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Ochsner Health Centers Are Now Outpatient Departments of Ochsner Medical Center

As a result, you will notice that when you receive services at your physician’s office, care is classified as care at an ‘outpatient department of Ochsner Medical Center.’ Your billing statement will show services in two categories as noted below:

  • Technical Services: cover the use of the room and any medical or technical services, supplies or equipment. The Medical Center’s charge for technical services will be shown here, even if the visit takes place in a physician’s office.
  • Professional Services: cover your physician and clinical professional service fees.

If You Have Medicare:

You may experience a change in your out-of-pocket expenses. Because this facility is now an outpatient department of Ochsner Medical Center, you may be responsible for coinsurance amounts related to the Medical Center’s charge for technical services and for the physician’s professional services. In addition:

  • You will receive one Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) for Part B.
  • If you have secondary insurance, we will submit any balance to that insurance company.
  • If your secondary insurance does not cover the remaining balance, or if you do not have secondary insurance, the balance will be billed to you.
  • If you have questions about the amount covered by your secondary insurance, we encourage you to contact your insurance carrier.

Contact Information

If you have additional questions concerning your bill, you may contact one of our financial counselors or patient accounts customer service representatives at 504-842-4190 or toll free at 800-343-0269.

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