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With the MyOchsner app, we make it easier than ever to stay connected and manage your health. Schedule appointments, meet physicians and providers, view test results, reach our 24/7 on-call nurse and so much more with just a click of a button.

New to MyOchsner? Get started today:

  1. Download the MyOchsner app from the Apple® App Store or Google Play for Android phones.
  2. Click on “Log in to your account.”
  3. Click on “Sign up” to access your Ochsner Health medical record.
  4. Answer a series of questions to securely create your username and password. You will need to sign-up using the same information you use at your appointments – name, date of birth and address.

Already an existing MyOchsner user?

When you download the MyOchsner app, your username and password will remain the same and all of your information will be available. You will be able to set up a unique pin, finger print and facial recognition from the log-in screen or in your account settings. 

To prevent receiving notifications from both MyChart and the new MyOchsner app:

• If you’re using MyChart to manage care only at Ochsner, delete the MyChart app from your mobile device.
• If you plan to keep the MyChart app, we recommend you remove Ochsner Health as an organization. Open the MyChart app, select ‘Switch Organizations’ and delete Ochsner Health. Any other organizations you have will remain.

Virtual Visits through MyOchsner

For several types of appointments, your care team may be able to see you virtually in a visit through MyOchsner.

What is a Virtual Visit?

A virtual visit is a secure video appointment with your provider via your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. 

Convenient primary and specialty care virtual visits are available. Review frequently asked questions for virtual visits:

Primary Care Cardiovascular  Pediatrics  Sports Medicine

  Orthopedics  Cancer Care Women's Services

How much is a Virtual Visit?

The patient’s insurance will be billed for the virtual visit. Contact your insurance provider for covered benefits.

What are the technical requirements for a Virtual Visit?

  • You must have a smartphone, mobile tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Your device must have microphone and webcam capabilities.
  • If using a mobile phone or tablet, you will need:
  • If you do not plan to be at home during your virtual visit, we recommend finding a private, quiet spot for your appointment. Avoid conducting your visit in your vehicle, especially while driving. A car may not be appropriate for your type of visit, as your provider may need you to move or adjust position during your visit.

Scheduling a virtual visit 

Learn more about Ochsner Anywhere Care, urgent care and behavioral health virtual visits.

E-Visits through MyOchsner

Ochsner currently offers E-Visits for urinary problems, UTIs and upper respiratory symptoms.

An E-Visit is an on-demand feature within the MyOchsner patient portal that allows you to complete a series of questions online for certain conditions and get a diagnosis and treatment plan electronically within 24 hours. It is a fast and secure way to receive an online diagnosis and treatment plan for certain non-emergency medical conditions including urinary problems, UTIs and upper respiratory symptoms.

Learn more


Learn more about the MyOchsner online health portal and all of its features in this video. 

Quick Pay

Make a payment online without logging into your account.

Appointment Scheduling

Receive access to more appointment times through online appointment scheduling in the MyOchsner patient portal. Schedule your next appointment by following these steps:

  • Log in to your MyOchsner account at or log in to the MyOchsner application on your phone.
  • Select "Schedule An Appointment" under "Appointments."
  • Choose a reason for your visit or select doctor's name.
  • Verify your address and insurance.
  • Choose a location.
  • Enter date and preferences.
  • Select the appointment that is most convenient for you.
  • Confirm your appointment.

Scheduling a virtual visit 

ePre-Check and Mobile Check-in

Many Ochsner locations are now offering ePre-Check and mobile check-in on the MyOchsner app. These offerings allow you to skip the registration desk and the waiting room and wait in your car for your appointment.

Learn more

MyOchsner Now

If you currently have a MyOchsner account, you will automatically have access to MyOchsner Now during a hospital stay at Ochsner. This view will enable you to view real time medical information including your hospital schedule, care team, scheduled medications and assigned education topics. Learn more about MyOchsner Now

Your loved ones who have proxy access to your account will be able to see this information also. If you want to be prepared for your upcoming admission, make sure you grant proxy access to your account.

Linking Your Medical Records in MyOchsner

If you have a MyChart account at a different hospital, linking your MyOchsner account will ensure your care team can understand your whole health picture. It also will reduce inefficiencies such as duplicate tests.

Here's how to link your MyChart account with MyOchsner to see your medical records from multiple hospitals in one view:

  • Log in to your MyOchsner account.
  • Search “Link” from the menu, select the "Link My Accounts" activity.
  • Organizations you’ve visited recently will appear, or you can use the search bar to find a different one.
  • Click “Link Account” and answer the verification question.
  • The accounts will now be linked, so you can see test results, appointments, etc. from multiple hospitals in your MyOchsner account.

Learn more in this step-by-step video.

Contact Us

For MyOchsner patient support, contact us at or 877-339-2637

The MyOchsner Patient Support Team is available Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–5 p.m. 

E Visit Promo

E-Visits through MyOchsner

A fast and secure way to receive an online diagnosis and treatment plan for certain non-emergency medical conditions including urinary problems/UTIs and upper respiratory/cough symptoms.

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