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Healthy State

What Is Healthy State?

In 2020, Ochsner Health unveiled Healthy State, a bold partnership with other healthcare organizations, businesses, churches, schools, community groups and state and local governments. Our goal is a healthier Louisiana with greater access to healthcare for all residents.

  • We are working to bring healthcare resources to underserved communities across the state.
  • We are using research, technology and new methods to improve the health and wellness of all Louisiana residents.
  • We are investing in Louisiana’s economic development and workforce.

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What Are the Priorities of Healthy State?

  • Smoking cessation. Our goal is for 214,000 fewer Louisiana residents to smoke by 2030.
  • Cancer and chronic conditions. Our goal is to save more lives with improved access to lung, colorectal and breast cancer screenings. We also aim to detect and treat more conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. We aim for 100,000 fewer Louisiana residents to have these ongoing (chronic) conditions by 2030.
  • Wellness and obesity. Our goal is to help more people have access to healthy food, information about healthy eating, and safe ways to exercise. Our goal is 182,000 more physically active adults by 2030.
  • Food insecurity. “Food insecurity’’ means not having enough healthy food for you and your family. Our goal is to build new partnerships and strengthen partnerships we already have to help 72,000 more households get the healthy food they need.
  • Workforce and education. Our goal is to increase the per-capita income in Louisiana by $4,838 by 2030.
  • Broadband internet access. Our goal is for 86,000 more homes in Louisiana to have high-speed internet by 2030.

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Priority: Smoking Cessation

Dianne McAnelly smoked two packs a day – for 60 years! Learn how the Ochsner Smoking Cessation program helped her quit.

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Smoking Cessation patient
Digital Medicine patient

Priority: Cancer and Chronic Conditions

Learn how Ochsner Digital Medicine is helping Anderson Watts control his diabetes and high blood pressure so that he can continue to be active in his church that he loves.

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Priority: Obesity and Wellness

One way that Ochsner is helping people eat healthier and feel better is through our Ochsner Eat Fit initiative. You can look for the Eat Fit seal on menus at restaurants across the state to help you make better choices when you go out to eat. You can join Alcohol Free for 40 to discover delicious alternatives to alcoholic drinks and learn benefits of reducing alcohol. And you can discover delicious, healthy, easy recipes plus grocery shopping tips.

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Baton Rouge Food Bank volunteers

Priority: Food Insecurity

We are partnering with organizations across the state to bring healthy food to communities in Louisiana. For example, Clayton Runfalo, MD, and team at Ochsner Health Center - Gonzales hosted a food distribution with the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank,  providing healthy food to people in Ascension Parish.

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Priority: Workforce and Education

Ochsner is investing in developing Louisiana’s workforce with good-paying jobs. For example, in 2023, Ochsner celebrated the new Ochsner Center for Nursing and Allied Health at the Delgado Community College City Park Campus. The new state-of-the-art building brings nursing and allied divisions together for the first time in Delgado's history.

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Ochsner Delgado Nursing and Allied Health Center
Connected Mom patient

Priority: Broadband Internet Access

A first-time expectant mother, Javon Williams signed up for the Ochsner Connected MOM program. She came to rely on the easy digital devices of the program to track her blood pressure and weight, monitoring her progress between doctor’s visits. When an issue was detected, she was able to quickly address it with her provider. Connected MOM helped Javon relax and focus on “the more important things” like preparing her nursery and getting ready for parenthood. Through expanded internet access, more moms like Javon can have access to Connected MOM.

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Community Health Centers


Do You Know Your Stroke Risk?


How's Your Heart Health?

The Ochsner-Xavier Institute for Health Equity and Research

Ochsner Health and Xavier University of Louisiana combine resources to improve the health of our communities, reducing health inequities, developing healthcare delivery models and modeling equitable care.

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Ochsner's Scholar Program

This program will cover medical school tuition for medical students who choose to practice psychiatry or primary care in Louisiana with Ochsner.

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Healthy State of Mind

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A series by Ochsner Health

Healthy State of Mind is a video series and podcast by Ochsner Health. The mission is to educate individuals on mental health and wellness, from better sleep practices to reducing workplace toxicity by establishing boundaries and work-life balance.

Healthy State of Mind is hosted by board-certified psychologist Tracey Murry, PhD, and her co-host, Kaitlyn Heckel, a digital content specialist at Ochsner Health.

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Watch and Learn More

  • Meet Dr. Wanda Robinson

    Meet Wanda Robinson, MD, medical director for the Brees Family Community Health Centers.

  • Meet Pediatrician Dionna Mathews, MD

    Follow along with pediatrician Dionna Mathews, MD, who is based at Ochsner Medical Complex - the Grove in Baton Rouge.

  • Meet Kevin Green Jr.

    Kevin Green Jr. is vice president for clinic operations. Learn why he chose to spearhead bringing much-needed services to underserved communities across Louisiana. 

  • "Healthy State of Mind''

    Watch our playlist of "Healthy State of Mind'' videos, featuring psychologist Tracey Murry, PhD.

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