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Imagine being able to ask an expert why your activity monitor is not working or why one calorie counting app is better than another. You can at Ochsner’s O Bar, a place where technology can be explained – and explored – all in the name of better health.

Our Connected Health Advisors can help you set up your MyOchsner account and answer questions about your account, including how to schedule an appointment and view your test results online.

O Bar Benefits

  • The iPad bar allows patients to test drive more than 100 Ochsner-approved health apps.
  • Featured apps focus on wellness, nutrition, fitness, diabetes, women’s health, smoking cessation and more.
  • There’s a technology specialist behind the counter to answer questions and give app demonstrations.
  • The O Bar sells the latest devices, including wireless blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors and activity trackers.
  • Digital Medicine, Connected MOM, and Chemotherapy Care Companion participants leave the O Bar fully armed with the tech tools and confidence that will guide them to better health.

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Join Ochsner Digital Medicine to manage your high blood pressure and/or Type 2 diabetes with the support of a licensed clinician and professional health coach.

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