Bariatric Products

In 2013, the American Medical Association voted to classify obesity as a disease. And, like many diseases, this one can diminish your quality of your life. When you’re obese, simple things like dressing and bathing can extremely difficult. We carry a range of bariatric equipment and products designed to make life easier.

Homecare Bedroom

  • Hospital Beds (in semi-electric or full electric versions)
  • Bed Accessories (choose from egg crate mattresses, low air loss and gel mattresses to help prevent and reduce bedsores)
  • Over-Bed Tables (available in flat or tilting models)
  • Bedside Commodes (with removable pails. Easily converted to be used directly over the toilet)
  • Patient Lifts and Slings (assist in transfers from the bed. Available in manual and fully electric models)
  • Trapeze Bars (hang over a bed and help you lift yourself to a sitting position or change positions)
  • Lift Chairs (Assist patients with difficulty getting up from a chair. Come in numerous styles, fabric grades and colors)
  • Safety Polls and Rails (offer stability when rising or sitting as well as from accidental falls)

Mobility Products

  • Canes (for those who are independent enough to use a one-handed walking aid}
  • Quad Canes (have a base with four points of contact on the floor to provide extra stability and support for people when walking)
  • Forearm Crutches (used by those who have long-term or permanent mobility problem)
  • Walkers (help you remain mobile by providing stability and support while walking)
  • Rollators (walkers with wheels and brakes to eliminate having to lift the walker to walk. Brakes offer extra security when going down inclines. The walkers fold for transport and many have seats so users can sit and rest when they get tired)
  • Manual Wheelchairs (available in a variety of styles and sizes. The standard basic wheelchair folds easily for transport, has locking wheels, detachable foot rests that swing-away for transferring, footplates, elevating leg rests and arm rests that are either permanent full length or removable desk length. Optional features include reclining backs, adjustable seat length, hemi or low seat frames, articulating footrests, solid tires and anti-tipping devices)
  • Transport or Companion Wheelchairs (available in lightweight models and are designed to be pushed by the caregiver)
  • Lightweight Wheelchairs (weigh much less than standard chairs and are easier to self-propel)
  • Power Wheelchairs (motorized wheelchairs that are controlled by either a joystick or a puff mechanism. Primarily used by quadriplegics or people who cannot maneuver a regular wheelchair)
  • Scooters or Personal Mobility Vehicles (PMVs) (provide motorized transportation for individuals who either need or prefer power mobility. Scooters can be used indoors and outdoors and are available in both front-wheel and rear-wheel drive models. They also come in lightweight models that break down for easy transport)

Compression Products

Bariatric Vascular Stockings

Incontinence Products

  • There are Incontinence Products that are specially designed to accommodate heavier patients and help to improve the patient’s daily quality of life. These include:
  • Disposables
    • Pads and Shields (for small loss of urine when laughing, coughing, sneezing, straining or pregnant)
    • Guards (for temporary or long-term loss of bladder control after surgery, or when someone is unable to prevent urine leakage after feeling a strong urge to urinate)
    • Undergarments (for frequent leakage of small or moderate loss of urine when laughing, coughing, sneezing or straining)
    • Briefs (for heavy or continuous urine leakage or heavy leakage at night or when lying down)
  • Reusable Systems
    • Undergarments and Briefs (washable protective underwear to use with liners and pads or by themselves)
    • Liners and Pads fit into washable undergarments and are either reusable/washable for light incontinence or disposable for moderate to heavy incontinence)


  • Catheters (available for permanent loss of urine control. Available as either external or internal devices)
  • Urine Collection Devices (include leg bags and overnight bags that hang from the bed)

Skin Care Products

  • Cleansers (cleanse and remove urine and fecal material. Available in no-rinse and deodorizing formulas)
  • Barriers and Skin Protectants (protect skin from further exposure and irritation by creating moisture and antimicrobial, antifungal barriers on affected areas)
  • Moisturizers and Creams (replenish moisture to skin that is dried out or irritated by incontinence)
  • Deodorizers (eliminate odor and deodorize)
  • Rinseless Shampoos, Foot Cleansers and Shaving Gels

Related Incontinence Products

  • Underpads (flat pads filled with absorbent materials and covered with waterproof backing. Designed to protect bedding and furniture. Available in disposable and reusable options, various sizes and different absorbencies)

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