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Pediatric Infectious Disease

Ochsner Children’s is dedicated to providing outstanding, personalized care for infants, children and adolescents. Recognizing that pediatric care is the beginning of the healthcare journey, Ochsner Children's offers an interdisciplinary approach that honors diversity, encourages open discussion and respects the parents’ and child’s rights to participate in the planning of care. Sound medical research and education, along with highest-quality skill and technology, make Ochsner Children’s commitment to excellence in pediatric care even stronger. 

Ochsner Children's prides ourselves on the quality of care we deliver, and it all starts with hand hygiene. In 2023, Ochsner Children's had a hand hygiene compliance rate of 94.5%, which was measured through direct observation, and far exceeds the national average.

The Ochsner Children’s Hospital Infectious Diseases Section is dedicated to the care of any child with infectious diseases. The section treats infected children and studies microorganisms that cause disease, including tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, West Nile infection, hepatitis and any other infection that is difficult or impossible for general pediatricians to manage. The section works with all physicians who treat children to provide the best, most current medical care to treat childhood infectious diseases.

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