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Welcome to Ochsner Health's Bariatric Surgery Online Seminar. Viewing this seminar will fulfill your education requirement for surgery.

This online seminar is hosted as a video on YouTube.

Viewing Requirements

  • If viewing on a computer, the video will open on the YouTube website in a new window when you click on the "start" button below.
  • If viewing on a mobile device (smart phone or tablet) the video will only play through the YouTube app. The YouTube app is required to be installed on your device to view the course.

At the end of the course video, you will be presented with a confirmation code that is required to be entered on the confirmation form. 

A link to the form is accessible at the end of the course by clicking on the info/i button on the top right of the video.

Start Online Course

We're looking forward to meeting you and experiencing your new journey with you!

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