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Chemotherapy (“chemo”) is a treatment for cancer that uses drugs to kill cancer cells. It is a systemic treatment, where the drugs travel throughout the whole body to reach cancer cells that may have spread to other areas of the body.

Chemotherapy is used to treat many different types of cancer. The type, location, stage of the cancer, and your general health will largely determine if chemotherapy is appropriate. It is used to cure, control and relieve symptoms caused by the cancer.

Ochsner offers a free Chemo Class for patients who will be receiving chemotherapy as part of their treatment plan. The class includes a small group of patients and covers topics such as:

  • What to expect, what to bring, and what is provided during infusion
  • Information on the most common side effects you may experience
  • How to recognize problems during treatment
  • Infection and food safety precautions
  • Other Ochsner resources available to you

As a patient, you have the option of attending an instructor-led class in the clinic or viewing a video online.

Instructor Led Class

Patients can book 1:1 appointments for chemo education either virtually or in person with a nurse navigator. 

To book a class before your chemotherapy treatment with us, please call 504-842-3910 and ask to speak with the oncology nurse navigator.

Online Video Class

Important information about chemotherapy treatment at Ochsner is explained in this comprehensive video. It includes details on side effects, nutrition, physical activity, infection prevention, and support services.

View the Chemo Class video online.

View the Chemo Class PowerPoint Presentation Online. 

Chemotherapy Infusion Locations

Receiving chemotherapy is stressful enough without a long drive to your appointments. Ochsner’s Cancer Service Line has multiple infusion site locations around the state that are available to patients, often without requiring you to change your provider! See a list of our infusion sites here and talk to your medical oncologist to learn more.

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