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Population Health

Faces Diversity

What is Population Health?

We define population health as a system of care that drives better health outcomes and experiences at a lower cost for populations, we have agreed to take responsibility for. These populations are often defined by geographic region, age, gender, ethnic and racial background, disability, or another defining characteristic.

What Are We Doing About Population Health?

In 2015, Ochsner Health launched Ochsner Health Network (OHN), a clinically integrated network focused on sharing knowledge, resources, processes and technology to:

  • Improve quality of healthcare
  • Enhance the care delivery model to center around the patient
  • Develop better coverage solutions for employers and patients; and to
  • Improve efficiency thereby reducing the total cost of care
Diversity Family
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Xavier University Population Health Initiatives

Xavier University is dedicated to the improvement of health and health care in our community through research, learning and community engagement.

Xavier’s Center for Health & Wellness provides quality medical, counseling, disability, and health promotion services that are multiculturally sensitive to all and designed to help the Xavier student succeed.

Department of Public Health Sciences

Master of Public Health in Health Equity

What is Healthy State?

Who will lead the charge to improve the state of health for Louisiana by 2030? Ochsner Health will.

Ochsner Health is committed to building a healthier region where people can live and thrive. This initiative is our commitment to improve the overall health of the state. Healthy State by 2030 is driven by a comprehensive strategy to enhance healthcare access, improve health equity and health outcomes.

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