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Employee Giving

Every Gift Counts

Our physicians and employees contribute meaningful gifts through the Employee Giving Campaign to support patient programs, employee assistance, nursing education and other areas of need. Last year, we raised over $1.5 million to further the causes that we believe in. Through these gifts, we make a difference for our patients, co-workers and the communities we serve every day.

Employee Assistance Funds

In 2015, 98% of all gifts to Employee Assistance Funds came from generous physicians and employees. These philanthropic funds serve Ochsner employees who need temporary financial assistance, providing meaningful help to our colleagues when they need it the most.

Building Funds

Our Building Funds support renovations and equipment across the Ochsner system. Our physicians and employees know the value of these funds as the average gift was $518 in 2015. 97% of all gifts to building and equipment funds are from employees and physicians. These gifts are allowing Ochsner to expand services and see more patients than ever before. 

Patient Care Funds

Patient Care Funds provide invaluable assistance to patients experiencing hardship through stressful and difficult times. For example, funds are used to assist patients with critical needs such as transportation, crisis housing for family members, prescription assistance and medical equipment. Physicians and employees gave 232 gifts to patient care funds in 2015.

Physician and Employee Giving Makes a Difference

Leave Your Legacy through these meaningful gifts. Click here for more information on how your generosity has created unique and significant opportunities for our patients, their families, and fellow staff members in 2015.