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The Michael R. Boh Center for Child Development is dedicated to improving the lives of children and adolescents with developmental disorders through comprehensive interdisciplinary team evaluations, integrated treatment protocols, high-quality evidence-based patient care, direction of special education services, and professional education and research.

The Michael R. Boh Center for Child Development is here to help children overcome challenges, develop their unique talents and reach their full potential. For some children, realizing their potential might mean a little extra help in the classroom or special tools to support communication with the world around them. For others, intensive therapies to overcome the effects of complex neuromuscular conditions make all the difference. No matter what the ability or challenge, children and families need reliable, compassionate, coordinated, and comprehensive care in partnership with a team they trust.

The Center at Ochsner provides parents and their families in the Gulf South multidisciplinary care, specialty services and the resources they need under one roof and offers both a medical and a psychological approach.

The Boh Center offers personalized, family-centered patient care in one location. A care team comprised of experts from many disciplines brought in from all around the country works together to provide a comprehensive, collaborative approach to care. We evaluate, diagnose and create individualized treatment plans for children with neuro-muscular or physical disabilities as well as neuro-cognitive, behavioral and communication related conditions.

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The Boh Center makes it easy for you to see more than one our team members on the same day. One of our specialized care coordinators will take your child’s history and help you set up your child’s evaluation. To get started, call 504-493-2019. 

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