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Throughout the 4-week program, on average, each STAR Student Scholar will:

  • Interact with more than a dozen research scientists and laboratory assistants, 20+ medical school students and residents and 75+ clinical and nonclinical employees.
  • Receive more than 160 hours of free healthcare and science education.

The STAR Program Curriculum is comprised of three components: 

  • Healthcare Career Education
  • Science Research Training 
  • Student Professional Development

Healthcare Career Education

In the form of both hospital and clinic rotations and classroom seminars, students will interact with healthcare providers from more than 60 departments and specialties, both clinical and nonclinical. Employees across different disciplines will share information on their educational background, daily work environment, career path and outlook.

Students venture to a different Ochsner location each Friday to explore specialties such as Sports Medicine, Telemedicine, Women’s Health and Hyperbaric Therapy. At the AHA Community Training Center located in Ochsner Health Center – Elmwood, students will become certified in CPR.

Throughout the four weeks, STAR students will also take a medical terminology class and attend a seminar on bedside manner. They work closely with the University of Queensland – Ochsner Clinical School students. As part of the UQ series, STAR students attend a skill training day and participate in a mock clinical exam.

Rounding off the four-week experience, students complete an individual job shadow in their field of interest.

iLab Research

Led by 10+ Ochsner research scientists and laboratory assistants, students receive training on common laboratory techniques including pipetting, protein analysis, DNA analysis, DNA visualization and spectrophotometry. Students undergo training on how to properly conduct and professionally present research in the form of a poster. Research poster presentations, attended by STAR faculty and STAR student guests, take place during the Culmination Ceremony.

Leadership and Professional Development

While encouraging healthcare career exploration, STAR also prepares students professionally. Instructed by Ochsner Learning Institute consultants, students discuss topics including presentation skills, resume writing and interview skills, teambuilding and professionalism in the workplace.
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