion

  • We will seek to first understand and will not judge others
  • We will demonstrate empathy and kindness
  • We will show respect through my communication, attention, body language and actions
  • We will look for opportunities to help others

Always act with integrity

  • We will have the courage to do the right thing
  • We will hold ourselves and others accountable
  • We will honor our committments to others
  • We will protect confidential information and the privacy of our patients

Excellence is an ongoing journey

  • We will embrace change and continuously look for ways to improve
  • We will actively support, teach and coach others
  • We will learn from our successes and failures
  • We will commit to lifelong learning and remain current in our field
  • We will promote an environment where the well-being of ourselves and colleagues is a priority

Teamwork makes us stronger

  • We will help build a team with diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • We will seek out different views and respect the opinions of others to foster new understanding
  • We will give timely and productive feedback and seek out feedback from others
  • We will be respectful of our colleagues' time
  • We will take responsibility for our role in developing a strong and positive team

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