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Cancer Care Virtual Visits – Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a virtual visit? plus_icon minus_icon

    A virtual visit is a secure video appointment with your doctor via your smartphone, tablet, laptop and/or desktop computer. This allows patients to conduct a traditional office visit with their provider electronically through their MyOchsner app without leaving home or work. Learn more about virtual visits at Ochsner here.

  • How do I schedule a virtual visit with my cancer care provider? plus_icon minus_icon

    Follow these steps to schedule an appointment online as a virtual visit in the MyOchsner portal. You may also call 1-866-624-7637 to schedule a cancer care virtual visit.

  • What are the technical requirements for a virtual visit? plus_icon minus_icon

    You must have a mobile phone, tablet, laptop and/or desktop computer with microphone and webcam capabilities. You can find the MyOchsner app in the App Store (iPhone) and Google Play Store (Android).

  • How do I start a virtual visit? plus_icon minus_icon

    Before your visit, complete the ePre-Check in the MyChart app to verify your insurance, demographics and sign the Telehealth Consent Form. Click on your appointment to view the details and allow access to your camera and microphone. Select ‘Begin Visit’ in your appointment to enter a virtual visit waiting room until your provider joins the appointment. View the complete steps here.

  • I am a new patient. Can I do a virtual visit with an Ochsner cancer care provider? plus_icon minus_icon

    Yes, new patients in Louisiana can schedule an initial virtual visit online through the MyOchsner portal or by calling 1-866-624-7637.

  • What conditions can be seen during a cancer care virtual visit? plus_icon minus_icon

    Virtual visits are a convenient option for consults with the Precision Cancer Therapies Program for early-phase clinical trials and for patients seeking a Bone Marrow Transplant. We also offer patients the option for virtual visits who are high risk for breast cancer, benign hematologic disorders, nutritional consults, integrative oncology consults, genetic consults and visits with our team of oncology psychologists. Second opinion consults and some follow-up visits may also be conducted virtually. Appointments requiring a physical exam, diagnostic test or procedure should be scheduled as an in-person visit.

  • What does a cancer care virtual visit cost? plus_icon minus_icon

    The cost is the same as an in-person visit, as covered by your insurance. As with an in-person visit, you will be billed for co-pay at the time of your virtual visit (where you can pay online) or after the visit is completed. Contact your insurance provider for covered benefits.

  • Why cancer care at Ochsner? plus_icon minus_icon

    For over 70 years, Ochsner has been dedicated to cancer research and new cancer treatment development, bringing innovations to the fight against cancer—including more clinical trials than anywhere else in the region. Ochsner provides cancer services for adult and pediatric cancer patients and their families from diagnosis through recovery, including the most complex and difficult to treat cancers. Learn more about cancer care at Ochsner here. A cancer care virtual visit provides the same Ochsner experience with added convenience. The physician will do a comprehensive visit with each patient to determine next steps for their care.