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Young Professionals Association

YPA Logo

Young Professionals Association (YPA) serves as a collaborative medium for Ochsner employees to focus on our young professionals. This group shares and addresses generational concerns, establish connections that promote personal and professional development among young leaders, and find innovative ways to positively impact Ochsner Health's patients, physicians, employees, and leaders.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Young Professionals Association is to attract, support, retain, develop, and connect young talent.

The group shall serve as an avenue for young professionals to become successful individually and within the organization, while creating a sense that Ochsner is a place of work where they want to stay. Young professionals will connect to our patients, community, and fellow employees by being a voice for the organization.

Strategic Alignment to Ochsner Health’s Core Values

Patients First: YPA’s efforts to attract, retain, and develop talent at Ochsner will ultimately improve the experience of our patients while ensuring we provide the highest quality care. By cultivating a highly engaged group of young professionals within the organization, we intend to motivate our workforce to perform at their highest levels to guarantee excellent patient experience. Moreover, by learning about the specific needs of this age group we can inform organizational decisions to better serve this patient segment.

Compassion: While a significant portion of Ochsner employees are within the millennial generation, we as an organization do not truly understand this group’s motivators or needs. In a multi-generational work environment this can lead to bias or misunderstanding between colleagues or with patients. YPA is committed to learning more about this group through our members as well as external research. We will ultimately share our insights to create greater compassion among teams and educate on the benefits of multi-generational diversity.

Excellence: YPA is dedicated to the ongoing development of young professionals. Part of our programming is intended to connect members and Ochsner at large with the resources, mentors, and opportunities they need to achieve their professional goals. This will ensure that we are helping train and equip a new generation of leaders within the organization to take on the challenges ahead.

Teamwork & Integrity: Through our programs, events, and volunteer opportunities, YPA will foster a strong sense of community within Ochsner built on mutual respect and understanding. Whether on individual teams or working across the system, we believe YPA can provide members and the organization with the awareness and tools to improve multi-generational cooperation, ultimately to the benefit of our patients.