Core Lecture Series

Check back for next year’s dates for the lectures.

Topic Speaker
Normal Immune Response Webinar
Recipient evaluation Staffeld
Recipient evaluation Patel
Morbidity and mortality meeting Fellow/Staffeld Patel Garces/JC
Immunosuppression Staffeld
Induction Therapy Garces
Steroid/CNI Avoidance Garces
Major trials Staffeld/Patel/Garces
Morbidity and Mortality Fellow Garces Staffeld Patel/JC
Bacterial/Fungal Infections Transplant ID Department
Viral Infections Transplant ID Department
Post-transplant Hyperlipidemia Webinar
Morbidity and Mortality Fellow/ Patel Garces Staffeld/JC
Post-transplant MBD Invited speaker
Antibody-mediated Rejection Garces
Drugs Interactions Pharm D / S. Anders
Surgical complications Cohen (transplant surgery)
Pancreas transplantation Cohen (transplant surgery)
Bk nephropathy Garces
Morbidity and Mortality Kidney and surgery Tx fellow/JC
Crossmatch interpretation Cooper (HLA lab)
Campath Staff Staffeld Garces Patel
Morbidity and Mortality Kidney and Surgery Fellow/JC
Donor-derived infections Transplant ID
Pathology AMR Webinar ASN/AST
Morbidity and Mortality Surgery and Kidney Fellow/JC
Organ allocation Cohen (transplant surgery)
AKI allograft Garces
Recurrent Disease Patel
Morbidity and Mortality Surgery and Kidney Fellow/JC
Transplant glomerulopathy Garces
Outcomes kidney transplant Garces
OPO role Procurement coordinator/ LOPA
Race and kidney transplant Garces Staffeld Patel
Combined Liver and Kidney transplant Patel/Soltani / Garces Staffeld
Finances of Kidney transplantation Webinar
Morbidity and Mortality Kidney Surgery fellow/JC
Banff Criteria JC/ Fellow Garces
Chronic allograft dysfunction JC/Fellow/Staff Tx MD’s
Protocol biopsies JC/Fellow Staff Tx MD’s
TMA Webinar
Treatment ABMR Garces
Tolerance Garces/webinar
Pregnancy and the kidney Garces/fellow
Pediatric transplantation Core curriculum ASN
Regulation of transplantation Core Curriculum ASN
Immunology clinical patterns of rejection Core curriculum ASN
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