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What is an E-Visit?

An E-Visit is a handy feature in the MyOchsner patient portal. It lets you answer some online questions about certain health conditions and get a diagnosis and treatment plan within 24 hours. This fast and secure service is great for non-emergency issues like urinary problems, coughs and rashes.

How is an E-Visit completed?

E-Visits are done through an in-depth online questionnaire in MyOchsner. There is no verbal or face to face contact with the provider (such as a phone call or a virtual visit). The questionnaires take about 15 minutes to complete and are designed to gather information that allows your provider to make the best decision possible for your concern.

To complete an E-Visit:

  1. E-Visits are available on your phone or your computer. To get started, sign up or log in to MyOchsner.
  2. In the Menu, search for or select “E-Visit”
  3. Read the Overview and click “Continue”
  4. Select the reason for your E-Visit
  5. Select the provider you would like to review your E-Visit
  6. Complete the information as prompted (personal info, insurance, questionnaires, allergies, medications)
  7. Sign consents and authorizations
  8. Submit the E-Visit

What is the cost?

Many insurances cover the cost of E-Visits. Talk with your insurance provider about your coverage details.

What conditions can they be used for?

Ochsner currently offers E-Visits for heartburn, nausea/vomiting/diarrhea, urinary problems/UTIs, sinus/cough/sore throat, vaginal discharge/irritation, red eye, back pain and rash symptoms.

What are the benefits of using E-Visits?

E-Visits are a low-cost option for non-emergency medical conditions. You can do them from anywhere you have internet access. E-Visits allow you to get a quick treatment plan, so you can feel better faster. Since the E-Visit is completed within MyOchsner, there is a secure online record of the visit.

What happens if further diagnosis/treatment or medications are needed?

The Ochsner provider can send any medications needed to your pharmacy of choice. However, depending on your issue, you may need to see your provider though a virtual or in-person visit to better address your needs.

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