Today, 30% of Ochsner’s kidney transplant patients receive organs from living donors. While a kidney from a living donor is the best option for the patient, the decision to donate a kidney must be a voluntary one, made willingly. If you’re considering becoming a living kidney donor, it’s important that you become as informed as possible.

What is Living Donor Kidney Transplant?

There are more people on the national waiting list than there are available kidneys from deceased organ donors. One option is a living donor kidney transplant, a life-saving procedure using a kidney from someone who is still alive.

Most of us are born with two kidneys. When one of our kidneys is removed and transplanted into another person’s body, the human body adapts to life with just one kidney.

More Information

If you’re interested in being tested as a living kidney donor, call 504-842-3925 or 1-800-643-1635 and ask to speak with the Living Donor Kidney Coordinator.

For more detailed information about being a living donor and the donation process, please download our education handbook.

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