Quality of life is an important issue for cancer patients, and goal shared by Ochsner’s Hematology/Oncology Section. To that extent, the multi-faceted team that heads up the section is recognized both nationally and internationally.

Ochsner’s hematology/oncology physicians and nurses are pioneering unique forms of care for patients who undergo chemotherapy. Anti-nausea drugs and other methods are used to diminish the side effects of therapy. They’ve discovered ways to minimize irritation at the site of drug administration, diminish low blood counts and reduce weakness and fatigue. The nurses, physicians, social workers and other members of the section all work together to provide the highest quality of care for Ochsner’s cancer patients.

Additionally, the Section’s the physicians meet in a weekly conference with other physicians from Oncologic Surgery and Radiation Oncology to coordinate the integrated care of cancer patients. Ochsner’s Hematology/Oncology Section is housed in a modern facility that stresses comfort with natural lighting provided by windows and a large skylight. The first floor location on the river side of the Ochsner Campus provides an easy drop-off point for patients. There’s also an Ambulatory Care Center onsite and patients can be monitored by the nurses with curtains drawn to ensure privacy.

In addition, chemotherapy stations circle the nurse's station in the treatment area, allowing for close observation by the nurses. The Section is located on the first floor of the Atrium Tower on Ochsner’s Main Campus in New Orleans, next to Radiation Oncology. For more information, contact Ochsner’s Medical Hematology/Oncology Section at 504-842-3910.