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The Role of Chaplains in Healthcare

Chaplains provide sensitive spiritual support for patients, families and staff from all different faith backgrounds. Chaplains are spiritual care providers who help people find meaning, hope and support during trying times.

Consider asking to see a chaplain when you:

  • Are experiencing anxiety or fear about your situation
  • Are having difficulty sorting out your feelings
  • Experience grief over a loss
  • Would like someone to pray for you or pray with you
  • Have a spiritual question
  • Wish to receive the sacrament of the sick
  • Are faced with a difficult decision
  • Would like support for those who are helping you during your illness
  • Wish to speak with someone about your situation
  • Need assistance completing advance directives
Learn more about the connection between spiritual care and healthcare from the Association of Professional Chaplains.

Advance Care Planning

Discover more about advance care planning, and find answers to questions when making decisions about end-of-life care. 


Spiritual care services are available at these hospital locations:

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