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Vaccines! How can we use science to help our communities make decisions about vaccines?

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Ochsner Education Outreach has been partnering with the Smithsonian Science Education Center to develop a FREE, new, inquiry-based curriculum, Vaccines! How can we use science to help our communities make decisions about vaccines? We are dedicated to providing support and helping you use this current public health challenge as a teaching opportunity in a variety of ways:

  • Classroom-ready PowerPoints to supplement the curriculum and support implementation with students 
  • Free access to lab supplies to enhance the hands-on activities 
  • Our staff can virtually co-teach and provide additional expertise on the subject matter 

Please download the flier to access the FREE curriculum.

Click Here to Apply for Support 

Online Learning During COVID-19

Virtual & Cost-Free Support for Teachers

September 11, 2020

As you move from in-person teaching to totally online, to a hybrid format, or to some back and forth modes of instruction during this time of COVID-19 uncertainty, strategies exist to help seamlessly transition your classroom.

Donna Muller, MSEd, Education Outreach Program Manager and technology integration educator, presents "Rethinking the Classroom – Online Learning Strategies" using the tools you have and identifying additional solutions to maximize your classroom learning environment.

The goals are the workshop are to:

  • highlight strategies that help consistency in transitioning from virtual to in-person
  • transition & re-think (not recreate) classroom norms typical of a traditional school model
  • share ideas on how to keep students engaged during uncertainty

Care-giving & COVID-19 Series

To help address the concerns of parents, caregivers, teachers, and school staff, Ochsner Hospital for Children specialists discuss developmentally appropriate ways to talk to youth about COVID-19. Hear ideas on how to guide adolescents through ongoing uncertainty, while learning strategies to help with the anxieties and fears that accompany COVID-19 and related stressors.

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