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Like Ochsner Health, our employee base is strong and​ growing. With more than 36,000 employees and over 4,600 employed and affiliated physicians in over 90 medical specialties and subspecialties, we can make a tremendous difference in the lives of our patients and our coworkers. Together, we can help the communities we serve every day in meaningful ways. The Physician and Employee Giving Program invites members of the Ochsner team to find the areas of Ochsner they are most passionate about and offer support. Our dedicated and committed colleagues are changing and saving lives every day while leaving their legacy at Ochsner.

Thank you to our wonderful champions and ambassadors across the system, and a special thank you to each person that changes and saves lives through their support. The Physician and Employee Giving Campaign begins on August 1 and runs through December 15 each year.​

In 2023, Ochsner physicians and employees pledged $2,390,149 to support patient care, programs, research and education across the system. Thank you for your support!

Donate online here. 

Donors who want to make a difference but are not able to make a financial donation now often choose to make a planned gift. Planned gifts ensure Ochsner's future, offer great tax benefits and can sometimes result in income for the donor. Learn more or leave a bequest to Ochsner. You can also save on taxes by giving from an IRA or skip capital gains tax by donating appreciated assets.

In grateful recognition of the physicians and employees who participated in the 2023 Physician and Employee Giving campaign. Thank you to those recognized below for your extraordinary generosity!

2023 Physician and Employee Giving Donors:

Ochsner Baptist 

Dr. Vincent R. Adolph
Ms. Katrina N. Arceneaux
Ms. Courtney D. Arnett
Ms. Moe M. Atkinson
Ms. Julia S. Azzinari
Ms. Kaylee A. Babin
Dr. Sashi W. Band
Ms. Melissa A. Barcia-Pique
Dr. David A. Barrington
Ms. Taylor Becnel
Ms. Carolyn L. Benson
Ms. Karen H. Berg
Dr. Lisa M. Bernhard
Ms. Kayla Beshenich
Mr. William P. Bible
Dr. Joseph R. Biggio
Ms. Bridgitte M. Boehm
Dr. Whitney Braddy
Ms. Taylor Brazley
Ms. E'Tachel Y. Brown
Dr. Jennifer L. Brunet
Ms. Mary E. Byars
Ms. Briggette Cain
Mr. Aaron B. Carroll
Mr. Walter Cates
Dr. Nicole M. Charbonnet
Mr. Corey M. Clavier
Ms. Katrin M. Clavier
Ms. Heather Collins
Dr. Sean M. Collins
Ms. Barbie J. Conley
Ms. Kelsey N. Conley
Ms. Caroline M. Conway
Ms. Tiffany Cossich
Ms. Grace Cotros
Ms. Kayla S. Cusachs
Ms. Christen M. Daniels
Ms. Tywana Dantzler
Ms. April Davis
Ms. Natalie S. Degruise
Ms. Lauren Del Rio
Ms. Jennifer L. Disalvo
Dr. Benjamin Dorton
Ms. Errion K. Dotson
Ms. Sandra Douglas
Ms. Tysheena S. Duckworth
Ms. Emily P. Duhe'
Mr. Craig L. Duhon
Dr. Jennifer Durst
Ms. Amy Edmonds
Dr. Hazem E. Eissa
Dr. Amanda R. England
Ms. Lillian M. Evans
Ms. Melissa Evans
Ms. Mary Kay B. Ford
Dr. Stephen J. Fortunato
Ms. Cynthia M. Fox
Ms. Melanie Frank
Mrs. Rebecca H. Frey
Ms. Jackie Fulco
Dr. Rajiv B. Gala
Ms. Paula M. Gaudet
Ms. Carolyn A. Gilcrease
Mr. Jonathan R. Grandon
Dr. Maged N. Guirguis
Ms. Amy C. Hagen
Dr. Monique P. Hamilton
Dr. Aaron A. Hanyu-Deutmeyer
Ms. Melissa Hendricks
Dr. Amanda C. Henne
Ms. Charlene M. Hernandez
Ms. Zajona H. Hernandez
Ms. Tabitha Hollywood
Mr. Morgan V. Hoover
Mr. Jared S. Hotard
Ms. Shemeka S. Jackson
Ms. Cyntrel H. Janeau
Ms. Julie R. Jeansonne
Ms. Tasha Johnson Thigpen
Dr. Melissa Jordan
Dr. James T. Kalyvas, Jr.
Dr. Kathryn G. Kerisit
Dr. Debora F. Kimberlin
Dr. Olle Kjellgren
Mr. Craig S. Lafontaine
Ms. Phyllis A. Lafrance
Dr. Elizabeth R. Lapeyre
Mr. Emile Larson
Ms. Jeanne Lassere
Ms. Erin E. Lazarine
Mr. X. Le
Ms. Dana M. Lepanto
Dr. Keith J. Luper
Ms. Kristen M. Malkiewicz
Ms. Donna C. Martin
Ms. Ina C. Matthews
Ms. Shawn G. McCann
Ms. Michelle J. McLean
Ms. Victoria Meiklejohn
Ms. Christy L. Migaud
Ms. Rebecca K. Mills
Mrs. Abbie L. Monjure
Ms. Ashley G. Monteleone
Ms. Jennifer J. Moran
Dr. Kelley Morel
Ms. Deborah Morgan
Dr. George B. Morris, III
Mr. Ted T. Nguyen
Dr. Thanh M. Nguyen
Ms. Aimee C. Olsen
Dr. Angela M. Parise
Ms. Lisa F. Pellerin
Ms. Dawn M. Plaisance
Dr. Jose H. Posas, III
Ms. India Primm-Spencer
Ms. Kai E. Quitzau
Ms. Danyel Randolph
Mrs. Judy A. Rice
Dr. Jonathan Riffle
Dr. Margaret A. Roberie
Dr. Marguerite D. Sandow
Ms. Hope A. Sansing
Dr. William T. Sargent
Dr. Korak Sarkar
Mr. Alvin J. Schmit, Jr.
Ms. Paula J. Simon
Dr. Leslie E. Sisco-Wise
Ms. Erin M. Smith
Ms. Patrice M. Stanford
Ms. Michelle R. Stieffel
Ms. Dawn A. Stover
Dr. Kathleen T. Sullivan
Ms. Lisa M. Theodore
Dr. Shelley Thibeau
Dr. Omotola O. Uwaifo
Ms. Kayla A. Varnado
Dr. Katrina S. Wade
Ms. Beth E. Walker
Ms. Marta Wallace
Ms. Tamara M. Warren
Dr. Frank C. Wharton
Dr. Anna M. White
Mr. Tyler White
Ms. Cherie D. Wooldridge
Dr. Dean D. Yount
Ms. Karen S. Ziebol

Baton Rouge

Ms. Andrea M. Abbott
Dr. Freddy M. Abi-Samra
Ms. Christi Adams
Dr. Kanakadurga Alahari
Ms. Victoria Alexander
Dr. Quentin Alleva
Ms. Mary R. Anyaele
Ms. Emily L. Arostegui
Ms. Taylor Aucoin
Ms. Robin Bacchus-Alfred
Dr. William H. Baird
Mrs. Megan B. Bass
Ms. Kelly J. Bates
Ms. Debra M. Billot
Ms. Margo G. Bourgeois
Ms. Mindy L. Bourgeois
Dr. Chad C. Braden
Ms. Jennifer B. Breaux
Dr. Jeryl P. Breaux
Ms. Robin N. Breazeale
Dr. Burke J. Brooks
Ms. Heather H. Buckner
Mr. Jeremy Burnham
Ms. Stephanie C. Bushart
Ms. Susanna Calderon Martinez
Ms. Daphne P. Caldwell
Ms. Georgieanna C. Cappadonia
Ms. Jala Carter
Ms. Hannah Castro Marquez
Ms. Gena P. Celestine
Ms. Derra T. Charles
Ms. Renee L. Chase
Dr. Jessica Chu
Ms. Theon L. Clark
Mr. Bruce P. Cleland
Ms. Velfrancis Coleman
Ms. Patricia Comardelle
Mr. Anthony L. Cook
Dr. Janet Y. Cook
Ms. Ariel Cotton
Mr. Charles D. Daigle
Ms. Chloe' M. Davidson
Ms. Sharon A. Davis
Ms. Megan C. Deaton
Ms. Stephanie Debarbieris
Ms. Alicia G. Dixon
Ms. Kailey S. Dixon
Ms. Gilda C. Domingue
Ms. Chelsea S. Duncan
Ms. Michelle P. Dupuy
Ms. Tina R. Edwards
Dr. Thomas R. Fairley
Ms. Williett Felder
Ms. Carrie I. Fischer
Ms. Meoshi A. Francis
Ms. Jessie H. Frank
Ms. Gabrielle Frazier
Ms. Catherine B. Gahn
Ms. Chelsea Gammon
Dr. Matthew Giglia
Dr. George Golightly
Dr. Glenn M. Gomes
Ms. Tiffany Gongre
Ms. Faye G. Gonzaga
Mrs. Lori M. Granger
Ms. Natasha Grant
Ms. Shelley S. Graphia
Ms. Karen A. Graves
Ms. Laura G. Green
Ms. Bayleigh Guerin
Ms. AnnaBeth S. Guillory
Dr. Courtney C. Gunn
Dr. Kelli D. Hall
Ms. Kimberly D. Hamilton
Mr. Duncan Hanby
Ms. Sherica Harris
Ms. Jennifer Hart
Ms. Stephanie Hasenkampf
Ms. Juliana Haslitt
Dr. Justin Haydel
Ms. Charlene Ho
Dr. Jennifer V. Hogan
Mr. Mundy M. Houston
Mr. David W. Howell
Ms. Virginia H. Hudson
Dr. Ted J. Hudspeth, Sr.
Ms. Carol C. Hunter
Ms. Diana W. Hutson
Ms. Heidi Hymel
Ms. Rachaell R. Jackson
Mr. Kyle Jakob
Ms. Ardreanna M. James-Brown
Mr. Burling R. Jeter
Mr. Kirklin L. Johnson
Mr. Thaddeus T. Johnson
Ms. Kim Jones
Ms. Lisa Judson
Ms. Jaren J. Kennedy
Ms. Toni M. Kennedy
Dr. Teresa L. King
Dr. Alicia C. Kober
Ms. Melissa Krumm
Ms. Allison B. Kruse
Ms. Kristie C. Kysar
Ms. Marquita S. Lang
Mr. Thomas W. Langlois
Ms. Leblanc
Dr. Bern Lee
Dr. Frances C. Lee
Ms. Ramona Lee
Mrs. Alexandra M. Leray
Dr. Lydia D. Lewis
Ms. Wykia T. Lewis
Mr. Scott A. Mabry
Ms. Courtney E. Major
Mr. Pavan Malur
Ms. Megan E. Marcus
Ms. Amanda M. Martin
Ms. Cathy L. Martin
Ms. Ashley C. Matheny
Ms. Stephanie T. Matherne
Ms. Heather N. Maturin
Mr. Manny Mayers
Ms. Mandy W. McCarroll
Ms. Torri M. McClendon
Dr. Susan N. McNamara
Ms. Amy L. Melancon-Sibley
Ms. Mischa Mendel
Dr. Kelly K. Mendoza
Ms. Patricia Mitchell
Dr. Lee L. Montgomery
Ms. Kiara Moore
Ms. Amber Morales
Dr. Michael G. Morgan
Ms. Belinda Mounce
Dr. Alexander K. Mulamula
Ms. Janet C. Neal
Ms. Clara Nevels
Ms. Chaille Newsom
Dr. Angela G. Nusloch
Ms. Holly H. Paline
Ms. Danyelle T. Parrish
Ms. Amanda M. Patterson
Ms. Faith C. Patterson
Dr. Brannon C. Perilloux
Ms. Katrina D. Perkins
Ms. Vontrice Perkins
Ms. Darcy R. Phillips
Ms. Rachel Phillips
Dr. David E. Post
Ms. Tana Price
Ms. Sarah Rath
Ms. Lydia M. Ratliff
Dr. Shilpa M. Reddy
Ms. Wendi K. Reeves
Ms. Kristina W. Rester
Ms. Tiffany S. Richard
Mr. Joseph Richardson
Ms. Holly H. Roubique
Ms. Kristen E. Rouge
Ms. Erica L. Roy
Dr. Aldo J. Russo
Ms. Jennifer Sammons
Dr. Lalania K. Schexnayder
Ms. Necole M. Sellars
Dr. Heidi L. Sinclair
Ms. Tonia Smith
Ms. Ashley Snowden
Dr. Gerald J. Sparks
Ms. Esther G. Stagg
Mrs. Brookney Stevens
Mrs. Anya P. Stewart
Ms. Tea' Stewart
Ms. Robin R. Taylor
Ms. Dianne P. Teal
Ms. Michelle T. Thibodeaux
Ms. Danielle N. Thompson
Ms. Terri L. Thompson
Ms. Tishima O. Tobias
Ms. Amber Trahan
Ms. Amanda D. Twitchell
Ms. Michelle M. Vallery
Ms. Barbara A. Van Lieu
Dr. Juan C. Vargas
Ms. Hannah L. Wascom
Dr. Katie Watson
Mrs. Kimberly M. Watts
Ms. Heidi H. Wendt
Mr. Jared M. White
Ms. Genelle W. Williams
Ms. Jakyra Williams
Ms. Tarsha R. Williams
Ms. Rosalyn M. Wolfe
Ms. Nicole F. Worley
Ms. Michelle Worthington
Ms. Keosha Zeno


    Ms. Leola D. Adams
    Mr. Sydney M. Adams
    Mrs. Amy M. Authement
    Ms. Eushel M. Babin
    Ms. Pamela Barnes
    Ms. Valerie S. Batiste
    Mr. Michael A. Battaglia
    Ms. Cherie P. Bergeron
    Ms. Amy T. Blanchard
    Ms. Sherita L. Bonvillian
    Ms. Carrie Butler
    Mr. Houston C. Chatman
    Ms. Tori H. Chatman
    Ms. Becky L. Clements
    Ms. Wendy S. Coleman
    Ms. Nichole G. Crochet
    Ms. Amy P. Dardar
    Ms. Skyler Degruise
    Ms. Wendy A. Detiveaux
    Ms. Debra E. Diehl
    Mr. Fabian F. Dion
    Ms. Lisa A. Dugas
    Ms. Casey R. Duncan
    Ms. Danielle P. Dupre
    Ms. Shannon M. Eskind
    Ms. Hillary Fisher
    Ms. Esther M. Gorsha
    Mr. John C. Guillot
    Ms. Loni Hebert
    Ms. Sarah J. Hensley
    Ms. Marlo T. Hitt
    Ms. Rebecca Hoffmann-Spears
    Ms. Robin L. Hudson
    Ms. Eshendricka D. Hunter
    Ms. Loria F. Jarvis
    Mr. Kalon Johnson
    Ms. Latorsha R. Johnson
    Ms. Monica Kraemer
    Ms. Cindy T. Landry
    Ms. Amanda B. Larke
    Ms. Dawn C. Leblanc
    Ms. Denise R. Leboeuf
    Ms. Elizabeth L. Leckelt
    Ms. Mary J. Ledet
    Ms. Shanna F. Ledet
    Ms. Renee L. Lirette
    Ms. Ashley Livas
    Ms. Keyonka D. Livas
    Ms. Michelle H. Luneau
    Ms. Yvette M. Mason
    Ms. Brittany McElroy
    Ms. Rosalie B. Miller
    Ms. Genkius J. Morgan
    Ms. Lisa Myles
    Ms. Belinda G. Ourso
    Ms. Carmelina Perna
    Ms. Gail N. Perna
    Ms. Michalla A. Pierre
    Mr. Randy J. Pijor
    Ms. Maggie A. Pitre
    Dr. Rick S. Risener
    Ms. Shawnetta M. Robinson
    Ms. Tireelle O. Robinson
    Ms. Vivian A. Rockward
    Ms. Heather Rogers
    Ms. Tomeeka L. Rounds
    Ms. Kayla V. Sanders
    Ms. Jennifer M. Sandolph
    Ms. Michelle L. Scott
    Ms. Jana S. Semere
    Ms. Rechelle S. Simmons
    Ms. Sharon Sneeze
    Ms. Jeanie M. Songe
    Ms. Deanne S. St. Clergy
    Ms. Ursula D. Steib
    Ms. Susie J. Steward
    Mr. Kevin J. Stewart
    Ms. Lisa G. Takewell
    Ms. Tammy N. Temple
    Mr. Bryan K. Thibodaux
    Ms. Rose L. Thibodaux
    Ms. Melissa Tillman
    Mr. Kenneth Van Buren
    Ms. Bobbie Vera
    Ms. Stacy A. Vice
    Ms. Annette M. Vitrano
    Mr. Lee P. Voisin
    Ms. Cheryl L. Williams
    Ms. Duana D. Williams
    Ms. Tracy S. Wilson
    Ms. Cherelle Woods
    Ms. Kristina C. Young
    Ms. Lisa D. Zeringue
    Mr. Malcolm Zeringue


    Ms. Lindsay Cambre
    Ms. Ally C. Chauvin
    Ms. Ashley R. Crowder
    Mr. Dipen Desai
    Mr. Josh A. Donaldson
    Mr. Michael Gaglione
    Ms. Kathryn K. Gauthier
    Ms. Amber E. Hebert
    Dr. Deryk G. Jones
    Ms. Paula N. Landry
    Ms. Diana L. Martin
    Ms. Kari L. Mashon
    Ms. Kimberlyn Payton
    Ms. Nicole Phegley
    Ms. Maudsheiva D. Richardson
    Ms. Mariah L. Robey
    Ms. Suzzette Rotolo
    Mr. Roger J. Roussel, III
    Ms. Rose A. Rubba
    Ms. Ericka Sauls
    Ms. Lynsey A. Shaffer
    Ms. Quana A. Smith
    Ms. Melinda G. Stretzinger
    Ms. Mary L. Tucker
    Ms. Sophia A. Tumminello
    Mr. Bruce S. Weinberg
    Ms. Sandra A. Wilder


      Ms. Tara E. Alleman
      Mr. Darren M. Aromy
      Mr. Rusty J. Aucoin
      Dr. William L. Bennett
      Ms. Lauren R. Bergens
      Mr. David Boothby
      Ms. Keri B. Bovie
      Dr. Jarret M. Brashear
      Mrs. Valinda L. Carmon
      Ms. Jasmine B. Coleman
      Dr. Kevin P. Cowley
      Ms. Artrena R. Cusimano
      Dr. Daniel R. Denis
      Ms. Torshanna C. Dennis
      Ms. Melissa S. Doyle
      Ms. Tricia S. Elorza
      Ms. Heather F. Flores
      Dr. Jay J. French, Jr.
      Ms. Deana T. Gaconi
      Mrs. Nathalie Garreis
      Ms. Monica L. Giangrosso
      Dr. Veronica Gillispie
      Dr. George M. Gilly
      Dr. Harley G. Ginsberg
      Dr. Ryan Griffin
      Mrs. Karen P. Gudima
      Ms. Jane E. Guevara
      Ms. Erica Hebert
      Dr. Chris Hodnette
      Ms. Patrice T. Hotard
      Ms. Elaine V. Huang
      Ms. Barbara S. Hubbell
      Ms. Keisha Hymes
      Ms. Diane Jones
      Ms. Galyn S. Jones
      Dr. Abdul M. Khan
      Ms. Laura Leblanc
      Ms. Jeannine C. Loisel
      Ms. Peggy Lubrano
      Ms. Marie Christie B. Lumayna
      Ms. Vanessa M. Metoyer
      Mr. Terry J. Meyer, Jr.
      Mr. Patrick M. O'Shaughnessy
      Ms. Elaine M. Palmisano
      Ms. Shannon A. Panicucci
      Ms. Lauren A. Perret
      Ms. Ann Marie Pizzeck
      Ms. Melissa Ponthieux
      Dr. Noah D. Pores
      Ms. Michele I. Prados Prater
      Ms. Lindsey N. Ray
      Ms. Addy Reine
      Mr. Stephen E. Robinson, Jr.
      Mrs. Jennifer A. Roddy
      Mr. Larry J. Rodriguez, Jr.
      Ms. Shelita M. Russ
      Ms. Maria G. Salpietra
      Dr. Caitlyn Saylor
      Ms. Christy A. Schexnayder
      Dr. Lynne M. Seoane
      Dr. Victoria A. Smith
      Mr. Douglas M. Taylor
      Ms. Aimee Terrio
      Ms. Veronica G. Theriot
      Dr. Shontell N. Thomas
      Mr. Ruben C. Varela
      Ms. Carrie T. Vargas
      Dr. George Yousef

      Lake Charles

      Ms. Barbara Amos
      Ms. Rebecca L. Jones


      Mrs. Samantha M. Anderson
      Dr. Jeffrey Benzing
      Dr. Tracy G. Benzing
      Mr. Jeremiah E. Carpenter
      Ms. Stacey Davidson
      Ms. Melissa I. Dossett
      Mr. Jeffery Edge
      Ms. Trudy Ehrich
      Ms. Michelle K. Entrekin
      Ms. Wendie Forge
      Ms. Jolene I. Fraise
      Mr. Tony Gore
      Ms. Brandy Heppel
      Ms. Melanie S. Hotard
      Ms. Yvette Z. Leonard
      Ms. Sandy N. Lizana
      Mr. Allen A. Maronge
      Ms. Aimee J. McWilliams
      Ms. Rose M. Miller
      Ms. Brittany A. Ness
      Dr. Denise Powell
      Ms. Tricia R. Roberts
      Dr. Robin H. Schwartz
      Ms. Brenda Steudlein
      Ms. Lodis Taylor
      Mr. Timothy L. Thrash
      Ms. Theresa A. Thurman
      Ms. Susan M. Trudo
      Ms. Tiffany N. Tyler
      Mr. Phong T. Vu
      Ms. Levette P. Williams


      Ms. Cassey D. Alexander
      Mr. John Aulds
      Ms. Lasharel N. Banks
      Ms. Ann D. Barry
      Dr. Curtis Bashkiharatee
      Ms. Chaylynn B. Benjamin
      Ms. Nancy M. Berard
      Mrs. Yvette C. Bertaut
      Dr. Laurie A. Bishop
      Mr. Matt E. Bonura
      Ms. Mary Boyte
      Dr. Benjamin Brown
      Ms. Lesha A. Brown
      Ms. Kelly S. Burdett
      Ms. Jennifer A. Burtch
      Ms. Toni M. Cado
      Dr. Ilias N. Caralopoulos
      Ms. Renee M. Carroll
      Mr. Donald J. Case
      Dr. Walter R. Cazayoux
      Mrs. Kristy R. Cessna
      Ms. Bettye A. Champagne
      Dr. Pavan Chava
      Ms. Ann Clauss
      Ms. Charie Colwart
      Ms. Amy Cox
      Dr. Rachel B. Csaki
      Dr. Jane Curry
      Ms. Mattie T. Daley
      Mr. Loi V. Dao
      Mr. Edward Davis
      Ms. Kendra C. Davis
      Dr. David J. Donaldson, Jr.
      Ms. Kaitlyn Duncan
      Ms. Erica J. Duperon
      Dr. W. Michael Ellerbe
      Dr. Helene M. Erickson
      Mrs. Shalon Fincher
      Ms. Angelique R. Fiorello
      Ms. Tristen Fisher
      Mr. Dustin M. Fletcher
      Ms. Tamantha Ford
      Ms. Christine Foto
      Ms. Heather D. Frye
      Dr. Kisha O. Gant
      Dr. Andrea M. Garaudy
      Ms. Metasebia Gedlu
      Ms. Jizza P. Gidman
      Ms. Gwendolyn Guernsey
      Ms. Holly Guidry
      Ms. Nancy H. Guttierrez
      Mr. Frankie W. Harelson, Jr.
      Ms. Michelle A. Harrell
      Ms. Trachell Harris
      Ms. Andrell Harry
      Dr. Cathryn C. Hassett
      Dr. Seth B. Hayes
      Ms. MacI Hollier
      Mr. John R. Holmes, Jr.
      Mr. Carlton M. Ikner
      Ms. Jones
      Ms. Katherine E. Juraszek
      Ms. Jeanne C. Kaliszeski
      Dr. Shahraam Kamalpour
      Ms. Mona B. Kambur
      Ms. Angela W. Kaufmann
      Dr. Alisha M. Lacour
      Ms. Brittney Ladner
      Dr. Stephen Lambert
      Dr. Richard Leblanc, Jr.
      Mr. Jason J. Liggio
      Ms. Kellie Lion
      Ms. Jennifer M. Luc
      Ms. Aimee Manton
      Mr. Bradley D. Marchant
      Ms. Sandy A. Martin
      Mr. Troy P. Martin
      Dr. Carl A. Mayeaux
      Mr. Paul C. McCann
      Dr. Anthony E. McDavid
      Ms. Maria McGeehan
      Dr. Andrew D. McKernan
      Dr. Kyle P. McMullen
      Ms. Brittany E. McRee
      Dr. Tara E. Mitchell
      Mr. Darren Monie
      Ms. Stephanie H. Moray
      Ms. Gaynell Narcisse
      Ms. Laurie Neal
      Dr. James H. Newcomb, Jr.
      Mr. Joseph Nguyen
      Mr. Phi H. Nguyen
      Ms. Tina Nguyen
      Ms. Carole G. Nungesser
      Ms. Melissa L. O'Malley
      Ms. Heather M. Orgeron
      Ms. Stacy M. OShaughnessy
      Dr. Santo Paniello
      Ms. Elizabeth A. Parker
      Dr. Joshua D. Parks
      Ms. Amanda C. Pfeifer
      Mr. David W. Pilet
      Dr. Laura L. Place
      Ms. Janet L. Powell
      Ms. Tameyka M. Powell
      Ms. Marva Price
      Dr. Satti P. Reddy
      Dr. Timothy L. Riddell
      Ms. Andria Y. Robson-James
      Ms. Penny B. Rojas
      Ms. Ross
      Ms. India Scales
      Mr. Michael Schiro
      Ms. Michele Schwarz
      Ms. Jillian Senez
      Ms. Rachael Silvers
      Ms. Nicole M. Smallwood
      Mr. Ken K. Smith
      Ms. Katrice M. Smith
      Ms. Robin Smith
      Ms. Diana Sotak
      Dr. Angelia Spurgin
      Ms. Katrice A. St. Junior
      Ms. Deborah T. Starring
      Ms. Alison Statton
      Ms. Kristi Thibodeaux
      Ms. Michelle M. Thomas
      Dr. Lauren M. Thomassie
      Ms. Allyson Tolar
      Mr. Patrick J. Trainor, Jr.
      Dr. Stella M. Tran
      Ms. Tuyet Mai L. Tran
      Ms. Stacy Tucker
      Dr. Gabriel I. Uwaifo
      Dr. Joshua P. Vallelungo
      Ms. Melissa Viator
      Ms. Kimberly A. Villere
      Ms. Kim Vincent
      Ms. Thanh Xuan Vu
      Ms. Emily D. Wahl
      Ms. Melanie T. Walch
      Ms. Geri A. Weaver
      Ms. Kristin T. White
      Ms. Amris N. Willis
      Ms. Dana S. Wise
      Ms. Kerri Yochum


      Ms. Tina M. Abshire
      Ms. Cydney M. Akers
      Ms. Marisa M. Alack
      Ms. Linda M. Alexander
      Dr. Michael Alexander
      Ms. Rita C. Alexander
      Ms. Sandy M. Alexander
      Ms. Donna D. Alford
      Ms. Donna Alfred
      Ms. Olympia L. Alfred
      Ms. Stacey Alleman
      Ms. Kaylon B. Allen
      Ms. Erica Anderson
      Ms. Jana L. Andrus
      Ms. Andrea Angelle
      Dr. Alan J. Appley
      Ms. April Arceneaux
      Ms. Cheryl S. Arceneaux
      Ms. Kendra L. Arceneaux
      Ms. Lapeige Arceneaux
      Ms. Tiffany S. Arceneaux
      Ms. Wanda M. Arceneaux
      Mr. Ted Ardoin
      Ms. Andrea M. Artigue
      Mrs. Castonya H. Babineaux
      Ms. Dolores F. Babineaux
      Ms. Jenna Babineaux
      Ms. Leslie P. Badon
      Ms. Robin L. Barnes
      Ms. Nichole L. Barras
      Ms. Stephanie A. Barras
      Ms. Amylynn Barrere
      Ms. Roshandra Batiste
      Mr. Jonathan Battin
      Ms. Lillie C. Bell
      Ms. Mona D. Bellard
      Ms. Joyce E. Bellow
      Ms. Linda A. Benjamin
      Ms. Alycea Bennett
      Ms. Monica G. Benoit
      Ms. Stephanie A. Benoit
      Mr. Brian C. Berger
      Ms. Jordan Bergeron
      Ms. Lori B. Bergeron
      Ms. Kristal Bernard
      Ms. Lydia A. Bernard
      Ms. Allison D. Bertrand
      Mr. Donald G. Bertrand
      Ms. Jena Bertrand
      Mr. Rufus R. Bertrand
      Ms. Sandra F. Bertrand
      Ms. Annette Beuchler
      Dr. Paulette M. Blanchet
      Ms. Bianca A. Blanco
      Ms. Hailey L. Bodin
      Ms. Britni J. Bodoin
      Ms. Sarah C. Boenig
      Mr. Ryan B. Bombard
      Ms. Clarice C. Bonin
      Ms. Amy P. Boudreaux
      Mr. John D. Boudreaux
      Ms. Stephanie Boudreaux
      Ms. Alexis C. Bouillion
      Mr. Christopher Bourgeois
      Ms. Brittany B. Bourque
      Ms. Charlie A. Bourque
      Ms. Melissa R. Bourque
      Ms. Brittanie D. Boutte
      Ms. Chrystal L. Boutte
      Mr. Ian C. Boyer
      Ms. Kathleen E. Boyer
      Ms. Cindy B. Braud
      Ms. Lauren K. Brazda
      Ms. Edith H. Breaux
      Mr. William Breaux
      Ms. Lisa G. Brewer
      Ms. Karyn Brice
      Mr. Anthony Briggs
      Ms. Nancy D. Broadhurst
      Mr. Brian K. Broussard
      Ms. Emily T. Broussard
      Dr. Julie G. Broussard
      Mr. Kenneth J. Broussard
      Ms. Lori R. Broussard
      Ms. Marissa A. Broussard
      Ms. Nicole C. Broussard
      Ms. Olivia K. Broussard
      Ms. Shawn C. Broussard
      Ms. Tricia A. Broussard
      Ms. Connie M. Brown
      Ms. Clarissa A. Bruno
      Ms. Amie C. Bulliard
      Mr. Bashonnon L. Butler
      Mr. Gilberto Cacho, Jr.
      Ms. Shireen M. Cade
      Ms. Jessica R. Cahanin
      Dr. Michael S. Cain
      Ms. Taryn T. Cain
      Ms. Bobbi M. Caldwell
      Ms. Angel S. Campbell
      Ms. Katina M. Campbell
      Ms. Judi H. Carranza
      Mr. Luis H. Carranza, Jr.
      Mr. Dane T. Carriere
      Ms. Kiya T. Carter
      Ms. Enna M. Castaneda
      Ms. Nicole J. Castille
      Ms. Tiffany M. Castillo
      Ms. Kadie L. Castro
      Ms. Elizabeth G. Catalanotto
      Ms. Amanda Cawthorne
      Ms. Anastashia Celestine
      Ms. Mary E. Chaisson
      Ms. Shelia B. Champagne
      Ms. Melissa Chapman
      Ms. Cithy Charles
      Ms. Catherine B. Chautin
      Ms. Kayleigh M. Cheek
      Ms. Jennifer M. Chehardy
      Ms. Terryseta C. Chester
      Ms. Mallory K. Chriceol
      Ms. Kimberly A. Clancy
      Ms. Michelle L. Clark
      Ms. Denel F. Clay
      Ms. Jenna A. Clement
      Ms. Milissa R. Coco
      Ms. Danisha Cole
      Ms. Lakesha M. Coleman
      Ms. Claudia Colligan
      Ms. Lisa M. Colligan
      Ms. Amanda M. Comeaux
      Ms. Danielle C. Comeaux
      Ms. Charlena E. Comyne
      Ms. Lynn Conner
      Ms. Daphane M. Constantine
      Ms. Lola Cook
      Ms. Kasey Cormier
      Ms. Harlee M. Courville
      Ms. Krista F. Courville
      Ms. Susannah Craig
      Ms. Naomi T. Credeur
      Mr. Jodie Crouch
      Ms. Kimberly D. Daigle
      Ms. Sarah H. Daigle
      Mr. Glenn E. Dailey
      Ms. Dianne G. Daniel
      Ms. Regina D. Darby
      Ms. Carmen Darce
      Ms. Kathleen A. Darnell
      Ms. Hillary Davis
      Ms. Jalisa Davis
      Ms. Sarah J. Davis
      Ms. Darlene Decell
      Ms. Melissa T. Decell
      Ms. Frances M. Deglandon
      Mr. Alan R. Dekerlegand
      Ms. Patti D. Delahoussaye
      Ms. Renee D. Delahoussaye
      Ms. Linsey M. Deroche
      Ms. Kristi Deshotel
      Ms. Anne Deshotels
      Ms. Davina M. Desormeaux
      Ms. Lisa Devillier
      Ms. Alma Devora
      Ms. Nicole D. Dicarlo
      Ms. Geraldine Dilly
      Mr. James Matthew Dimaano
      Ms. Victoria P. Dimonde
      Ms. Annette A. Dobson
      Mrs. Amanda G. Dogua
      Ms. Renee Domengeaux
      Ms. Harley C. Domingue
      Ms. Sandra Domingue
      Ms. Kim H. Dooley
      Ms. Kelsie L. Dore
      Ms. Delisa Dorn
      Ms. Erika F. Douget
      Ms. Chelsea Doyle
      Mr. Paul C. Dressler
      Ms. Jessica L. Drysdale
      Ms. Tracie Dubose
      Ms. Kristen D. Ducote
      Ms. Joanne N. Duffy
      Ms. Amanda Dufrechou
      Mr. Joshua S. Duhon
      Ms. Madison Duhon
      Ms. Mary Duhon
      Ms. Danette M. Duval
      Ms. Ashley A. Dye
      Ms. Megan Ebarb
      Ms. Amori Edmond
      Ms. Jana S. Edney-Poole
      Ms. Jasmine J. Edwards
      Ms. Susan A. Edwards
      Ms. Charisse K. Emmer
      Ms. Staci L. Faia
      Ms. Loni Faul
      Ms. Judy F. Faulk
      Ms. Dolores T. Figard
      Ms. Melanie R. Finley
      Mrs. Patricia M. Fisher
      Ms. Daisy M. Fisher-Fackler
      Ms. Dona M. Fontenot
      Mr. Jude A. Fontenot
      Ms. Kayla R. Fontenot
      Ms. Darnell Francois
      Ms. Dianne A. Frederick
      Ms. Hedi S. Frederick
      Ms. Holly M. Frederick
      Ms. Shana M. Frederick
      Mr. Eric J. Frey
      Ms. Blair Frith
      Mr. Gerard A. Fuselier
      Ms. Elizabeth B. Gallet
      Mr. Patrick W. Gandy, Jr.
      Ms. Brandi Gantt
      Mr. Bill R. Ganucheau
      Ms. Melissa P. Gary
      Ms. Leonor Gatchalian
      Ms. Zoe A. Gates
      Ms. Tara Gauthreaux
      Ms. Michelle A. Gee
      Mr. Darrell J. Gerace
      Ms. Jennifer T. Gerard
      Mr. Rodney Good
      Mr. Nilton L. Goodwin, Jr.
      Ms. Carla Gossen
      Ms. Mackenzie E. Gossen
      Ms. Marcella E. Gossen
      Ms. Kyra Gotch
      Ms. Brooklyn Gothe
      Ms. Paulette M. Gothe
      Ms. Frances A. Green
      Dr. Shaunda K. Grisby
      Ms. Charlotte M. Guidry
      Ms. Emily M. Guidry
      Ms. Fallon Guidry
      Ms. Hillary M. Guidry
      Ms. Janet S. Guidry
      Ms. Lisa Guidry
      Ms. Melissa L. Guidry
      Ms. Molly W. Guidry
      Ms. Roberta M. Guidry
      Ms. Theresa A. Guidry
      Mr. Claude Guillory
      Ms. Donna R. Guillory
      Ms. Jordan L. Guillory
      Ms. Paula Guillory
      Ms. Edna G. Gullo
      Ms. Mackenzie Habetz
      Mr. Stephen R. Habetz
      Ms. Gabreille Hall
      Mr. Donald P. Halpin
      Ms. Tabitha H. Hanks
      Ms. Kaysie M. Hardy
      Ms. Mariann E. Hardy
      Ms. Robin R. Harget
      Ms. Lauren Hargrave
      Ms. Tracey M. Hargrave
      Ms. Lori M. Harrett
      Ms. Angela R. Hebert
      Ms. Bethany Hebert
      Ms. Danielle R. Hebert
      Ms. Kaydra Hebert
      Ms. Kim L. Hebert
      Mrs. Maxine M. Hebert
      Ms. Tess H. Hebert
      Mr. Thomas X. Hebert
      Ms. Mary Heinen
      Ms. Tracy E. Herpin
      Ms. Mindy F. Hetzel
      Ms. Keyondria Hicks
      Ms. Kimberly A. Hilliard
      Ms. Kim Hoffpauir
      Ms. Zoe Hollier
      Ms. Tanya Holmes
      Ms. Brooke B. Hornsby
      Mr. Jon G. Howell
      Ms. Leslie L. Huval
      Ms. Michelle N. Izzo
      Ms. Najla A. Jadallah
      Mr. Kelsey James
      Mr. Kent J. James
      Mr. Kevin W. Johnson
      Ms. Linda M. Johnson
      Ms. Lisa Johnson
      Mr. Matthew Johnson
      Mr. Michael G. Johnson, Sr.
      Mr. Quinn M. Johnson
      Ms. Becky J. Jones
      Ms. Jennifer D. Jones
      Mr. Junice Jones
      Ms. Stephanie D. Jones
      Ms. Deshria Joseph
      Ms. Lorie G. Judice
      Ms. Kayla B. Kastner
      Ms. Dana Kelehan
      Ms. Jannifer L. Kennedy
      Ms. Marysa Y. Kibodeaux
      Ms. Shakerra M. King
      Mr. John R. Kleyla
      Ms. Kissiez Knighten
      Mr. Julian C. Knott
      Ms. Natalie G. Kober
      Ms. Jeannette Konseiga
      Ms. Trina O. Kramer
      Mr. Chris Kratzer
      Ms. Megan S. Krieg
      Ms. Charlene Lafleur
      Ms. Lindsey J. Lagrange
      Ms. Lindsay W. Laiche
      Ms. Hope C. Lambert
      Ms. Arielle M. Landry
      Ms. Claire Landry
      Ms. Dawn A. Landry
      Ms. Judy A. Landry
      Ms. Katie F. Landry
      Ms. Lauren E. Landry
      Ms. Sherry D. Landry
      Ms. Amy Langley
      Ms. Ann M. Langley
      Ms. Tessa M. Lapierre
      Ms. Stacy L. Larry
      Ms. Sandra L. Latiolais
      Ms. Elizabeth J. Lavergne
      Ms. Kirsten K. Lavergne
      Mr. Lowell A. Leach
      Ms. Lucinda B. Lear
      Ms. Michelle R. LeBaron
      Ms. Angel Leblanc
      Mr. Chris J. LeBlanc
      Ms. Darlene L. Leblanc
      Ms. Eve M. Leblanc
      Ms. Nicole W. Lee
      Ms. Kellie R. Leger
      Mr. Cory J. Lejeune
      Dr. Elizabeth K. LeJeune
      Mr. Eric B. Lejeune
      Ms. Courtnee Lemaire
      Ms. Robin Lemoine
      Dr. Daniela M. Leon-Jarrin
      Ms. Maegan C. Lester
      Ms. Myra W. Lewis
      Ms. Renee L. Loera
      Ms. Marie O. Lukaszeski
      Ms. Katherine S. Luke
      Mr. Aron Kris Mabanag
      Ms. Elizabeth A. Maier
      Mr. Michael J. Mancuso, Jr.
      Ms. Sheila L. Mancuso
      Ms. Julisa Manuel
      Ms. Danielle Maples
      Ms. Caroline G. Marceaux
      Ms. Charlotte K. Marks
      Ms. Courtney N. Marks
      Ms. Lacey H. Marks
      Ms. Tammy L. Marks
      Ms. April N. Marshall
      Ms. Emily J. Martien
      Ms. Jan K. Masson
      Ms. Delanie H. Matherne
      Ms. Mareesa P. Mathers
      Mr. Roger Mattke
      Ms. Kendra Mayfield
      Ms. Brooklyn C. Mayon
      Ms. Susan S. McCracken
      Mr. Robert McElligott
      Ms. Karen A. McFaul
      Ms. Olivia C. McGuire
      Dr. Fallon S. McManus
      Mr. Henry B. McManus
      Ms. Linzy R. McWhorter
      Mr. Jeremiah Meck
      Mr. Marty L. Melancon
      Ms. Vickie F. Melancon
      Ms. Ruth M. Menard
      Mr. Wayne H. Menard
      Ms. Oneika E. Mercier
      Ms. Jeanie Miller
      Ms. Kimberly F. Miller
      Ms. Lisa P. Miller
      Ms. Lynette Miller
      Mr. Craig A. Mire
      Ms. Paula Mire
      Ms. Devin D. Mitchell
      Mr. Paul Molbert
      Ms. Nola Moore
      Ms. Tia L. Morgan
      Mrs. Julie M. Morrison
      Ms. Jessica E. Morse
      Ms. Dawn Morvant
      Ms. Iris Moton
      Ms. Eva B. Mouton
      Mr. Patrick H. Mouton
      Ms. Roshanda R. Mouton
      Ms. Sherry W. Mouton
      Ms. Tameeka Mouton
      Ms. Donna L. Murphy
      Ms. Shirley Murrell
      Ms. Wendy R. Myers
      Ms. Jennifer L. Nash
      Ms. Mary E. Neustrom
      Mr. Paul R. Nguyen
      Ms. Mandi W. Olivares
      Ms. Stephanie M. Ollison
      Ms. Michelle O'Meara
      Ms. Heidi Overley
      Ms. Ethel M. Paddio
      Ms. Tina B. Palermo
      Ms. Stephanie A. Papillion
      Ms. Judy Parker
      Ms. Madison Parr
      Ms. Lori L. Parrish
      Ms. Christine M. Parsley
      Mr. Al J. Patin
      Ms. Brandi F. Patin
      Ms. Kaley M. Patty
      Mr. Lee L. Perry, III
      Ms. Myra A. Pete
      Ms. Chelsey H. Picard
      Ms. Jacklyn M. Pitts
      Ms. Deneen Porche
      Ms. Sharon H. Portier
      Ms. Andrea T. Potier
      Mr. Zuri S. Poullard
      Ms. Emily Pousson
      Mr. Kevin J. Pousson
      Ms. Noelle G. Prados
      Ms. Sharon L. Prejean
      Ms. Constance Primeaux
      Ms. Katie L. Primeaux
      Ms. Desiree D. Provost
      Ms. Kathleen Pumford
      Mrs. Amber B. Rabalais
      Ms. Tamara M. Reed
      Dr. Stephen G. Rees
      Ms. Melissa A. Rene
      Ms. Annette Rexroat
      Ms. Melodi Richard
      Ms. Suzanne M. Richard
      Ms. Kamryn L. Riley
      Ms. Ashley G. Rivers
      Ms. Mindi M. Roach
      Ms. Allison M. Roberts
      Ms. Brandi Robicheaux
      Ms. Codi H. Robicheaux
      Ms. Jodi Robin
      Mr. Jason Roger
      Mrs. Nicole B. Romero
      Ms. Sheena B. Ronsonet
      Ms. Mary D. Rougeau
      Ms. Rachelle L. Rougeaux
      Ms. Katherine H. Rountree
      Mr. Scott Rouse
      Ms. Kellie M. Roy
      Ms. Melanie L. Roy
      Ms. Shaina R. Roy
      Ms. Dana D. Rush
      Ms. Marissa M. Russo
      Ms. Eriene B. Sam
      Ms. Kay Savoie
      Ms. Blair O. Savoy
      Ms. Amy G. Scalisi
      Ms. Kimberly H. Schexnayder
      Ms. Doe E. Schneider
      Dr. John P. Schutte
      Ms. Desiree Sellars
      Mr. Samuel A. Senegal
      Ms. Theresa A. Sevier
      Ms. Casey Shaffett
      Ms. Lisa A. Shaw
      Mr. Donald V. Simon, Jr.
      Mr. Kevin F. Simon, Jr.
      Ms. Latoya M. Simon
      Ms. Valerie E. Simon
      Ms. Anne Sittig
      Ms. Constance L. Sittig
      Ms. Elizabeth R. Smith
      Mr. Jacob A. Smith
      Ms. Jessica L. Smith
      Ms. Sarah A. Smith
      Ms. Tara Smith
      Ms. Alijah C. Sonnier
      Ms. Alis A. Sonnier
      Ms. Chelsea P. Sonnier
      Ms. Jamie M. Sonnier
      Ms. Maria M. Sonnier
      Ms. Sharon S. Sonnier
      Ms. Southall
      Ms. Rae-Anne Spence
      Ms. Erica M. St Julien
      Ms. Elizabeth S. Stagg
      Ms. Jamie L. Stegall
      Ms. Danielle M. Stevenson
      Ms. Felicia E. Steward
      Ms. Brandi L. Stokes
      Ms. Joan S. Stokes
      Ms. Kamie C. Stutes
      Ms. Pam S. Taggart
      Ms. Hannah S. Tanoos
      Ms. Lia A. Tarver
      Ms. Carolyne Tate
      Ms. Abby M. Taylor
      Ms. Hope E. Taylor
      Mrs. Maegan H. Theriot
      Ms. Phyllis A. Theriot
      Ms. Sharon V. Theriot
      Ms. Jordyn L. Thibodeaux
      Mr. Kevin Thibodeaux
      Ms. Irene F. Thompson
      Ms. Kristen D. Thompson
      Ms. Patricia P. Thompson
      Ms. Gwendolyn L. Thon
      Ms. Artress Thornton
      Mr. Chris R. Tobia
      Mr. Frank A. Torres
      Ms. Amber Touchet
      Ms. Roxanne H. Touchet
      Ms. Denise V. Trahan
      Ms. Lelia D. Trahan
      Ms. Shelly Trahan
      Mr. Taylor J. Trahan
      Ms. Alexis A. Tregre
      Ms. Rachel F. Trepagnier
      Ms. Jada Tyler
      Ms. Jennifer Vallier
      Ms. Cheryl A. Vallot
      Ms. Kelci Veillon
      Mr. Nicholas Viator
      Ms. Jennifer L. Vicknair
      Ms. Georgette P. Villien
      Ms. Laurence M. Vincent
      Ms. Ronda L. Vincent
      Ms. Jessica A. Wadsworth
      Ms. Jennifer M. Walgamotte
      Ms. Terri K. Walker
      Ms. Jessica L. Wall
      Mr. Corey J. Washington
      Ms. Martha A. Washington
      Ms. Courtnei Webster
      Ms. Tamsyn White
      Ms. Anna E. Williams
      Mrs. Dana D. Williams
      Ms. Terry M. Williams
      Ms. Atara Wilridge
      Ms. Lilly M. Wiltz
      Ms. Kimberly Wood
      Mr. Chad A. Woods
      Ms. Karen O. Wyble
      Ms. Brandy B. Yammarino
      Ms. Jennifer C. Yellott
      Mr. Casey M. Young
      Ms. Meg S. Young
      Mr. Sam Zaunbrecher
      Ms. Cindy R. Zerangue

      Ochsner Medical Center

      Ms. Tina T. Abbey
      Ms. Sandra S. Achee
      Ms. Donna Ackermann
      Ms. Darlene M. Adams
      Ms. Iva J. Adams
      Ms. Joanna D. Adams
      Ms. Karen T. Adams
      Ms. Megan V. Adams
      Ms. Melissa Adams
      Ms. Cindy J. Adeneye
      Ms. Beatrice Albert
      Ms. Jenny N. Aldridge
      Mr. Bryan Alegria
      Ms. Tysonia H. Alexander
      Mrs. Carolyn M. Allen
      Ms. Debi A. Allen
      Ms. Sandra M. Allen
      Dr. Cielo R. Alleyn
      Ms. Jonni M. Alliston
      Ms. Katherine E. Allman
      Dr. Clark C. Alsfeld
      Ms. Jaresa D. Alvis
      Dr. Ronald G. Amedee
      Dr. Senthil Anand
      Ms. Stephanie M. Anderson
      Dr. Chris M. Arcement
      Ms. Savanah Arceneaux
      Dr. Ann M. Arens
      Mrs. Ashley H. Armand
      Ms. Mary L. Armstrong
      Mr. Francisco J. Atiyeh, Jr.
      Mr. Lamar Atkins
      Ms. Quiana Augustin
      Ms. Abbylyn Authement
      Dr. Emily L. Avgerinos
      Ms. Melissa F. Avocato
      Dr. Benjamin Azan
      Ms. Brittany C. Babin
      Dr. Jonathan L. Babin
      Ms. Sandra I. Baca
      Ms. Susan A. Bacher
      Dr. Ambuga R. Badari
      Ms. Sherrie Baham
      Ms. Dwana A. Bailey
      Ms. Ashley E. Ballas
      Ms. Tiara S. Banks
      Ms. Darlean Bannister-Oliver
      Dr. Aditya Bansal
      Dr. Mona Bansal
      Mr. Robbie J. Banta, Jr.
      Mr. Craig A. Bardell
      Dr. Stephen F. Bardot
      Mrs. Pamela C. Barker
      Ms. Rosalie D. Barker
      Mrs. Reba Barnes
      Dr. Marte E. Baro
      Ms. Emma A. Baron Pinkowski
      Mr. Darren Barre'
      Ms. Susan Barrosse
      Ms. Ellen L. Bartholomew
      Mrs. Rae D. Bartlett
      Mr. Jeff Bater
      Ms. Jessica M. Baudier
      Ms. Keisha T. Bauer
      Dr. Katherine K. Baumgarten
      Ms. Lisa D. Beacher
      Mr. Courtney B. Beasley
      Ms. Denise D. Becklehimer
      Mr. Mark W. Beckstrom
      Ms. Angela Beler
      Ms. Adrian J. Belizeard
      Ms. Julie A. Bellau
      Dr. Francine Belleville
      Ms. Lindsey H. Benach
      Dr. Joseph Benevento
      Mr. Eduardo E. Benitez
      Ms. Kim C. Benoit
      Ms. Cara Z. Bergendahl
      Ms. Jeanne M. Bergeron
      Dr. Matthew R. Bergstedt
      Ms. Cynthia L. Bernadas
      Dr. Michael L. Bernard
      Mrs. Cristina B. Berthelot
      Ms. Jamie L. Billiot
      Dr. Erin E. Biro
      Mr. Chris L. Blackwell
      Dr. Christopher M. Blais
      Ms. Ashlyn A. Blanchard
      Ms. Bonnie S. Blazevich
      Ms. Andrea Blome
      Dr. Lawrence Blonde
      Dr. Robert M. Bober
      Mr. Frank A. Bocklud
      Ms. Katy L. Bodin
      Ms. Patricia A. Boehm
      Dr. John S. Bolton
      Mr. Nathan M. Bolton
      Ms. Barbara J. Boner
      Ms. Kristin B. Bonin
      Ms. Ashley Bonura
      Ms. Karla P. Bordelon
      Mrs. Sarah B. Bordelon
      Dr. Michael C. Boucree
      Ms. Ashley C. Bourgeois
      Mr. Matthew C. Bourgeois
      Ms. Shannon M. Bourgeois
      Ms. Stacy Bourgeois
      Mr. Alex Bowers
      Ms. Amy M. Bowsher
      Mr. Kentrel Boyd
      Ms. Catina M. Boyer
      Ms. Debra Boyle
      Dr. James W. Bragg, Jr.
      Dr. Patrick C. Breaux
      Ms. Kristen Brewer
      Ms. Shannon M. Brice
      Ms. Jan Brien
      Ms. Aimee M. Brignac
      Mr. Jay P. Britsch
      Ms. Nicole C. Brondum
      Dr. Megan Brooks
      Ms. Dikeisha Broussard
      Mr. Matthew J. Broussard
      Ms. Ann E. Brown
      Ms. Christiana M. Brown
      Ms. Kimberly C. Brown
      Ms. Linda T. Brown
      Ms. Lori L. Brown
      Ms. Madeline A. Brown
      Mrs. Mignon B. Brown
      Dr. Russell E. Brown
      Ms. Shelia Brown
      Mr. Tim Brown
      Ms. Veronica L. Brown
      Ms. Dantrelle Brown-Edwards
      Ms. Beth Bruce
      Mr. Alexander P. Brueder
      Ms. Nicole B. Bruzik
      Mr. Benjamin Bryant
      Ms. Chelsea C. Buchanan
      Ms. Kristi L. Buerger
      Dr. Emily M. Bugeaud
      Dr. CJ Q. Bui
      Ms. Kelly R. Bulot
      Mr. John M. Burcham
      Dr. Aden A. Burka
      Dr. Morris E. Burka, III
      Ms. Torie L. Burkhamer
      Ms. Wendy M. Burns
      Ms. Kim Y. Burton
      Dr. Tanya S. Busenlener
      Ms. Becky Bush
      Mr. Patrick A. Bushnell
      Ms. Lashanda M. Butler
      Ms. Lynette F. Butler
      Ms. Sherrill L. Butler
      Ms. Patrice C. Buxton
      Ms. Kirsten E. Byrd
      Ms. Kynytia Caliste
      Mr. Carlos Calix
      Mr. Rory Callais
      Ms. Tina B. Callecod
      Ms. Emily C. Callegan
      Ms. Briyaune C. Camp
      Mr. Gian G. Campi
      Ms. Faye P. Campo
      Ms. Elise G. Candies
      Dr. Louis A. Cannizzaro
      Ms. Ashley S. Canty
      Dr. John Carlson
      Ms. Tracey M. Carmenia
      Dr. Dominic S. Carollo
      Dr. Justin T. Carreras
      Mrs. Shaval Carruth
      Dr. Kathy Jo Carstarphen
      Ms. Ashley Carter
      Ms. Jennifer B. Carter
      Dr. John M. Carter
      Dr. Samuel L. Carter
      Dr. William J. Carter
      Ms. Lindsey K. Caruso
      Ms. Maria H. Casanova
      Mrs. Lisa R. Casey
      Dr. Michael E. Cash
      Dr. Alexis Cates
      Ms. Nicole S. Cavalier
      Mrs. Vanessa Cave-Herazo
      Dr. Paul C. Celestre
      Ms. Michelle Cemo
      Dr. Frank R. Cerniglia, Jr.
      Ms. Chalai Chaney
      Dr. Ryan J. Charles
      Ms. Amy S. Chauffe
      Dr. Ravi R. Chauhan
      Ms. Amy H. Chauvin
      Ms. Suzette M. Chiasson
      Mr. Casey N. Chimento
      Dr. George F. Chimento
      Dr. Walter S. Choate
      Dr. Saroj Choudhary
      Ms. Leigh Ann A. Christovich
      Dr. Giuseppe Ciccotto
      Ms. Gwendolyn Clement
      Ms. Kathleen Coad
      Ms. Janice S. Coatney
      Dr. David T. Coffin
      Dr. John T. Cole
      Mr. David Collins
      Mr. Richard B. Collins
      Mrs. Stacy M. Collins
      Mr. Paul K. Colomb, Jr.
      Mr. Wayne P. Connor
      Dr. Conor Coogan
      Ms. Leigh A. Cook
      Ms. Shirley M. Cook
      Dr. Alicia Cool
      Dr. Denrick Cooper
      Mrs. Claire G. Coote
      Ms. Becky Corbin
      Ms. Hondra A. Cornish
      Ms. Courtney Corona
      Ms. Sharon Coslett
      Ms. Caroline A. Cottingham
      Dr. Aaron Coulon
      Dr. Shon Cowan Baker
      Ms. Brianna W. Craft
      Dr. Allison L. Cragin
      Dr. Grady Creek
      Dr. Carrie Christiane Creveling
      Mr. Steven T. Crimaldi
      Mr. Thomas A. Crosby
      Ms. Nicolle S. Crovetto
      Ms. Miranda Crowell
      Mr. William B. Crump, IV
      Mrs. Juliana Cruz
      Dr. Jon M. Cuba
      Ms. Falyn G. Curtis
      Ms. Elizabeth P. Cusimano
      Mr. Gerald A. Cvitanovich
      Ms. Regina Y. Cyres
      Ms. Juan M. Dabney
      Mr. Greg C. Dadlez
      Ms. Kristyn K. Dadlez
      Ms. Melinda L. Daffin
      Ms. Olivia S. Dalili
      Dr. Joseph R. Dalovisio
      Ms. Lisa F. Damore
      Mrs. Liliana Daniel
      Ms. Cassandra A. Daniels
      Ms. Judy N. Danna
      Dr. Julie G. Danna
      Ms. Nydia F. D'Arbelles-Valle
      Ms. Shelly R. Darwin
      Ms. Cheryl B. Dauzat
      Ms. Daphny C. Davila
      Dr. Carter T. Davis
      Ms. Emilie T. Davis
      Ms. Michelle S. Davis
      Ms. Monique C. Davis
      Ms. Rachelle A. Davis
      Dr. Robin C. Davis
      Dr. William E. Davis
      Mr. Anthony J. De Conciliis
      Mr. Matthew C. De Vaney
      Mrs. Diane Dean
      Ms. Samantha C. Debourbon
      Ms. Deshaun D. Decoux
      Ms. Lauren B. Defrates
      Mrs. Stacy Deitelzweig
      Dr. Steve B. Deitelzweig
      Ms. Allie Delaune
      Mr. Jacob D. Delaune
      Ms. Laura D. Demalas
      Dr. Jared A. Dendy
      Ms. Alexa L. Denicola
      Ms. Robin M. Dennis
      Mrs. Renee C. Denson
      Dr. Gerald D. Denton
      Ms. Miranda A. Dermady
      Dr. Sapna V. Desai
      Ms. Michelle R. Dessauer
      Ms. Julie Desselle
      Dr. Julia I. Deyeva
      Dr. Erika L. Diaz-Narvaez
      Ms. Dottie DiBella
      Ms. Catherine H. Dickinson
      Ms. Jessica Diedling
      Dr. Erica A. Diggs
      Ms. Julia A. DiGiovanni
      Dr. Liza Dileo Thomas
      Ms. Ashley G. Dimitri
      Ms. Amy M. Dinette
      Dr. Homeyar K. Dinshaw
      Ms. Shirley L. Divinity
      Ms. Katie Dix
      Ms. Rachel H. Dixon
      Ms. Tami W. Do
      Ms. Shantel L. Dody
      Ms. Lee A. Dooley
      Ms. Terri D. Dorothy
      Ms. Erica S. Doubleday
      Ms. Amy W. Doughty
      Mr. Gregory J. Douglass
      Ms. Terry L. Dragon
      Mr. Alexander F. Dressler
      Ms. Courtney M. Druilhet
      Mr. Eric Drury
      Dr. Lingling Du
      Mr. Jonathan Dubose
      Mr. Steve J. Dubuc
      Ms. Kelly K. Dubuisson
      Ms. Irma M. Duckworth
      Ms. Brittany C. Ducote
      Mr. Jacob Ducote
      Ms. Deidra B. Dudley
      Mr. Nick Duesbery
      Ms. Melissa Dufrene
      Ms. Sandra B. Dufrene
      Ms. Danielle Dugas
      Ms. Melrose T. Dugas
      Ms. Michelle E. Dummet
      Dr. Lauren Dunn
      Mr. Stephen Dunn
      Dr. Esther C. Dupepe
      Ms. Jeannelle M. Dupre
      Ms. Kristina A. Dupre
      Mr. Mark S. Dupuis
      Ms. Marsha E. Dupuy
      Dr. Carol Durham Meyer
      Dr. Tiffany N. Eady
      Ms. Staci M. Eaton
      Dr. Ashleigh E. Eaves
      Ms. Ameila E. Ecker
      Ms. Courtney Edwards
      Dr. Mark B. Effron
      Dr. Eric R. Ehrensing
      Dr. Clement C. Eiswirth, Jr.
      Dr. Jane El-Dahr
      Ms. Amal M. Elfarra
      Ms. Alexandra Elizondo
      Mr. Michael G. Elkhan
      Ms. Deborah Elliott
      Dr. Lacey L. Ellis
      Mr. Jackson B. Ellisor
      Dr. Noah A. Emerson
      Ms. Suzanne B. Emerson
      Ms. Mary Emmons
      Ms. Megan M. Encalade
      Ms. Leni K. Engle
      Dr. Daniel M. Englert
      Dr. Randy A. Englert
      Mr. Christopher A. Entwisle
      Mr. Jonathan C. Entwisle
      Dr. Eirinn Erny
      Mr. Justin Evans
      Ms. Julie A. Evans Smith
      Mrs. Melissa G. Exnicios
      Ms. Eden C. Ezell
      Ms. Monica L. Faciane
      Ms. Brenda P. Falanga
      Ms. Deborah S. Falanga
      Mr. Timothy W. Falanga
      Ms. Sarah F. Fant
      Ms. Lauren D. Faust
      Mr. David A. Favaloro
      Ms. Darlene F. Favorite
      Dr. Jenny J. Feng
      Dr. Vernard S. Fennell
      Ms. Ashley M. Ferdinand
      Mr. Dylan Fernandez
      Mr. Jeffrey Fernandez
      Mr. John J. Ferrara
      Ms. Jean A. Ferro
      Ms. Chelsea A. Fielding
      Ms. Leah K. Fischer
      Ms. Elisha S. Fisher
      Ms. Angela C. Flaherty
      Ms. Allison D. Flood
      Ms. Rebecca A. Flugence
      Mr. Kelly P. Fogarty
      Ms. Diane P. Foley
      Ms. Julie H. Foley
      Ms. Cindy L. Fontenelle
      Ms. Danielle M. Fournet
      Ms. Jessica T. Foy
      Ms. Angelique C. Francois
      Mr. Robert Franklin
      Ms. Tracy Franklin
      Mr. George B. French
      Ms. Rebecca F. Frere
      Ms. Stephanie S. Fried
      Dr. Michael T. Friel
      Dr. George M. Fuhrman
      Ms. Melissa D. Funk
      Ms. Josette M. Fuselier
      Ms. Lydia E. Gaddy
      Ms. Barbara A. Gaiennie
      Ms. Reiona Gaines
      Ms. Vonda Gaitor
      Ms. Stacey M. Galindo
      Mr. Eric E. Gallagher
      Ms. Brittany T. Ganucheau
      Ms. Adilia M. Garcia
      Ms. Mimi M. Gary
      Mrs. Kala M. Gaudet
      Ms. Alex F. Gaudin
      Ms. Veneta A. Gautreaux
      Ms. Robin Gegenheimer
      Ms. Lindsey Gelormini
      Mr. Derek M. Genusa
      Ms. Dianne E. Gerardi
      Ms. Dana Gessler
      Mr. Russell E. Giacontiere, Jr.
      Mr. John P. Gibbons, Jr.
      Dr. Matthew J. Giefer
      Mr. Jefferson J. Gillane, III
      Dr. Yvonne E. Gilliland
      Mr. Michael Gilpin
      Dr. Juan M. Gimenez
      Dr. Nigel Girgrah
      Dr. Amy Glick
      Dr. Brian Godshaw
      Ms. Elizabeth H. Goforth
      Ms. Courtney K. Gonsoulin
      Ms. Nicole M. Gonzales
      Dr. Shannon C. Goode
      Mr. Bradley R. Goodson
      Dr. Nicholas P. Gorham
      Dr. Andrew W. Gottschalk
      Ms. Angela K. Gould
      Ms. Kristin R. Graebert
      Ms. Brittany B. Graffagnini
      Dr. Steven J. Granier
      Ms. Maria C. Granizo
      Ms. Marie Grant
      Mr. Kevin C. Green, Jr.
      Ms. Tambra Green
      Ms. Bridget A. Greene-Perdue
      Dr. David Greenhouse
      Ms. Angela G. Gregos
      Dr. Catherine B. Gretchen
      Dr. Alegra Grieb
      Ms. Robin L. Griffin
      Ms. Sara L. Griffin-Jones
      Mr. Alex Griffith
      Mrs. Deborah Grimes
      Mr. Ernest Grimes
      Mr. Ernest O. Grimes, III
      Mr. Thomas C. Groomer
      Ms. Elizabeth S. Grush
      Mrs. Kim M. Guichard
      Ms. Donna C. Guidroz
      Dr. Andrew T. Guidry
      Ms. Sally Guidry
      Ms. Christine A. Guillory
      Mr. Mitchell K. Guillory
      Ms. Eileen H. Gulotta
      Dr. Paul M. Gulotta
      Ms. Kathryn N. Gumpert
      Dr. Susan H. Gunn
      Dr. Richard D. Guthrie, Jr.
      Ms. Ligia M. Gutierrez
      Ms. Deatralee Guy
      Dr. Lawrence Haber
      Ms. Missy T. Hadley
      Dr. Jessica L. Hahn
      Mr. Scott D. Hamm
      Ms. Ansley F. Hammons
      Mr. Calvin Hampton
      Dr. Jonathan M. Hand
      Ms. Ana M. Hands
      Ms. Edwina C. Handsome
      Ms. Caroline Handy
      Dr. James R. Hanley, III
      Dr. Nyrene Haque
      Ms. Jewel J. Harden-Barrios
      Mr. Tyrone J. Hardy
      Ms. Alicia L. Harmon
      Mrs. Riley D. Harmon
      Ms. Heather M. Harper
      Mr. Steven D. Harrell
      Ms. Kisha V. Harris
      Ms. Leisa M. Harris
      Mr. Michael Harrison
      Ms. Summer Harrison
      Ms. Monique Harshberger
      Dr. Robert I. Hart
      Ms. Sandra P. Hartley
      Ms. Star P. Hartley
      Ms. Sylvia D. Hartmann
      Ms. Kathleen S. Hartsell
      Ms. Valerie A. Hart-Sirrine
      Ms. Terri S. Hartung
      Dr. Aimee M. Hasney
      Dr. Christian P. Hasney
      Ms. Della Hasselle
      Ms. Crystal G. Hastings
      Ms. Arieuna N. Hawkins
      Ms. Tammy E. Haymon
      Ms. Theresa A. Hays
      Mr. Wesley E. Heath
      Ms. Kristen D. Hebert
      Ms. Nina Hein
      Ms. Jaime A. Henderson
      Ms. Julie Henley
      Ms. Meghan G. Hennessey
      Mrs. Jessica Henning
      Ms. Kim M. Henry
      Ms. Sarah Henry
      Mr. Matthew C. Herzog
      Ms. Ann Marie Heslin
      Ms. Jamie L. Hetrick
      Ms. Aaliyah Heyward
      Mr. Nicholas R. Hill
      Dr. Elise Hiltbold
      Ms. Beth M. Himes
      Dr. Ryan W. Himes
      Ms. Jeri Hines
      Ms. Jamie G. Hingle
      Ms. Mallory L. Hoffman
      Mr. Luke Holladay
      Ms. Shelita M. Holmes
      Ms. Alyssa R. Hooter
      Ms. Carol M. Hopson
      Dr. Christina C. Horsman
      Dr. David J. Houghton
      Ms. Janice M. House
      Ms. Dawn D. Howard
      Ms. Monique M. Howard
      Ms. Ashley S. Hoyuela
      Ms. Michelle Huck
      Mr. Michael F. Hulefeld
      Ms. Lauren M. Hulin
      Ms. Setabitha J. Hunt
      Mr. Neil P. Hunter
      Ms. Desiree E. Hurley
      Ms. Kelly L. Hutchinson
      Ms. Erin Hymel
      Ms. Kristen T. Incrivaglia
      Mr. Richard M. Indovina, Jr.
      Ms. Jacquelyn M. Ingram
      Ms. Tracy G. Iriarte
      Ms. Brandi A. Isaac
      Ms. Geralyn M. Isaac
      Dr. Amanda Jackson
      Ms. Briann N. Jackson
      Ms. Cheryl C. Jackson
      Ms. Cynthia B. Jackson
      Mr. Darry Jackson, Sr.
      Ms. Lori Jackson
      Ms. Tonya L. Jackson
      Ms. Tyronsa S. Jackson
      Dr. Rudolph D. Jacob
      Ms. Susan M. Jacob
      Ms. Jennifer Jacober
      Dr. Suma D. Jain
      Ms. Joelyn B. Jarrow
      Dr. Louis O. Jeansonne
      Ms. Anna Jefferson
      Ms. Tomeisha N. Jefferson
      Mr. John D. Jeffreys
      Mrs. Whitney M. Jeffreys
      Dr. James S. Jenkins
      Ms. Michelle E. Jeter
      Mr. Andy J. Johnson
      Ms. Arriane S. Johnson
      Ms. Beverly A. Johnson
      Ms. Brittany C. Johnson
      Ms. Brittney R. Johnson
      Ms. Chrishaunda Johnson
      Ms. Janice Johnson
      Ms. Jasmane P. Johnson
      Ms. Katherine Johnson
      Ms. Kelly G. Johnson
      Ms. Kim H. Johnson
      Dr. Kristin S. Johnson
      Ms. Sara Johnson
      Mr. William C. Johnson
      Ms. Jaime S. Johnston
      Ms. Alexandria C. Jones
      Ms. Charlmaine M. Jones
      Mr. Gabe W. Jones
      Ms. Lacrecia Jones
      Dr. Jenna C. Jordan
      Ms. Deborah W. Julian
      Ms. Kieyonie June
      Ms. Doreall P. Jupiter
      Dr. Lora Kahn
      Dr. Charles M. Kantrow, III
      Ms. Calliope Karagiannis
      Dr. Susan L. Karam
      Dr. Lutifat A. Kashimawo
      Dr. Dennis Kay
      Ms. Kristin Kearns
      Dr. Joseph R. Keen
      Mr. Ryan Keen
      Ms. Amanda B. Keenan
      Ms. Dana M. Keller-Moss
      Ms. Katherine Kelly
      Dr. Sandra A. Kemmerly
      Ms. Ashley C. Kenda
      Mr. Martin L. Kenney, Jr.
      Mrs. Beth E. Kettenring
      Dr. Fawad A. Khan
      Dr. Rubina H. Khan
      Dr. Namir K. Khandker
      Dr. Sammy Khatib
      Ms. Aeree Kim
      Ms. Simone E. Kimble
      Dr. Tara A. Kimbrough
      Ms. Lucy King
      Mrs. Nancy B. King
      Dr. Terry D. King
      Ms. Joyce A. Knapper
      Ms. Angie E. Knobloch
      Ms. Taylor Kohlman
      Ms. Frances Korosi-Davis
      Ms. Michele M. Kraft
      Dr. Paige Kretschmar
      Ms. Adriana G. Kriesen
      Dr. Selim R. Krim
      Dr. Jeffrey S. Kuo
      Dr. John Kwon
      Ms. Abigail Labit
      Dr. Yvens G. Laborde
      Ms. Anita D. Lacy
      Ms. Natashia C. Ladmirault
      Ms. Taylor N. Lager
      Ms. Meredith A. Lakey
      Ms. Christine D. Lambert
      Mr. Jordan M. Lambert
      Ms. Angela B. Landry
      Ms. Gwendolyn A. Landry
      Ms. Melissa Z. Landry
      Mrs. Megan B. Lanier
      Ms. Catherine W. Lapeze
      Ms. Stephanie G. Laplace
      Dr. Diego Lara
      Ms. Tricia M. Lara
      Dr. Zoe L. Larned
      Ms. Melissa Larocca
      Dr. Michele M. Larzelere
      Dr. Nicole T. Lasserre
      Ms. Andrea Laurent
      Dr. Chip J. Lavie
      Ms. Rene W. Lavoie
      Mr. Donald E. Lawrence, III
      Ms. Verda L. Lawson
      Ms. Adair Leblanc
      Mr. Frank D. Lee, III
      Ms. Nathalie Leger
      Ms. Elizabeth Leggio
      Ms. Elizabeth Leidinger
      Mr. George M. Lemaire
      Ms. Angeletta M. Lemon
      Dr. Billy Lennarz
      Ms. Susan Lenoir
      Ms. Elaine B. Lesaichere
      Dr. David G. Leslie
      Dr. Lauren J. Leslie
      Mrs. Danielle LeSueur
      Ms. Catherine K. Levendis
      Ms. Kara L. Levine
      Ms. Lauren H. Levron
      Ms. Namie C. Lewis
      Ms. Shawanda H. Lewis
      Ms. Stephanie D. Leydecker
      Dr. Amanda Leyoub
      Ms. Kristin S. Linde
      Ms. Macie Lirette
      Ms. Emily M. List
      Ms. Ann B. Lockhart
      Ms. Cheryl Logue
      Ms. Kathy C. Lonidier
      Mrs. Dionne R. Lookadoo
      Ms. Theresa Loomis
      Mr. Dominic M. Lopez
      Dr. George E. Loss, Jr.
      Dr. Craig D. Lotterman
      Ms. Tara D. Louis
      Dr. Sam W. Lucas, Jr.
      Ms. Cheryl T. Luce
      Ms. Emily R. Luna
      Ms. Melanie A. Lunn
      Ms. Taylor Lyles
      Ms. Lydia W. Lynn
      Ms. Tiffanie Lyon
      Dr. Michael M. Maddox
      Ms. Trenee C. Maechling
      Ms. Stafford S. Maestri
      Ms. Michele P. Magee
      Mr. Matthew Malachowski
      Ms. Carine N. Malekera
      Ms. Judy A. Mallery
      Ms. Alesia N. Mallet
      Ms. Chrystal Mamolo
      Ms. Leilani B. Manalo
      Ms. Keisha M. Maniger
      Ms. Grace A. Maresh
      Ms. Luciana T. Mariani
      Ms. Robynn N. Market
      Ms. Danielle Marks
      Dr. Poppy J. Markwell
      Dr. Marilyn K. Marshall
      Ms. Shawanda K. Marshall
      Ms. Lorena Martin
      Ms. Michele E. Martin
      Ms. Chelsea E. Martinez
      Mr. David Martinez
      Ms. Jade M. Martinez
      Mr. Lodovico Marziale, Jr.
      Ms. Courtney L. Masters
      Ms. Ashley Mathews
      Ms. Pamela R. Mathews
      Dr. Marc R. Matrana
      Ms. Ashlyn K. Matute
      Ms. Mallory Matute
      Dr. James F. Mautner
      Ms. Katie May
      Ms. Brande K. McBurnette
      Ms. Joanna A. McCay
      Ms. Brandy R. McClay
      Mr. William R. McClung
      Ms. Jennifer McCullum
      Ms. Alison F. McDaniel
      Mrs. Karly L. McDonald
      Ms. Melissa S. McDowell
      Ms. Victoria McElveen
      Ms. Kathleen M. McFadden
      Ms. Megan McFarland
      Ms. Tammy McGee
      Ms. Laura McKowen
      Ms. Consuella McMillian
      Ms. Holly A. McNab
      Mr. Kory P. Mcnally
      Ms. Tracy L. McNeely
      Ms. Lynnette L. McNeil
      Ms. Elizabeth T. McPherson
      Ms. Briana M. Means
      Ms. Hannah Meddaugh
      Ms. Claudia F. Medina Figueredo
      Dr. Gia Mehrtens
      Ms. Wendy L. Meibaum
      Dr. Karim Meijer
      Mr. Barry J. Melancon, Jr.
      Ms. Jennifer L. Melton
      Mr. Jon S. Melton
      Mr. Ron G. Melton
      Ms. Kimberly Mendoza
      Dr. Julie A. Mermilliod
      Mr. Ronald L. Merritt, Jr.
      Ms. Meredith M. Miceli
      Ms. Kristin J. Milano
      Ms. Tara B. Miller
      Mr. Tim Miller
      Dr. Jeffanne E. Millien
      Ms. Sandra F. Mire
      Mr. Christopher R. Mistich
      Mr. Jeffrey G. Mitchener
      Mr. Raj K. Mitra
      Dr. Jonathan Mizrahi
      Ms. Monica Moldovan
      Dr. Isaac A. Molinero
      Dr. Oliver S. Mollere
      Dr. Samuel R. Money
      Ms. Sarah S. Montalbano
      Dr. Lawrence E. Montelibano
      Dr. Melissa M. Montgomery
      Dr. Scott C. Montgomery
      Dr. Brian A. Moore
      Ms. Elizabeth W. Moore
      Ms. Sharon K. Moore
      Ms. Tonia Moore
      Dr. Will A. Moore, III
      Dr. Judy M. Moreau
      Dr. Thomas Morel
      Mrs. Ashleigh M. Morenc
      Dr. Daniel P. Morin
      Ms. Jescica L. Morris
      Ms. Jessica M. Morris
      Ms. Melanie C. Morris
      Ms. Michelle G. Morrison
      Dr. Granny A. Morse, III
      Ms. Dana Morvant
      Ms. Jennifer Morvant
      Ms. Joanna M. Moseley
      Mr. Warren B. Mott, II
      Dr. Jessica H. Mouledoux
      Ms. Tonya V. Mule
      Ms. Allison Muller
      Ms. Arianne Mullins
      Ms. Kelly E. Murphy
      Mr. Roger L. Murray
      Dr. Tracey Murry
      Dr. Lauren M. Mutter
      Ms. Susan B. Naccari
      Ms. Lana Narcisse
      Mrs. Teresa J. Nash
      Ms. Blannisha L. Neal
      Ms. Mary P. Neal
      Ms. Debra K. Nelson
      Dr. Susan E. Nelson
      Ms. Ashley L. Newsom
      Dr. Jeremiah H. Newsom
      Ms. Charlotte A. Newsome
      Dr. Andrew Newton
      Ms. Demi Newton
      Ms. An K. Nguyen
      Ms. Hue Nguyen
      Ms. Linda L. Nguyen
      Ms. Tracy C. Nguyen
      Mr. Tung T. Nguyen
      Ms. Kristy H. Nichols
      Ms. Anne Elise Nicoladis
      Ms. Sarah Nieman
      Ms. Ajsa A. Nikolic
      Dr. Obinna N. Nnedu
      Ms. Heather Nolan
      Ms. Jennifer A. Norris
      Ms. Tiffany E. Northcutt
      Mr. Peter C. November II
      Dr. Jonathan D. Nussdorf
      Ms. Liz M. Obiol
      Ms. Barbara J. O'Connell
      Ms. Johlee S. Odinet
      Ms. Jackie F. Odom
      Ms. Erica D. O'Dwyer
      Mr. James W. Ohlenforst
      Ms. Susan Olet
      Dr. Brianna N. Oliver
      Ms. Catherine Oliver
      Mr. Gregory L. Olivier
      Mr. Samuel M. Olivier
      Dr. Sherise O. Olivier-Wittmann
      Ms. Nicole M. O'Malley
      Ms. Karla Omih
      Ms. Cecilia Ortencio Amor
      Ms. Emily R. Osbrink
      Ms. Elsa E. Osorto
      Ms. Claire R. Ozoral
      Dr. Matthew W. Palascak
      Mr. Brandon Palmisano
      Ms. Linda C. Pampin
      Dr. George A. Pankey
      Dr. Brandy A. Panunti
      Mrs. Sarah E. Parke
      Ms. Melanie Parker
      Ms. Michelle A. Parker
      Dr. Adair Parr
      Ms. Eileen T. Parra
      Dr. Patrick E. Parrino
      Ms. Stacey Parzynski
      Mr. Jignesh Patel
      Dr. Rajan A. Patel
      Ms. Nekeshia E. Pauldo
      Ms. Erica Y. Payne
      Ms. Dasia L. Payton
      Mrs. Ashley D. Pedersen
      Dr. Ben B. Peeler
      Ms. Jacqueline L. Pellhum
      Ms. Sarah Peltier
      Mr. Ryan M. Pepper
      Ms. Deborah B. Percle
      Ms. Domonique M. Perkins
      Ms. Elizabeth Perret
      Ms. KiKi Perrier
      Mr. Scotty L. Peters
      Dr. Diana M. Peterson
      Ms. Lisa Peterson
      Dr. Brian L. Pettiford
      Mrs. Dawn R. Pevey-Mauk
      Ms. Breanne Peyton-Thomas
      Ms. Christina K. Phillips
      Mrs. Jennifer W. Phillips
      Ms. Tynessia J. Phillips
      Ms. Kayla J. Piazza
      Mr. Glen J. Picadash
      Mrs. Tonya J. Pickett
      Ms. Melissa B. Piglia
      Ms. Susan M. Piglia
      Ms. Carolena Pineda
      Ms. Giselle Pineda
      Mr. Benjamin J. Pinsky
      Mr. Clayton T. Pistorius
      Mr. Joshua Pitre
      Ms. Candice B. Pittman
      Ms. Kimberly A. Plaisance
      Ms. Suzanne Plaisance
      Ms. Andrea M. Plouse
      Mr. David T. Pointer, Jr.
      Dr. Glenn M. Polin
      Dr. Nichole M. Polin
      Ms. Brenda Polk
      Ms. Michelle C. Poole
      Ms. Stacey T. Porter
      Ms. Jaclyn G. Posecai
      Mr. Scott J. Posecai
      Dr. Lester J. Prats, Jr.
      Ms. Leslie Preston
      Ms. Emily M. Price
      Dr. Eboni G. Price-Haywood
      Ms. Donna J. Prinz
      Ms. Tangela T. Provost
      Ms. Stephanie Pruitt
      Ms. Iris N. Pugh
      Dr. Salima Qamruddin
      Mr. Kenneth Paul Quemi
      Dr. Robert J. Quinet
      Ms. Trisha D. Quinn
      Ms. Aimee M. Quirk
      Ms. Silvia M. Rabito
      Ms. Larissa M. Rachel-Jones
      Ms. Jeanne M. Rademacher
      Ms. Mary C. Radovich
      Dr. Emily J. Ramee
      Mr. Steve R. Randall
      Ms. Shantell Rankin
      Ms. Pamela Rapiti
      Dr. Marilyn C. Ray
      Dr. Alexandre Raymond
      Dr. Beau H. Raymond
      Ms. Celeste Reames
      Ms. Krystal D. Reamey
      Ms. Jeanne M. Redmann
      Mr. James E. Reech, Jr.
      Ms. Carmen A. Reed
      Ms. Tynell D. Reed
      Mr. Austin K. Reeder
      Mr. Harry J. Reese, Jr.
      Ms. Josephine L. Reeser
      Ms. Amanda M. Renshaw
      Dr. Erin T. Reuther
      Dr. Renee F. Reymond Hulefeld
      Mr. Casey Richard
      Ms. Donyell A. Richardson
      Ms. Gail M. Richardson
      Ms. Germaine R. Richardson
      Ms. Sandra W. Richardson
      Dr. William S. Richardson
      Ms. Julie Richie
      Ms. Isis Ricks
      Ms. Joy Rieux
      Ms. Christine R. Rigamer
      Ms. Michelle M. Rihner
      Dr. James Rini
      Mrs. Joni G. Rivarde
      Dr. Amy E. Rivere
      Mrs. Maryann E. Rivere
      Ms. Angel C. Robert
      Ms. Deborah O. Roberts
      Ms. Fallon Roberts
      Ms. Sarah A. Roberts
      Ms. Shannon G. Roberts
      Ms. Katrina L. Robinson
      Mr. Nicholas K. Robinson
      Ms. Shantrell E. Robinson
      Dr. Wanda M. Robinson
      Mr. Alex Robles
      Ms. Angela T. Roche'
      Ms. Holly M. Rockenbaugh
      Ms. Critty Y. Rodgers
      Ms. Deidre Rodney
      Dr. Kimsey H. Rodriguez
      Ms. Suzanne E. Rodriguez
      Ms. Sheri J. Rogers
      Ms. Tara A. Rogers
      Ms. Toni M. Rogers
      Ms. Kelly P. Rollins
      Ms. Marianne E. Rollins
      Mr. Coty A. Rome
      Ms. Deena M. Rome
      Ms. Layla B. Rome
      Ms. Bayley A. Romig
      Ms. Bernice Rooks
      Dr. Ecoee F. Rooney
      Ms. Margret A. Rooney
      Ms. Andrea D. Roussel
      Mrs. Elizabeth B. Roussel
      Ms. Heidi Roussel
      Mr. Frederick A. Ruddy
      Ms. Celimar Ruede
      Dr. Jacklyn N. Ruhl
      Mr. Russel M. Ruhl
      Ms. Jeannine C. Runnels
      Ms. Sally A. Russo
      Ms. Zaida Salame
      Ms. Susan P. Salomone
      Mr. Adam P. Salup
      Ms. Kierra M. Sanders-Bolds
      Mr. Jonathan Sandlin
      Dr. Tyler A. Sandow
      Dr. Elizabeth S. Sangisetty
      Dr. Jairo I. Santanilla
      Ms. Michele B. Saucier
      Ms. Brianna G. Savoie
      Ms. Mia B. Savoie
      Ms. Kelley J. Schello
      Ms. Jennifer B. Scheuermann
      Ms. Baylee R. Schexnaydre
      Ms. MacI L. Schexnaydre
      Ms. Geneva G. Schilleci
      Ms. Lana H. Schiro
      Mr. John Schmidt
      Ms. Caroline Schneider
      Ms. Stefanie N. Schneider
      Mr. Dustin Schouest
      Dr. Armin Schubert
      Ms. Caroline Schulin
      Ms. Shannon Scobel
      Dr. Troy G. Scroggins, Jr.
      Mrs. Louisa C. Seapy
      Mr. John W. Self
      Mr. Chris J. Sellers, Jr.
      Dr. Leonardo Seoane
      Ms. Elise E. Sexton
      Ms. Lainey R. Sharp
      Dr. Melanie A. Sheen
      Ms. Amelia K. Shellabarger
      Ms. Tracy P. Shelvin
      Ms. Roxanne R. Shepherd
      Dr. Ashley E. Shreves
      Mrs. Maria E. Sierra
      Ms. Jeanna L. Signorelli
      Ms. Shellie A. Siles
      Ms. Beverly Silliman
      Mr. Scott J. Simeone
      Ms. Cassandra Simmons
      Mr. Michael D. Simmons
      Mr. Kevan A. Simms
      Mr. Stanley Simons, Jr.
      Mrs. Deborah Simonson
      Ms. Gina A. Sincere
      Ms. Shelby Singleton
      Ms. Treva M. Sip
      Ms. Chelsea Sisson
      Dr. Rebecca B. Skaggs
      Mrs. Anne-Marie Skansi
      Ms. Clarissa M. Small
      Dr. Thom F. Smilari
      Ms. Katie B. Smiley
      Ms. Cynthia S. Smith
      Ms. Jennifer M. Smith
      Ms. Kathy G. Smith
      Ms. Melissa Smith
      Dr. Roger D. Smith
      Ms. Tanika Smith
      Ms. Salaesha Smothers
      Mr. Mason J. Snell
      Ms. Sayra Y. Solis
      Ms. Beth C. Sondes
      Ms. Kelly Sorapuru
      Mr. Nolan R. Sorensen
      Ms. Angel L. Sparks
      Ms. Jennifer O. St. Ann
      Mr. Harold St. Germain, III
      Mrs. Megan St. Germain Ponseti
      Ms. Katherine M. Staiano
      Dr. Sarah Stanwood
      Dr. Barry M. Starr
      Dr. Ashley D. Staton
      Mrs. Vicki K. Stein
      Dr. Charles C. Sternbergh
      Ms. Mia A. Steward
      Ms. Alyssa D. Stewart
      Ms. Angela H. Stewart
      Ms. Kimberly A. Stewart
      Mr. Merrill H. Stewart
      Mrs. Valla T. Stewart
      Mr. Steven W. Stiles
      Ms. Emily H. Stoufflet
      Mrs. Chrissy R. Streich
      Mr. David Stuart
      Dr. Salvador J. Suau
      Dr. Christopher B. Sugalski
      Ms. Danielle Sullen
      Mrs. Shelley Sullivan Tynan
      Dr. David D. Sumrall, III
      Dr. Erik T. Sundell
      Ms. Clare E. Sunseri
      Dr. Misty Suri
      Ms. Sarah A. Sylve
      Ms. Leah M. Talbot
      Ms. Lauren Tallo
      Ms. Christian Taplin
      Ms. Chintasha T. Tarrence
      Dr. Joseph Tarsia
      Ms. Lisa A. Tarto
      Mrs. Colleen Tassin
      Mrs. Anna Taveney
      Ms. Andrea P. Taylor
      Dr. David E. Taylor
      Ms. Denise M. Taylor
      Ms. Emma W. Taylor
      Ms. Niya Taylor
      Ms. Patricia M. Taylor
      Ms. Sheila Taylor
      Ms. Lara K. Tedesco
      Dr. Israel E. Temple
      Mrs. Deborah C. Tender
      Ms. Amanda Terry
      Ms. Danielle Terry
      Mr. William J. Thacker, III
      Dr. George Therapondos
      Ms. Andrea M. Thibodeaux
      Ms. Donna W. Thiebaud
      Mr. Connor Thielman
      Mr. Carl J. Tholen
      Ms. Ashleigh L. Thomas
      Dr. Austin C. Thomas
      Ms. Myra Thomas
      Ms. Quiana T. Thomas
      Ms. Shameka L. Thomas
      Mr. Shawn M. Thomas
      Ms. Dylan T. Thriffiley
      Ms. Deanna B. Tillery
      Ms. Angela P. Tillman
      Ms. Angelique D. Tillman
      Ms. Tawana M. Tobias
      Ms. Nikki A. Toliver
      Dr. Kristen R. Toups
      Ms. Monique A. Tourres
      Ms. Amy S. Trainor
      Ms. Kayla M. Tran
      Mr. Michael Tran
      Ms. Nhu-Y Tran
      Ms. Tam T. Tran
      Ms. Lakesha Travis-Gloston
      Dr. Robert J. Treuting, II
      Ms. Lisa V. Trocquet
      Mr. Jordan J. Trosclair
      Ms. Lindsey A. Truax
      Ms. Adrienne A. Truxillo
      Dr. Terrence M. Truxillo
      Ms. Kristin H. Tschirn
      Ms. Nicole S. Tschirn
      Ms. Katherine L. Tubre
      Ms. Courtney R. Tullis
      Ms. Bich-Tram T. Tuong
      Ms. Arieane J. Turner
      Ms. Karen F. Turner
      Ms. Jessica Ulysse
      Dr. Kelly G. Ural
      Ms. Teresha D. Ussin
      Ms. Allison Van Alsdorf
      Ms. Janneke Van Der Molen
      Dr. Kristin N. Van Hook
      Ms. Laura R. Van Vrancken
      Ms. Hannah Vancalsem
      Dr. Joyce M. Varghese
      Ms. Liza D. Verda
      Ms. Alicia B. Verret
      Ms. Eilene H. Verret
      Mr. Bruce E. Verrette, Jr.
      Dr. Gabi A. Vidal
      Ms. Regine Villain
      Dr. Nicole Villemarette-Pittman
      Dr. Bethaney Vincent
      Ms. Megan G. Vinnett
      Ms. Jessica Vinturella
      Ms. Sherry L. Vitter
      Mr. Samuel D. Voelkel
      Dr. Robert Voigt
      Ms. Kassidy Voinche
      Dr. Derek J. Vonderhaar
      Ms. Andrea N. Vozzella
      Ms. Tamara F. Vroom
      Dr. Suneeta S. Walia
      Mrs. Carolyn R. Walker
      Mr. Chase Walker
      Ms. Kentrell V. Walker
      Ms. Mari Walker
      Ms. Erin F. Wallace
      Ms. Tamika L. Warmington Barfield
      Ms. Diana K. Washington
      Ms. Erin R. Washington
      Ms. Michelle Washington
      Dr. Michael F. Wasserman
      Ms. Deanna E. Watkins
      Ms. Sharon S. Watts
      Ms. Judy P. Weber
      Ms. Heather B. Webre
      Dr. Patricia Weems
      Ms. Amber S. Welch
      Ms. Briere M. Wells
      Mr. Curtis T. Wells, Jr.
      Dr. Dennis A. Wells
      Ms. Rhonda R. Wells
      Ms. Stephanie T. Wells
      Ms. Alexis Werner
      Ms. Hannah L. West
      Ms. Lisa Wetzel
      Ms. Charlene L. Whatley
      Ms. Andrea M. White
      Ms. Christine N. White
      Dr. Christopher J. White
      Ms. Janet L. White
      Ms. Jenna M. White
      Ms. Phylicia A. White
      Ms. Tiffany O. White
      Dr. William M. White
      Dr. Chuck B. Whitlow
      Ms. Brittany Wible
      Dr. Patience Wildenfels
      Ms. Cynthia S. Wilks
      Ms. Alisha K. Williams
      Ms. Amy C. Williams
      Ms. Carla B. Williams
      Ms. Darlene L. Williams
      Ms. Frances R. Williams
      Ms. Kelsey Williams
      Ms. Ronette S. Williams
      Ms. Teva Williams
      Ms. Venice M. Williams
      Ms. Christy R. Wilson
      Mr. Brian E. Wingerter
      Dr. Michael W. Wolfe
      Mr. Rob K. Wolterman
      Ms. Helen Woo
      Dr. Jimmy B. Wooldridge
      Ms. Kylie S. Worley
      Dr. Angela H. Wortham
      Dr. Alexandra T. Wright
      Ms. Cherie J. Wright
      Ms. Ira Wright
      Ms. Karen P. Wynn
      Ms. Wei Xiong
      Ms. Shannon D. Yale
      Ms. Dominique A. Yancey
      Mr. Blaine T. Yelverton
      Ms. Stephanie B. Young
      Dr. Thomas W. Young
      Dr. Charles Yu
      Dr. Moe Zaw
      Ms. Fengli Zhang
      Ms. Lori Zigata
      Dr. Richard Zweifler

      Ochsner Rush

      Ms. Lula M. Bibbs
      Ms. Susan K. Bozeman
      Mr. Colter Cannington
      Ms. Emma Carlyle
      Ms. Olivia Castle
      Ms. Sherrill A. Clark
      Ms. Jessica J. Daniels
      Ms. Juliet B. Dominy
      Ms. Cassandra C. Essix
      Ms. Crystal D. Fredrick
      Ms. Jennifer S. Goodwin
      Ms. Ashley B. Hall
      Ms. Cheryl D. Haydu
      Ms. Kasha L. Horn
      Ms. Cassandra Y. Hunter
      Ms. Vickie Jeffries
      Ms. Vivian Jenkins
      Mr. Kyle Jimerson
      Ms. Gabrielle L. Kelly-Edwards
      Ms. Lorrie L. Lee
      Ms. Tatina J. Lott
      Ms. Arvella Loyd
      Ms. Lydia H. Mabry
      Ms. Christy M. Miller
      Mr. Jarrod B. Moulds
      Mr. Russel T. Mowery
      Ms. Lesabre Ramsey
      Ms. Yolanda D. Randle
      Ms. Kristin M. Rogers
      Ms. Brandy Shinn
      Ms. Symphoni S. Simmons
      Ms. Kristen A. Smith
      Mrs. Smith
      Mr. Heath A. Spears
      Mr. Eddie Thames, Jr.
      Ms. Allison N. Thompson
      Ms. Jessica L. Tidmore
      Ms. Kamrie Upchurch
      Ms. Lisa A. Vaughn
      Ms. Amber L. Vicario
      Ms. Lamanda Vick
      Ms. Lisa L. Webb
      Ms. Tina R. Wellerman
      Ms. Heather L. Wood
      Ms. Lanny Yoon


      Ms. Anita Candler
      Ms. Sarah Fontana
      Ms. Lori P. Ford
      Mr. Corwin Harper
      Ms. Kathryn A. Istre
      Ms. Crystal Palmer
      Mr. Mark A. Randolph
      Ms. Mary Wells

      St. Anne

      Ms. Megan B. Alfred
      Ms. Debbie Aucoin
      Ms. Katelyn Aucoin
      Ms. Erica Bailey
      Ms. Melinda D. Baronne
      Ms. Tesla L. Barrios
      Ms. Brianna L. Becnel
      Ms. Mallory M. Becnel
      Mrs. Susan M. Billiot
      Ms. Debbie A. Blanchard
      Ms. Melinda M. Boudreaux
      Ms. Samantha Boudreaux
      Ms. Yvette R. Cadiere
      Ms. Tracey Caldwell
      Ms. Amanda F. Cantrelle
      Mr. Joseph A. Catalanotto
      Ms. Jessica G. Champagne
      Ms. Shannell Charles
      Ms. Roxanne M. Cheramie
      Ms. Tiffany Chiasson
      Ms. Dana B. Davis
      Ms. Danielle D. Duplantis
      Ms. Sharon Dupre
      Ms. Blair Duthu
      Ms. Sheri H. Eschete
      Ms. Amanda C. Eusea
      Ms. Shirlene A. Fielder
      Ms. Marquita A. Folse
      Ms. Pattie Folse
      Mr. Russell Folse
      Ms. Shantel Frazier
      Ms. Wendy R. Freeze
      Dr. Mark S. Gonzalez
      Dr. Natasha L. Goss-Voisin
      Ms. Jamie A. Grayson
      Ms. Elizabeth Greholver
      Mr. Tyler M. Griffin
      Mr. Cody Guidry
      Ms. Dodie Guidry
      Ms. Shirley K. Guidry
      Dr. Jack W. Heidenreich
      Ms. Mae G. Hitt
      Dr. Jamie B. Huddleston
      Ms. Lydia F. Ingram
      Mr. Pernell Jones
      Ms. Kimberly Ledet
      Ms. Chantel T. Lee
      Ms. D. Lucas-Thomas
      Ms. Jacquline Matte
      Ms. Cynthia F. Mire
      Dr. Gregory P. Morris
      Ms. Jordan N. O'Gwynn
      Mrs. Deborah A. Paschal
      Ms. Lamar Pellegrin
      Ms. Stefanie M. Pitre
      Ms. Reanna R. Plaisance
      Ms. Sarah B. Price
      Ms. Stacey Rembert
      Dr. Kellin K. Reynolds
      Ms. Cynthia Richterberg
      Ms. Anais D. Rodriguez Garcia
      Ms. Tracy H. Sanchez
      Ms. Paula A. Santiny
      Ms. Izola E. Sapia
      Ms. Ann Savoie
      Ms. Renata M. Schexnaydre
      Mr. Sean M. Scott
      Mr. Michael Stevens
      Ms. Rachel D. Trahan
      Ms. Cassandra A. Trosclair
      Ms. Jodieann Verdin
      Mr. Nicholas E. Wells
      Ms. Melissa T. Wheaton
      Ms. Jacqlyn R. Wilke

      St. Bernard Parish Hospital

      Mr. Luke J. Abbate
      Ms. Karen C. Atchison
      Ms. Kendra Bailey
      Ms. Judy L. Barton
      Ms. Emerald Bienemy
      Ms. April Blanchard
      Ms. Felicia A. Bloom
      Dr. Ryan D. Boehm
      Mr. Anthony J. Bonnecarrere
      Ms. Janemarie P. Boteler
      Mr. Joel Bourgeois
      Mrs. Chelsea Brock
      Ms. Evelyn Brooks
      Ms. Connie Brown
      Mr. Frank Brown, III
      Ms. Ashley L. Butterworth
      Mr. Ryan M. Cascio
      Ms. Suyapa Caserta
      Ms. Toriyanna J. Clay
      Ms. Selena D. Cochran
      Ms. Emily Combel
      Dr. Thomas Delahoussaye
      Ms. Wanda Dorsey
      Ms. Kim A. Ellender
      Ms. Germale Elphage
      Mr. Roger J. Estopinal, III
      Ms. Latrecia A. Faciane
      Ms. Lani R. Fast
      Ms. Donna G. Gifford
      Ms. Courtney Goodwyne- Hoover
      Ms. Jordan Guerin
      Ms. Troi-Marie Higgins
      Mrs. Jaime Holmes
      Ms. Nancy Hunt
      Mr. Glyn E. Hunter, Jr.
      Ms. Elizabeth M. Jaufre
      Ms. Diedra F. Johnson
      Ms. Kiela D. Johnson
      Ms. Shelley L. Johnson
      Mr. Jeffrey Joseph
      Mr. Mohammad Judeh
      Ms. Patricia Lawrence
      Ms. Mary D. Lubrano
      Mr. Lawrence A. Martin
      Mr. Vincent Martino
      Ms. Laura M. Matrana
      Mr. Glen J. Menesses
      Ms. Andre L. Meyers
      Ms. Vicky M. Morales
      Mr. Vinh X. Nguyen
      Ms. Katherine T. Nicolay
      Ms. Lexus R. Orso
      Ms. Rachel L. Padilla
      Mr. Ricky Poche-Preveau
      Mr. Christopher J. Raffo, Sr.
      Ms. Shannon W. Rhodes
      Ms. Lisa C. Rieffel
      Ms. Dina F. Riley
      Ms. Irianna Roberts
      Ms. Latasha M. Ross
      Mr. David Ruiz, II
      Ms. Tracy C. Scallan
      Ms. kristin A. Smothers
      Ms. Valerie H. Snyder
      Ms. Tammy M. Sontag
      Ms. Brianna P. Sparnecht
      Ms. Nicole S. Spears
      Ms. Avery E. Spitz
      Ms. Jennifer Stephany Perez
      Ms. Paula Stewart
      Ms. Darlene Stofira
      Mr. Brian Swaim
      Ms. Melissa Verges
      Mr. Gregory R. Vorhoff
      Ms. Tabatha C. Watson
      Mr. Robert Westerfield
      Ms. Dana Wheeler
      Ms. Pamela A. Wilson
      Ms. Sylvia A. Young
      Dr. Kim M. Zweifler

      St. Charles Parish Hospital

      Ms. Amy K. Allesandro
      Ms. Tiesha D. Armant
      Ms. Jayla August
      Ms. Tyachell M. Bailey
      Ms. Angela Boudreaux
      Mr. Dale G. Boudreaux
      Ms. Norita R. Coleman
      Ms. Nicole Comeaux
      Mr. Keith A. Dacus
      Ms. Danna S. Davis
      Ms. Ursula A. Dorsey
      Ms. Kia K. Dubose
      Ms. Stacy L. Duet
      Ms. Trinh Duong
      Mr. Thomas J. Duplantis
      Ms. Melissa T. Faucheaux
      Mr. Jarrett D. Fuselier
      Ms. Kenesha Jackson
      Ms. Erica Maurin
      Ms. Lori Naquin
      Ms. Donna L. Palahang
      Mr. Donny Payton
      Ms. Paula Reher
      Ms. Patranella H. Vaughn
      Mrs. Brittany L. Wells
      Dr. Asfiya Yunus

      St. Mary

      Mr. Terence J. Ackerman
      Ms. Alina Arcemont
      Ms. Crystal B. Benoit
      Ms. Lisa R. Bertrand
      Ms. Mereida Bochas
      Ms. Yvette M. Boudreaux
      Mr. Louis A. Bourgeois
      Ms. Kellie Burnett
      Mr. Alvin A. Campo, Jr.
      Ms. Ladana M. Cormier
      Ms. Allison G. Delarosa
      Ms. Julie L. Duval
      Ms. Casey Favors
      Ms. Linda D. Francis
      Ms. Odessa Frank
      Mr. Keith A. Grimball
      Ms. Chelsea Grogan
      Ms. Brittany Hawkins
      Ms. Kara Hebert
      Mr. Brett Hernandez
      Ms. Alexandra D. Hudson
      Ms. Danielle E. Landry
      Ms. Judy Landry
      Mr. Fernis J. Leblanc
      Mr. Paul Lousteau, II
      Ms. Wanda H. Lowry
      Ms. Karley G. Marino
      Ms. Jessica H. Martin
      Ms. Ellen Matthews
      Ms. Jayne Matthews
      Ms. Kimberly Neylon
      Mr. Raymond A. Pisani
      Mr. Jackie Randle
      Ms. Jalynn N. Roe
      Ms. Zelma Smith
      Ms. Bailey C. Spindel
      Ms. Angelia B. Tamporello
      Ms. Sharon A. Terrebonne
      Ms. Rachel F. Torres
      Ms. Tuong-Vi Tran
      Ms. Claire R. Triche
      Ms. Quanesha White
      Ms. Sabrina B. Williams
      Dr. Kazumi G. Yoshinaga

      West Bank

      Mr. Dennis G. Adams
      Ms. Edna R. Adams
      Ms. Melissa M. Adams
      Ms. Nathalie Adams
      Mr. Harry N. Aicklen
      Ms. Lynn S. Alonzo
      Mrs. Dawn W. Aucoin
      Ms. Earline A. Banks
      Ms. Laurie Becnel
      Dr. Updesh S. Bedi
      Ms. Khadijah Belton
      Mrs. Wanda G. Berry
      Ms. Lisa Boothby
      Dr. Ann E. Borreson
      Ms. Robbin M. Brehm
      Ms. Marion J. Brown
      Mr. Melvin Brown
      Ms. Sarah M. Cassanova
      Dr. Michael R. Castine
      Ms. Cherise N. Clark
      Ms. Annice C. Davis
      Mrs. Mary H. Deynoodt
      Ms. Victoria P. Di Gregorio
      Ms. Billie Divincenti
      Ms. Lauryn B. Donaldson
      Ms. Denise C. Eslick
      Dr. Samuel J. Ferris
      Ms. Carol Flot
      Ms. Jennifer Gardner
      Ms. Mishell Gasper
      Ms. Kathe H. Gegenheimer
      Dr. Nichole G. George
      Ms. Lisa M. Grice
      Dr. Jeffrey A. Guillmette
      Ms. Vanessa G. Harris
      Ms. Brianna L. Hebert
      Ms. Barbara A. Henderson
      Ms. Katherine S. Holt
      Mr. Jeremy L. Jallans
      Ms. Jan Jenkins
      Ms. Ariane D. Johnson
      Ms. Christine J. Jones
      Ms. Dawn M. Jones
      Dr. Nadja N. Jones
      Dr. Nikita P. Kedia
      Ms. Alana D. Koenig
      Mr. Kenneth J. Lataxes
      Dr. Charles C. Leithead
      Ms. Shari L. Lepine
      Dr. Lindsey G. Liuzza
      Ms. Keyla Lopez-Pernia
      Mr. William Mangham
      Ms. Amthyst Mangosing
      Ms. Jena M. Martin
      Mr. Matthew G. McCann
      Ms. Rockell C. McCormick
      Dr. Roneisha A. McLendon
      Dr. Erin H. McVey
      Ms. Rolonda Merrick
      Mr. Emile J. Miller, III
      Ms. Lois A. Mitchell
      Mr. Anthony N. Nguyen
      Ms. Sammy Nguyen
      Ms. Jennifer T. Nguyen-Tran
      Dr. Laura A. Nicosia
      Ms. Dian D. Niehaus
      Ms. Julie Olivier
      Ms. Jasmine L. Ortiz
      Ms. Celeste E. Palmer
      Ms. Malarie Parria
      Ms. Gail A. Parry
      Ms. Carrie D. Patzan
      Dr. Elizabeth K. Peacock
      Ms. Jennifer M. Pham
      Dr. Dianna L. Phan
      Ms. Melinda Polkey
      Ms. Rechelle M. Ragas
      Ms. Jan Randolph
      Ms. Anitra B. Raymond
      Mr. Eric M. Refuge
      Ms. Fayedra Riley
      Ms. Crystal B. Risinger
      Dr. Jake J. Rodi
      Ms. Ceira S. Rollins
      Dr. Avery H. Sampson
      Ms. Robin B. Shepherd
      Ms. Elena Y. Simons
      Ms. Jean Stall
      Ms. Keisha L. Sullen
      Ms. Elizabeth M. Szabo
      Ms. Patti A. Terrebonne
      Ms. Lori R. Terry
      Ms. Bridget Tinson
      Ms. Tammy T. Tobin
      Ms. Bachtuyet N. Tran
      Ms. Trang U. Tran
      Ms. Tram T. Trinh
      Mr. John J. Trumbaturi, III
      Ms. Julieta M. Valdez-Deras
      Ms. Stacie L. Varns
      Ms. Melissa F. Von Almen
      Dr. Vu A. Vuong
      Mr. Nabil N. Wakileh
      Ms. Cynthia Walker
      Dr. Marcus L. Ware
      Ms. Lori R. Webber
      Dr. Derek A. Wierzbicki
      Mr. Brandon R. Williams
      Ms. Kendra N. Williams
      Mr. Mikael S. Woods
      Ms. Stephanie M. Young