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Oncology Support Groups and Classes

Why choose Ochsner Health for oncology support groups and classes?

Ochsner oncology support groups and classes provide a safe environment in which individuals living with or recovering from cancer, along with caregivers and survivors, can develop emotional coping skills. These groups also help participants cultivate calmness, strength and well-being during a tumultuous time. Our team is committed to providing patients and caregivers with emotional support during the cancer journey, and each member is well-versed in a variety of stress-relieving techniques to ease the psychological impacts of diagnosis and treatment. Our passion for teaching fosters a cancer support community within each class, offering an authentic experience for those facing cancer and for cancer survivors.

During these gatherings, patients and families have opportunities to join other individuals facing similar circumstances in a group setting. Together, participants can engage in healing exercises, which can help decrease anxiety, pain and tension. Participants can choose from several options, including meditation, music therapy, Tai chi and yoga.

Our support services program connects patients and provides a space to interact and support one another under the guidance of a group leader. This setting allows you to talk about how your diagnosis affects your day-to-day life and get practical advice from other cancer patients. The group setting can help you not feel alone and work through some of the feelings you or your family members are having through your journey.

We offer oncology support groups and classes at cancer centers throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. Find a location near you.


Acupuncture can help reduce fatigue, pain, nausea and vomiting, hot flashes, pain and neuropathy. It can also assist with behavioral health challenges, such as depression and anxiety, and may improve overall sleep quality. Acupuncture is provided by appointment.

Nutrition and social services

Weight loss can impact long-term survival, particularly when living with certain types of cancer. With the aid of our nutrition support team and registered dietitians, we’ll help you work on weight management during treatment and adapt health-promoting lifestyle changes. Building on the weight-loss efforts, our social workers will work with you on finding joy and communicating effectively with loved ones. Consultations with integrative oncology dietitians and social workers are by appointment.

Tai chi and yoga

Participating in Tai chi and yoga classes can help reduce stress, increase flexibility and muscle strength, improve balance and promote serenity. These practices can be modified as necessary to meet and enhance your physical abilities.

Music and relaxation therapy

Music therapy and guided imagery can help decrease feelings of anxiety, tension and pain. These relaxation techniques can be helpful for you and your caregivers during and after treatment.


A meditation practice can enhance the mind-body connection, supporting physical and emotional healing during various stages of cancer treatment.

Group support sessions

Guidance from licensed professionals and cancer center staff can help you adapt, survive and thrive during treatment.


Oncology support groups provide a safe place for cancer patients to interact and support each other. The guidance of a support group leader helps you reap the full benefits of these meetings.

Research has shown oncology support groups and classes can help improve quality of life and survivorship in cancer patients.

No, any patient with a history of cancer, regardless of who they see for their oncologic care, can participate. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for everyone on this journey.

The chair-based yoga class is tailored to beginners. If you cannot participate in certain parts of the class, that is OK. Simply do what you can.

No, there is no need to know anything about music or be musically inclined to join this class. Our instructor is a music therapist, and her classes are designed to decrease anxiety, pain and tension while encouraging relaxation.

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