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Alternative Birthing Options: Baptist Women’s Pavilion

Perkin Alternative Birthing Center (ABC) at the Ochsner Baptist Women's Pavilion

The Perkin Alternative Birthing Center features a staff of Certified Nurse Midwives who provide mothers with a unique, natural birthing option with holistic family-centered care to the women of Southeastern Louisiana. Located in the Ochsner Baptist Women’s Pavilion, making it the only hospital-based alternative birthing center in the region.

If you plan to have your baby with us, you will receive your prenatal and labor & delivery care with our Certified Nurse-Midwives. Our midwives work in collaboration with the obstetric staff of Ochsner Baptist. Our OB doctors are available for consultation and in the hospital at all times for labor & delivery.

Si necesita asistencia en español, por favor llame al 504-842-3719.

Design Your Delivery

As you prepare to welcome your baby into the world, there are so many things to consider. For your comfort and peace of mind, we invite you to personalize every aspect of your birth plan. Explore your options when it comes to pain relief, delivery methods, breastfeeding and newborn care, and choose what and who will ease any concerns and give you confidence on that special day. The Perkin Alternative Birthing Center offer the highest levels of medical care for both you and your baby and a variety of personalized options designed to meet your labor and delivery needs, goals and expectations. Some of our locations offer choices like water birth, wireless monitoring so you can walk during labor, lactation assistance from award-winning consultants and Certified Nurse Midwives.


Midwifery and alternative birthing options are available at Ochsner Baptist and Ochsner Medical Center - Baton Rouge, but your delivery can be personalized at any of our locations.

Prenatal Care

Pregnancy is an exciting, special time in a women’s life. We offer prenatal care that is wellness-oriented and use this time to for testing and screenings to identify any potential issues. Prenatal visits also give you the opportunity to meet and get to know all of the midwives who will be with you during childbirth.

You are strongly encouraged to attend a natural childbirth class, especially if you are having your first baby. The midwives will discuss class options with you and require you and your partner attend this meaningful orientation.