The goal of the founders of Ochsner Health System was to create a wholistic culture for the provision of medical services. Considering this goal, over the last eight years, IMESO has gained a reputation for inspired service leading toward a spiritual culture in the life of medicine at Ochsner.

The worth and contributions of a program are best assessed in narrative form by those who experience it. The word testimony means testaments, evidences, witnesses, proofs, demonstrations, verifications, indicators, and affidavits. In support of this grant proposal, we offer some of the testimonies attributed to The Institute of Medicine, Education, and Spirituality at Ochsner from a wide range of Ochsner employees. The responses were based on one question: “What does IMESO’s presence and services add to my personal and professional workplace life and to Ochsner as a whole?” The following are only a few of the many responses that were submitted to IMESO.

A Senior Physician said…

“IMESO has prompted me to deepen my own sense of spirituality and help to extend the same reflective and cognitive experience to my colleagues. It is THE reason I am here at Ochsner enjoying my daily practice. It is quite apparent to me that spirituality is not the same as religion; neither is it the same as an organization’s values. They complement each other. The photo of our 5 founders is a powerful example of ‘why’ we should hold fast as we continue to grow our corporate practice, and we must. IMESO emphasizes that developing our own spirituality; deliberately practicing the virtues of courage, justice, temperance, transcendence, and wisdom engages the world around us we serve our fellow man.”

An Operations Vice President said…

“IMESO has refocused us on the need to take care of not only the physical ailments of our patients but also the healing of mind and spirit. IMESO also does a great job keeping us focused on the minds and spirits of our caregivers who serve the needs of the Gulf Coast.”

A Senior Nurse (CNO) Leader said….

"IMESO has reminded me as a nurse leader that there is more to the patient than their diagnosis. I have a renewed sense of purpose in my role as a leader of nurses to ensure wholistic support and care, which is greater than just their diagnosis.”

A Member of the Safety Team said…

“IMESO has awakened an introspective approach, encouraging us to remember why we were drawn to a career in healthcare. It seeks to help us find the spirit and purpose that we may have lost along the way. IMESO leads us to better self-care and fulfillment.”

A Physician Leader said…

“By teaching students and residents to consider virtues as they practice medicine, IMESO gives those learners an advantage at the start of their careers. They will likely be better equipped to find balance and contentment in their stressful lives. For me, the fact that IMESO exists shows that we value the well-being of our people. I am a wholehearted supporter.”

An Attorney said...

“IMESO is a reminder that we are spiritual creatures learning to live in a physical world; that we can integrate our faith into our work and remain true to our deepest values.”

An Executive Vice President said….

“It has been our privilege to teach and to mentor future doctors. We have taught them the principles of biomedical and clinical sciences- we have given them the opportunity to pursue research – we have taught them the principles of safety - we have also attempted to strengthen their inherent values and virtues through something special called IMESO. Through IMESO virtue and value educational programs, students have been reminded of the human spirit – theirs and their patients”.

More Testimonials

What People Are Saying

"We have worked hard to infuse the thoughts and concepts of IMESO at our hospital. This has helped ensure that the board and leadership team are in alignment in supporting the programs and services that most support the patient and our employees.”

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What People Are Saying

“IMESO has taught me about spirituality and what it means to be a spiritual leader and how to develop as a leader by challenging myself to develop and grow spiritually.”

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What People Are Saying

“For me, IMESO represents one of the most significant, insightful advances that Ochsner has made in its recent history.”

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