Workplace Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Ochsner recognizes that the workplace is a key location for providing education and opportunities to promote wellness. Many businesses recognize the importance of a healthy workplace for multiple reasons: decreased absenteeism, decreased healthcare costs and, more importantly, happier, more productive employees. For employees, the ability to obtain information and health screenings at work is convenient, combating the age-old reason we all give for not taking care of ourselves: we don't have the time.

Ochsner's corporate wellness initiatives allow Ochsner to come to the doorsteps of local businesses, providing invaluable health information and services to their employees. From comprehensive executive and employee health screenings to Hello Health at Work, a seminar series at the office, Ochsner is promoting wellness in the workplace. Learn more.

Comprehensive Wellness Program

Ochsner engages employees to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Through the Pathway to Wellness program. Employers can build and customize a robust comprehensive wellness solution. The Pathway to Wellness components include:

  • Online wellness portal and wellness coordinator
  • On-site biometrics
  • Health risk assessment, risk stratification and reporting
  • Health coaching
  • On-site health education series
  • Incentive design and implementation

Learn more about how Ochsner is encouraging its employees to live healthier.

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