Primary Care Virtual Visit Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual visit?

A virtual visit is a secure video appointment with your provider via your smartphone, tablet, laptop and/or desktop computer. This allows patients to conduct a traditional office visit with their provider electronically through the MyOchsner app or website portal without leaving home or work.

How do I schedule a virtual visit with my primary care provider?

Follow these steps to schedule an appointment online as a virtual visit in the MyOchsner portal. You may also call 866-624-7637 to schedule a primary care virtual visit. If you are a new patient, your first virtual appointment is at the discretion of the provider.

What are the technical requirements for a virtual visit?

You must have a mobile phone, tablet, laptop and/or desktop computer with microphone and webcam capabilities. Download the MyOchsner app on your device from the App Store (iPhone) and Google Play Store (Android).

How do I start a virtual visit?

Before your visit, complete the ePre-Check in the MyOchsner app to verify your insurance, demographics and sign the Telehealth Consent Form. Click on your appointment to view the details and allow access to your camera and microphone. Select ‘Begin Visit’ in your appointment to enter a virtual visit waiting room until your provider joins the appointment. View the complete steps here.

I am a new patient. Can I do a virtual visit with an Ochsner primary care provider?

If you are a new patient, your first virtual appointment is at the discretion of the provider. You can schedule a virtual visit with a primary care provider online through the MyOchsner portal or by calling 866-624-7637.

What conditions can be seen during a primary care virtual visit?

Virtual visits are a convenient option for follow-up visits and urgent care needs. You can see a primary care provider virtually for a follow-up visit after your annual physical, ADHD medication visits, chronic condition visits and review visits to discuss lab results, imaging and more. Appointments requiring a physical exam or injections should be scheduled as an in-person visit.

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