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Preparing for Your Oncology Visit

We realize a first visit with a new doctor, especially for a potential or confirmed cancer diagnosis, can feel like a big step. At Ochsner Health, we're committed to making this experience as straightforward and comfortable as possible. Here's how you can prepare:

  • Bring all your relevant medical records. This will help us get a clear picture of your health history.
  • Make a list of any questions you may have. This way, you'll have all your concerns addressed during your appointment.
  • If you'd like, bring a friend or family member for support and to help remember what's discussed.

At Ochsner Health, we're dedicated to helping you navigate this journey with ease and confidence. We look forward to meeting you soon.

The MyOchsner portal allows patients and patient delegates many ways to engage in their care at Ochsner from their personal device. Through the portal you can communicate with your care team, request prescription refills, schedule and check in for appointments and even have virtual visits.

View our cancer care locations.

Some locations have valet parking, which can be verified by calling in advance. Most locations can provide a wheelchair and transport assistance, if you need help getting from your car to your appointment.

If you are in need of lodging, there are options near Ochsner Medical Center - New Orleans. Learn more about patient housing.

If you need lodging at any other campus, please call them directly for recommendations.

Before your appointment, we will reach out to you or your referring physician to make sure we have your medical records. Some common oncology records include:

  • Pathology report from a biopsy and/or surgery that diagnosed your cancer
  • Imaging reports from any scans you have had for this diagnosis. Common scans for cancer staging include computed tomography (CT scans), bone scans, mammograms, MRIs, ultrasounds, or positron emission tomography (PET scans).
  • Radiological imaging from any scans you have had. The easiest way to obtain a copy or request that a copy be sent to Ochsner is to go directly to the imaging center where you had the scan done.
  • Physician progress notes from your referring or previous treating providers.
  • Treatment summaries of any previous cancer treatment you may have had, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgical operative notes.
  • Lab results from the past two months.
  • Any genetic testing you may have had done, regardless of the result.
  • Any legal documents that outline advance directives, such as a medical power of attorney or living will. Learn more or print forms to complete prior to your visit.

Our visitor policy is updated frequently in response to the changing national guidelines for COVID-19 prevention and awareness. Before you come to Ochsner, please make sure you and your loved ones understand and can comply with this policy. Review our visitor policy.

There are several ways to check in for your appointment:

  • If you have a MyOchsner account, you can pre-check at any time after your appointment is scheduled. Click the “pre-check” button in the appointment section of the website or app.
  • Once you arrive, you can check in from your vehicle. Each parking spot has instructions for how to check in by phone or mark yourself as “arrived” in the MyOchsner app. You can wait in your car until your care team is ready.
  • There are check-in desks inside the cancer centers. You can complete all pre-visit questionnaires and paperwork in person.

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