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Ochsner Hospital for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine offers multiple services under one roof - including orthopedics, sports medicine, therapy and wellness, performance training, physical medicine and rehabilitation and primary care. As one of the largest outpatient rehabilitation centers in Louisiana, our team offers a level of experience you can’t find anywhere else in the Gulf South.

The Ochsner Andrews Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute's team of highly skilled orthopedic surgeons and specialists uses the latest techniques and technology. Most patients experience less pain and a shorter recovery time. We are proud to offer an option for opioid-free orthopedic surgeries.

Why choose Ochsner Hospital for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine?

Our facility is designed for orthopedic and sports medicine care and offers the following innovative services:

Same-day total joint replacement surgery

We offer same-day total joint replacement surgeries for eligible patients. Our experienced surgeons use the latest technology and minimally-invasive procedures, allowing you to recover quickly.

MAKO robotic surgery

Our surgeons are among the most qualified in the region at performing minimally invasive, robotically assisted MAKO surgeries for hip and knee replacements.

With Mako, Ochsner surgeons use a robotic arm that they control to place an artificial joint in the optimal position. The robotic arm allows them to place the joint with greater accuracy, and the right positioning ensures better function and joint longevity. These procedures enable patients to heal faster and with less pain.

Optimal Hospital

We offer patient tablets, wireless vitals monitoring, copper-infused linens and surfaces, staff smart devices, quiet hours and red night lighting.

Called Optimal Hospital, this program is a reimagined inpatient environment that uses innovative tools, technologies and processes to provide more efficient, patient-centric care.

Hospital Details

  • Surgical operating rooms, pre- and post-operative rooms and private patient rooms
  • Complimentary valet
  • An in-house chef who provides one complimentary guest meal per patient day

Manage Your Health Online

Use the MyOchsner app to get test results, schedule appointments and access your medical history online. 

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Patient-Centered Care

Other patient services available at Ochsner Hospital for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine include:

Primary Care

Your primary care team will monitor and track your health over time, helping you lead a healthy lifestyle and watching for issues or changes that need to be addressed. If your primary care doctor determines that more specialized care is needed, they'll make sure you’ll get it.

Ochsner Therapy & Wellness

Our highly-skilled physical, occupational and speech therapy teams at Ochsner Therapy & Wellness work with you to restore loss of function associated with illness, injuries, developmental disorders or the process of aging. 

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Ochsner's Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation team uses conservative treatments to help patients with a variety of conditions that affect the brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, muscles and joints. Our physicians may see a patient who lifts heavy objects at work and experiences back pain, an athlete with a sprained ankle or a person suffering from arthritis, tendonitis or work-related injuries.

Performance Training

With a focus on total athletic performance and producing top talent, Ochsner Performance Training provides a comprehensive program for our region. Led by educated professionals and a diverse group of performance specialists, the team teaches best practices and safety in sports performance. They are committed to the evolving needs of our community and are fueled by our relentless pursuit of innovation and powered by science.

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