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Your kidney health is a top priority for you, and that makes it a top priority for us. The nephrology team at Ochsner Health offers complete and comprehensive care to serve patients in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disorders. Ochsner Kidney Care, a partnership between Ochsner Clinic Foundation and National Renal Care, now offers those living with end-stage kidney disease more convenient care and dialysis services.

Why Choose Ochsner Kidney Care – Jefferson Highway?

Ochsner Kidney Care – Jefferson Highway provides complete and comprehensive care at a convenient location near Ochsner Medical Center – New Orleans. The Ochsner nephrology team is recognized both nationally and worldwide. We provide specialized care using state-of-the-art medical equipment and are focused on providing our patients with a comfortable, safe, timely and effective dialysis treatment.

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Appointments can be scheduled by calling 504-273-0810.


Ochsner Kidney Care – Jefferson Highway is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Tuesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Ivo Lukitsch, MD

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Conditions and Treatment

Ochsner Kidney Care – Jefferson Highway treats a variety of kidney disorders including:

Treatments Offered

Ochsner Kidney Care – Jefferson Highway is an outpatient dialysis facility offering a variety of treatment options.

  • In-center hemodialysis is a method of removing waste products and extra fluid that builds up when the kidneys are no longer able to remove them. To perform hemodialysis, it is necessary to filter your blood through an artificial kidney, which is attached to a machine. A very small amount of blood is removed and returned to one of your veins, which has been surgically adapted for this procedure.
  • Home peritoneal dialysis uses a thin membrane in your abdomen, called the peritoneum, to perform dialysis. During treatments, a cleansing fluid called dialysate is put into your abdomen through a small, flexible tube called a PD catheter. The dialysate pulls the waste and extra fluid from your blood into the peritoneal cavity.

Appointment Information

What can you expect at your appointment?

You can count on the staff at Ochsner Kidney Care – Jefferson Highway for clinical expertise and compassionate patient care. During your appointments, you can expect one-on-one personal attention in a supportive and safe environment. Ochsner Kidney Care will ensure close communication and shared information between your dialysis treatment team and your other care teams with Ochsner Medical Center.

You will check in at reception at your assigned appointment time. A staff member will prepare you for treatment by carefully cleaning the access site and taking your blood pressure and vital signs.

At the beginning of your dialysis treatment, you will be connected to the machine using your dialysis access site. Your treatment time will be determined by your doctor, and during that time you will be monitored by our experienced staff members.

When treatment begins, you’ll rest comfortably in one of our heated massage chairs and may engage in any activity that is accommodated while in the chair.

When your treatment is finished, a staff member will disconnect you from the machine, and you will be ready to go about your day.

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