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Intensive Care Unit

The Ochsner Medical Center Intensive Care Unit sets the standard for healthcare delivery by providing patients with the best physicians and nurses in a teaching environment. The unit’s nurses are also handpicked and go through a rigorous 12-week orientation process. The Ochsner Medical Center Intensive Care Unit is also committed to improving the health and well-being of its patients by providing specialized medical and nursing care. This approach focuses on the best clinical practices and utilizes the most advanced technology while providing a warm and inviting atmosphere conducive to the well-being of Ochsner’s patients. Moreover, the unit is committed to patient-centered care, education and research, all of which enables it to serve patients and communities today and in the future.


  • 32-bed unit that receives both medical and surgical patients
  • Average staffing ratio is 2:1
  • New employees receive up to 12 weeks orientation based on experience
  • Patient cases include sepsis, respiratory failure, DKA, renal failure on CRRT, liver failure and GI bleeds
  • The surgical patients include CABG, LVAD, BIVAD, AAA, general surgery, neurosurgery, trauma and all transplants except lung
  • Ochsner’s surgical patients are admitted directly from surgery bypassing recovery
  • The ICU is part of the hospital rapid-response team and helps to initiate early treatment for MI, stroke and sepsis


  • Critical Care tower opened in 2000
  • Transplanted more than 500 hearts to date
  • Transplanted more than 800 livers to date
  • Core team started in 2006
  • Member of Ochsner’s Stroke Team since 2006
  • Sepsis protocol initiated in 2008
  • Ventilator order set initiated in 2008