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"To me, STAR was an opportunity so great that I know it will affect me for the rest of my life. Not only will I remember the science that I learned from the labs and lectures, but I have also gained so much knowledge from my other STAR classmates. Interacting with the other students was probably my favorite part. Everyone joined STAR with a different background, lifestyle, and perspective on learning and life in general. A large amount of the learning that I did came from the opinions of the other students, and in turn, I also learned a lot about myself along the way. I can honestly say that I have made some awesome friends through STAR who share my same interests and goals."

- Rachel Mudge, STAR 2009

"The STAR program introduced me to the research side of the healthcare profession. Until participating in STAR, I was really unaware of all the research that takes place in a hospital. The program also let me see the day-to-day routine of doctors. Seeing that was a great way to help me better decide if the healthcare field is right for me. The STAR program far surpassed my expectations, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself."

- Sarah Bienes, STAR 2009

"Well, STAR was a very unique and unforgettable experience. It’s not something that can be replaced, and it filled my summer with fun and excitement. All in all, I learned a great deal about different medical fields, I made new friends, and STAR changed my entire perspective on my future career and my life. One of the funniest experiences would have to be the DaVinci robot, and my favorite lecture would have to be the one on neurosurgery. This summer could have been like any other summer where I slept and watched TV all day. But instead, it was one of the best summers of my life. And all I have is STAR to thank for this memorable experience."

- Shahed Mahmud, STAR 2009

"STAR was an amazing experience for me. From the DaVinci Robot to the morgue when we learned about pathology, it all had an amazing influence in my life. This program gave me an experience that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else. Everything that we did taught me something new. There couldn't have been a better program for me to give up my summer for. It was an experience I’ll never forget, and I'm glad that I had the honor to be selected to take part in it."

- Taylor Wyble, STAR 2009

"My favorite part of STAR was definitely "Executive Hour." During Executive Hour, we were able to meet with some of the executives of Ochsner and tell them a little bit about ourselves, and we learned that they have lives and are people too! This was especially enjoyable for me, because I will someday become a hospital executive. After meeting with the executives, I got a greater understanding for what "a day in the life" of a hospital executive was like!"

- Alton Denson, STAR 2009

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