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Ochsner offers a full spectrum of radiological services provided by nationally recognized, sub-specialized radiologists. We offer a full array of diagnostic and treatment procedures using some of the most advanced technology available.

At Ochsner you have peace of mind knowing that licensed technologists are using the highest quality equipment available, paired with board certified radiologists analyzing your results. Plus, you have the advantage of all your records being in one place with our Electronic Medical Record system. Your physician can easily access results for a faster, more efficient and accurate diagnosis.

Ochsner offers both inpatient and outpatient areas for efficiency and convenience. For emergency cases, procedures are done 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Diagnostic x-ray is also available around the clock in the Emergency Department.

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Ochsner uses insightful technology to help humanize the MRI experience.

Ochsner uses the Wide Bore MRI as an option for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This differs from the traditional tunnel-style magnetic resonance imager in which some patients feel confined and uncomfortable. This Wide Bore MRI is more open to comfortably accommodate all patients.


The Wide Bore MRI is available at: